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CPMA Repacking and Wholesale Food Safety Program August 14 th, 2006 Calgary, AB.

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1 CPMA Repacking and Wholesale Food Safety Program August 14 th, 2006 Calgary, AB

2 2 Overview Canadian Produce Marketing Association – Who are we? Repacking and Wholesale Food Safety Program Where does this program fit in? Food Safety Equivalency Project

3 3 Who We Are Founded in 1925 Gate to Plate representation Grower/Shipper/Packers to Foodservice distributors Fresh fruits and vegetables (including fresh cut and minimally processed produce) 630 International and Canadian members Our member represent 90% of the fresh fruit and vegetable sales in Canada ($8 billion value) Funded through voluntary membership, services and activities, and sponsorship programs

4 4 Who We Are Vision: To increase the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables in Canada by encouraging cooperation and information sharing through the fresh produce supply chain, at the domestic and international level

5 5 Repacking and Wholesale Program Voluntary Based on CFIA Food Safety and Enhancement Program and HACCP Encompasses wholesale distribution and repacking of fresh and minimally processed fresh fruits and vegetables Doesn’t cover – farm, primary packinghouse, processing, retail, food service or consumer level

6 6 R & W Food Safety Standard Food Safety Standard includes the following elements (pre-requisites): Premises Receiving and Storage Equipment Personal Hygiene and Sanitary Working Procedures Sanitation Program Pest Control Program Recall and Traceability System

7 7 R & W HACCP Generic Model HACCP Generic Model development included: Microbial, Chemical, Physical, Allergen Hazard Identification Hazard analysis Critical control points (critical limits, corrective actions, verification procedures) Record Keeping Systems

8 8 Program Status Guidelines and standards finalized in partnership with the CFIA Workbooks and record keeping templates available Industry workshops have been held across Canada Interactive Internet Training Tool and CD-ROM available - free for members, fee for non members (from September 2005 – 632 people accessed tool) Monitor scientific updates, ensure program upgrades and maintenance

9 9 NEXT STEPS FOR FOOD SAFETY PROGRAM Seek government recognition for the technical aspect of the food safety program (Post-farm gate official recognition) Develop further implementation and management system tools Build awareness, acceptance and promote use of the standard Seek continued support from major buyers to encourage acceptance and consistent implementation of CPMA standard Tackle costly problem of multiple audit situation; develop in partnership with buyers recognized audit standards and protocols

10 10 Where this Program fits in CHC Food Safety Program - On farm, storage and primary packing CCGD Food Safety Program - Retail & Vendor Recognition Program For fresh fruits and vegetables, the CPMA program provides a link from the farm to the retail level, including import companies as well as domestic suppliers Common concerns within the fresh fruit and vegetable industry from farm to retail level

11 11 Common Concerns Proliferation of and demand for producer to participate in competing food safety programs Demand for multiple audits due to multiple programs No mutual recognition of food safety program rigour Domestic and imported fresh produce Increased costs, decreased credibility, increased frustration, decreased participation

12 12 Food Safety Equivalency Project The beginning… Letter from CCGD to CHC and CPMA Domestic and imported fresh produce is included in the scope Need to determine equivalent food safety programs from importing countries Development of a collaborative effort

13 13 Food Safety Equivalency Project The CHC, CPMA and CCGD have agreed that recognizing each others' national food safety programs and establishing equivalency criteria and programs with exporting countries, is a priority to demonstrate to consumers our dedication to food safety throughout the fresh produce supply chain The movement towards a strengthened harmonized approach to food safety within the fresh produce industry was realized and moved forward through several converging initiatives

14 14 Food Safety Equivalency Project Joint CHC, CPMA and CCGD project Submitted to AAFC’s Canadian Food Safety and Quality Program for consideration for funding Purpose: To establish equivalencies between key food safety programs, so that buyers and importers can confidently purchase both domestic and imported fresh produce at all levels of the supply chain that have been produced through a program that promotes food safety

15 15 Food Safety Equivalency Project Overall, this project will result in the establishment of an equivalency setting process that will ensure harmonization and coordination of currently competing food safety programs in the fresh produce sector Having equivalent food safety programs that are recognized and subscribed to by the entire food supply chain will ultimately reinforce practices that contribute to the production, processing, transportation, selling and cooking of safe food within Canada

16 16 Summary Canadian Produce Marketing Association – fresh produce from grower to retailer Food Safety program focus on repacking and wholesale operations, domestic and importing companies Online training tool Next steps for program – government recognition, management system, widespread implementation Food safety equivalency project Supply chain solutions – national and international Effective programs to strengthen industry and benefit Canadians


18 18 Contact Information: Heather Holland Senior Technical Manager Food Safety and Government Relations Canadian Produce Marketing Association Tel: 613-226-4187 ext. 225 Fax: 613-226-2984 Email: Website:

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