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1 Laser engravers FMARK series By "Laser Technology Center"

2 Our History The "Laser Technologies Center " (LLC "LTC"), incorporated in 2004, was reorganized from CJSC "Center of Laser Technology" based at the Department of "Welding and Laser Technology" of St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University that has been operating at the laser market since 1988. Our main areas of activities are design, production and sale of laser processing equipment and technologies for engraving and welding of a wide range of materials. We also provide a broad range of services in treatment of a variety of materials, production of advertisement and branding products, supply promotional gifts, etc.

3 Directions of activities New technology development Engineering center Production of serial equipment Sale of component parts and service Execution of R&D on state contracts Laser processing services Construction and production of medical lasers Manufacturing of special-purpose complexes LTC

4 Production of serial equipment Laser Systems of Fmark Series (hereinafter referred to as LK FMark) based on a fiber laser are designed for precision marking and engraving of a wide range of materials. All systems are supplied with powerful software designed by LLC "LTC". FMark laser system

5 Software The innovation designed by our specialists is original software for Laser Systems Management A-Script Basic set of A-Script functions : work with complex units, such as a combination of text, polygons, operators, numbers, primitives, use any font (both true type, and linewise) preview expected results of marking change and combine process parameters, free from use of other graphics and CAD-systems arithmetic and logical operations with vector objects, user data feedback shading and filling objects with other objects, support of linear and two-dimensional barcodes.

6 Areas of application of laser marking Main areas of application: -speed marking of serial products; -precision (high-accuracy) metals marking; -counterfeit protection; -manufacturing of plate names/ control panels / stickers; -branding of products; -deep engraving of metals (for further finishing); -color marking of metals; -high quality marking of materials in microelectronics.

7 Operation diagram of the system The method of laser marking is based on the fact that laser radiation has a very high power density when it is focused into a dot with a small diameter. In case of metals laser marking there are three main types of interaction of laser radiation with a material 1.Melting 2.Intense evaporation (boiling) 3.Creation of high-temperature plasma Stages of laser radiation exposure to metal

8 Advantages of laser marking High marking speed (more than 500 characters / sec.) Minimum line width (0.03 mm) No need in supply materials High precision marking (over 1,000 dpi); Low power (0.4 kW); No direct contact with the workpiece; Ability to treat hard-to-reach places; High wear resistance Forgery-proof. Data encoding (guilloche method ) 3D metal engraving High speed marking

9 Comparative evaluation of different sets of LK FMark systems № name Description Price, thousand $ Key Characteristics 1 LK FMark- 10 LK FMark equipped with laser radiation source 10 W 34,5 Ensures: - High-precision treatment ( diameter of 30 microns); - marking materials for microelectronics, without surface layer damage; - Possibility of a metals contrasting color marking. 2 LK FMark- 20 LK FMark equipped with laser radiation source 20 W 37,5 Ensures: -Possibility of relief engraving -Possibility of engraving curved surfaces; - High-quality engraving of materials with high reflectivity -Possibility of scribing materials -Increased performance 3 LK FMark- 50 LK FMark equipped with laser radiation source 50 W 52,0 Ensures: - Quality deep-etched engraving of metals (with finishing to follow); - Increased performance by a more powerful laser.

10 Innovations in design Technology for creating a "true- bitmap" image allows to control the impact of laser radiation applied to any dot of the marked image, which contributes to having a grayscale image (bitmap mode). That means, changing the number of pulses, we change the contrast of each dot, which allows for high quality of the marked images. A unique software A-Script allows you to solve efficiently a number of tasks that previously were beyond the control of laser technologies. Innovations of A-Script: -A selection of unique technological modes of marking -ability to adapt software for customized problems of our clients; -Additional applications available; -a technology of bidirectional making with a rotator, etc

11 Practical application LK FMark system has been used successfully applied in a number of companies in Russia and the CIS countries, including: Open Joint-Stock Company "Plant Meteor", Volgograd region, Volzhsky, Open Joint-Stock Company "Corporation" Roskhimzashchita", Tambov, Closed Joint-Stock Company "Ozna - Measuring Systems", Bashkortostan, Oktyabtsky, Limited Liability Company "DAK- ENERGETIKA", Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine FGUP "NIIEMP" Penza Open Joint-Stock Company "Plant Atlas", Stavropol, Izobilniy. Open Joint-Stock Company "CNPO "Leninets", St. Petersburg, Limited Liability Company NPO NTES, Tatarstan Republic, Bugulma, Limited Liability Company "Hammer- weapon", Kirov region, Vyatskie Polyany

12 Performance of LK ЛК FMark CharacteristicsCharacteristics of LK FMark-20 system "Laser Technology Center" Characteristics of LK Mini Marker 20 system of LLC "Laser Center" scanner 2-axis scanners MS10, RAYLASE AG, Germany 2-axis galvanometer scanners with drives VM2500 + Size of treated area 60h60mm50x50mm 110h110mm100x100mm 180h180mm160h160mm Hardware and software resolution 1.8 m (at 110x110)2.5 mm (treated area 100 * 100) Speed ​​ of beam Adjustable up to 7 m / sAdjustable, up to 8.7 m / s Markable materials Metals and alloys, precious metals, alloys, plastics, semiconductors, film TESA LASER, synthetic materials Metals and alloys In Russian the analogue of LK FMark is a laser engraver MiniMarker manufactured by "Laser Center" (SPb). From the comparative table you can see that LK FMark surpasses its analog equipment by the most of its functional characteristics.

13 Comparison of different methods of marking Type of markingCost of marking of 1 items (consumable supplies), rub. Time of marking of 1 items seconds Technology drawbacks Laser Marking0,015 (electricity) 10 - Drop-jet marking2 (electricity + paint + nozzle) 20 low wear resistance Shock-dot marking0.5 (electricity + needle) 28 direct mechanical impact on the item Label marking3 (electricity + workpiece material + paint) 10 Easy counterfeit low adhesion Comparative analysis of the technical and economic characteristics of different methods of marking was carried out through the example of serial marking of plastic parts with size no larger than 70h90h50 mm, amount of parts not less than 1000 pcs.

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