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2 THE INFORMATION ON THE COMPANY AND INVITATION FOR COOPERATION Advertising and Manufacturing Limited Liability Company TECHNOREAL Company is a reliable company with many years of expertise in the manufacturing of outdoor, interior and exhibition advertising. Our team consists of top-ranked experts with over 10-year experience at advertising in various spheres of business interest of the Company's customers. This is precisely why we exceed at the manufacturing of effective products the distinctive feature of which is high quality at a low price in the shortest possible terms. We offer custom-tailored services to every customer. We can always offer the following advantages to our customers: Engineering design of tailor-made advertising constructions Individual design projects Our manufacturing technicians will embody your ideas in a finished product We offer our concepts and solutions based on the experience and expertise Assembly and delivery of marketing materials 1.

3 GRAPHIC DESIGN AND CORPORATE STYLE DESIGN Design of unique trademarks or upgrade of the existing ones Design of logotypes, combination marks and name blocks Selection and definition of the company typeface Coloristics and definition of corporate colors Development of basic corporate documentation and promotion merchandise Customization and examples of the corporate style application in the outdoor advertising Decoration of corporate road, water and air transport Compilation of a brand book - a guide on practical application of the corporate style 2.

4 OUTDOOR ADVERTISING AND INTERIOR CONSTRUCTIONS Design projects of any constructions and their visualization Technical and economic customization of the Customer's design Engineering development and provision of the entire set of technical documentation Calculation of power, temperature and wind loads Use of quality materials and components All modern manufacturing technologies and their various combinations Assembly works of any complexity, elevated jobs, electrical installation works and connection 3.

5 PVC AND PLEXIGLAS MACHINING, CUTTING, COMPOSITE MILLING Cutting on various plastic surfaces (acrylic glass, foamed polymers, etc.) as well as soft metals (aluminum and duralumin, cooper and brass) is an indispensable technology in the production of outdoor advertising. Plexiglas cutting, for instance, allows for light-weight transparent advertising panels and signs not blocking the vision. Plexiglas does not corrode, requires no special care, can withstand even extreme temperature falls, therefore it is widely used for manufacturing of display letters, exhibits, boards and light boxes. Polyvinyl chloride or PVC is a composite material widely used for production of various outdoor advertising units. This material is soft, resistant to the impacts of the environment and components of urban atmosphere, such as hydrocarbon combustion products. PVC cutting due to the properties of this material allows for manufacturing of various shapes of different sizes. The technology of cutting and engraving works has been constantly improving with the appearance of new composite materials. Lettering made by this method of engraving does not wear off or disappear with the time and due to their dimension can be read easily even in the conditions of poor lighting. So the cutting of composites creates unprecedented possibilities for manufacturing of outdoor advertising. We use state-of-the-art high-technology equipment and the latest software for cutting and engraving. 4.

6 STYROFOAM SHAPE CUTTING Shaped Styrofoam products are becoming more and more popular at the market of construction and decoration materials, with the experts on manufacturing of advertising, designers, representatives of the movie industry, and sponsors of exhibitions on various topics. Most often the advertising industry makes styrofoam large letters which are used both as a stand-alone complete advertising products and elements of signboards, stands and other advertising materials. Made in a qualitative manner and painted in different colors they invariably attract attention. Small, large, on the model of standard or rare font – there are lots of variants of styrofoam letters. Styrofoam is also used to produce a variety of facade and interior decorative forms, packaging, pipe insulation, non-standard products, logos, decorations and three dimensional (3D) frame structures. CONSTRUCTION interior design elements of any premises ornamental finishing elements of external elevations products for winterization of off-standard objects DECORATIONS for the theater, cinema, television and various shows ADVERTISING ITEMS logotypes volume elements for various signs exhibit booths 4.1

7 PARTNERS STATISTICS: 11 years at the advertising market Customers - over 500 Russian and foreign companies The total amount of serviced brands had exceeded 1000 by the end of 2012 Following are the contacts. 5.

8 CONTACTS 125167, Moscow, Metro Airport, Viktorenko Street 16, Building 1, offices 7, 12 +7 (800) 333-2557 Сontact number +7 (495) 723-6212 Sales Department +7 (495) 726-1324 Sales Department (for orders) (regarding partnership) 6.


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