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Adult Basic Skills and College Pathways Ali Mageehon Umpqua Community College.

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1 Adult Basic Skills and College Pathways Ali Mageehon Umpqua Community College

2 The Program 800 students annually; 300 graduates Focus on fundamental academic and career- based skills Multi-site, including partnership with Wolf Creek Job Corps Mandatory student orientation, managed enrollment, academic rigor, and advising and transition services

3 Program History Continuous program since early 1970s Changes in focus from preparing students for work immediately after the GED to helping students understand that the GED is necessary but not sufficient Greater focus on collaboration with main campus and transition

4 Transition History 16 credit tuition waiver Minimal use of waiver Students testing into developmental education level classes Very low rates of transition and completion

5 OPABS and Accelerated Opportunities Participated in design phase of Accelerated Opportunities grant Used Oregon Pathways to Adult Basic Skills as curriculum model Three term model during year one Three cohorts started

6 Model FallWinterSpring OPABS Reading 1 OPABS Writing 1 OPABS Math 1 College and Career Awareness OPABS Reading 2 OPABS Writing 2 OPABS Math 2 HD 100 – College Success (3 credit hours) CIS125-W – Word Processing (3 credit hours) CIS125S – Spreadsheets (3 credit hours) CIS125P – Presentation Software (3 credit hours) CIS125E – (3 credit hours)

7 Supports Assigned academic advisor on campus Enthusiastic instructors Established curriculum Tuition waiver split over two terms In , Ability to Benefit

8 First Year Successes Two successful three term cohorts Of 15 students, 12 transitioned successfully into college courses, earning between 13 – 20 credit hours per student (as of Fall 2013) Low GED completion rate

9 Second Year Lower success rate Personnel issues Only one cohort More GED tests passed

10 Next Steps Continuing with one OPABS cohort per year Co-enrolled DE and OPABS cohort, team taught starting in Fall 2013 TRAC cohort starting in Spring, mixed ABS and DE with Career Pathways certificate focus and homegrown curriculum

11 Questions

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