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Division of Florida Colleges Update Julie Alexander & Abbey Ivey February 6, 2014.

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1 Division of Florida Colleges Update Julie Alexander & Abbey Ivey February 6, 2014

2 Drumroll, please… Wendy Sikora Division of Career and Adult Education’s Florida College System Liaison

3 Developmental Education 25 plans submitted + 2 drafts Division review has begun First round review of approved plans submitted by January 15, target approval by February 21 Second round review for remaining plans, target approval by February 28 Chancellor notification to president

4 Developmental Education Early assessment of plans – Major procedural changes in admissions and advising – Exemption protocols vary – Mandatory orientation is common – Support service enhancements – Diversity in developmental education course offerings and strategies – Gateway course success strategies

5 Developmental Education Data Spring 2014 – Exemption status Fall 2014 – Developmental education course and section Modular Compressed Contextualized Co-requisite – Must report one or more strategies for each developmental education course section

6 Meta-Majors Do you want a statewide list of associate degree programs associated with meta-majors? Should it be mandatory or discretionary? Do you want a statewide list of baccalaureate degree programs associated with meta-majors? Should it be mandatory or discretionary? Would it be helpful to align Common Prerequisite Manual with meta-majors, where possible? What do you need from the Division of Florida Colleges to assist with implementation? NROC EdReady Update

7 General Education Core Courses Rule 6A-10.0303 has been noticed Proposed rule targeted for State Board of Education consideration this spring Once approved, General Education Core Course Options will be final Florida College System and State University System institutions must implement by fall 2015 for FTIC AA or baccalaureate degree seeking students

8 Dual Enrollment All dual enrollment articulation agreements submitted and reviewed for compliance More colleges are limiting dual enrollment eligibility to junior and senior year of high school Funding arrangements vary for instruction at high school Colleges assisting districts with other costs like textbooks and advisors College is not required to have dual enrollment articulation agreement with private high schools, may require payment from the private high school Charter high schools are not required to enter into a dual enrollment articulation agreement, may be part of the school district agreement

9 Dual Enrollment Springboard One stop shop for dual enrollment Self-paced tutorials for – School districts and colleges – Dual enrollment instructors – Parents and students Links to dual enrollment articulation agreements

10 30-Hour Advising Must be implementing now for fall 2013 FTICs Student must identify baccalaureate program/institution of interest by 30 college credit hours College must advise of common prerequisites for Florida public postsecondary Some colleges using Florida Virtual Campus, others using local resources Report student program/institution of interest for the purposes of statewide planning

11 Proposed Legislation Veterans out-of-state tuition waiver Textbook Affordability Technical Colleges

12 Baccalaureate Proposals Document all collaboration attempts Need and demand is important, be clear and show the gap – Job openings – Graduates = Gap Double check calculations Specify primary pathway allowing students to graduate within the total degree hours Spell and grammar check before submitting initial proposal

13 Common Prerequisite Review Process – How it Works Faculty Discipline Committee Review and Vote ACC Oversight Committee Review and Vote Consideration by ACC Committee Common Prerequisite Manual Revised as Approved by ACC

14 Common Prerequisite Review Process – Moving Forward Focus on keeping the common prerequisites more uniform across institutions Handbook for faculty discipline committee members State review of current CIPs and tracks

15 Baccalaureate Programs – SUS Collaboration Early Communication System in development Joint venture between FCS and BOG staff

16 Baccalaureate Programs - $10K 13 colleges have implemented $10K degree opportunities $10K information points will be added to the Annual Baccalaureate Performance Accountability Report template

17 Florida Polytechnic University

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