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Fort Campbell’s Green-to-Gold Representative

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1 Fort Campbell’s Green-to-Gold Representative
ARMY ROTC Fort Campbell’s Green-to-Gold Representative

2 Purpose To provide an overview of Army ROTC’s Green-to-Gold Program and allow you to make a better informed decision

3 What is Green-to-Gold The Green-to-Gold program is a Cadet Command Program designed to provide exceptional enlisted Soldiers an opportunity to become Army officers by completing a college degree. It is an opportunity provided by the US Army and a privilege bestowed upon you by your chain of command; it is not a right.

4 Schools & Information All information is located at

5 Green to Gold Scholarship
Options Available Green to Gold Scholarship 4-Year Scholarship 3-Year Scholarship 2-Year Scholarship 2-yr Non-scholarship Option 2-yr Active Duty Option Hip Pocket Scholarship

6 Scholarships Submit Packet to National Board
2-Year: must have completed 2 years of college credits toward your degree and have 2 years remaining 3-Year: must have completed 1 year of college credits toward your degree and have 3 years remaining 4-Year: must have 4 years of college remaining toward your degree Submit Packet to National Board

7 Scholarship Benefits Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees Books and Supplies
At university you are accepted to Books and Supplies $1,200 per year Monthly Tax-free Stipend $300-$500 GI Bill Benefits—use Montgomery GI Bill or Post 9/11 GI Bill College / University Incentives G2G student can use the Post 9/11 GI Bill to pay for tuition at a state school, and then allocate the ROTC scholarship money to Room and Board. All told, a G2G Scholarship Soldier with 100% Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits gets the following (must serve minimum 3 years active duty to get 100% Post 9/11 GI Bill):  Post 9/11 GI Bill -- 100% tuition and fees paid, limited to the most expensive state school you can gain admission to – paid to University -- $500 a semester for books – paid to G2G Soldier -- E-5 BAH pay per month in school (~$750) – paid to G2G Soldier  ROTC scholarship -- tuition and fees (same as GI Bill only if attending a state school), allocated towards Room and Board -- $600 a semester for books -- cadet stipend, $ per month What an insane deal!!

8 2-yr Non-Scholarship Option
Must have completed 2 years of college credits toward your degree with 2 years remaining No National Board – but deadlines remain the same—1 APR / 1 OCT for Fall / Spring Semester Able to Join National Guard / Reserve Simultaneous Membership Program SMP = Non-deployable

9 2-yr Non-Scholarship Post 9/11 GI Bill SMP Benefits
Tuition Assistance - $4500 E-5 Drill - $250 Cadet Stipend - $450 MGIB (Ch 30) - $1101 (instead of post 9/11 GIB) MGIB (Ch 16) - $288 (instead of post 9/11 GIB) Reserve Kicker - $350 Total - $2439 / month – 10 months

10 2-yr Active Duty Option Stay on active status – keep all current pay and benefits School is place of duty Can use GI bill Do not receive time in service credit for school years Must have 4 semesters remaining toward a Bachelor’s degree Competitive: currently limited to 200 slots per year; in ’08, 343 packets went to the board

11 Hip-Pocket Scholarships
All eligibility criteria apply CG has scholarships annually Compete against other Fort Campbell Soldiers Don’t compete nationally CG holds local board to develop OML Once approved by the CG, the packet must be forwarded to Cadet Command NLT 1 APR

12 Timelines Scholarship & ADO Application Window 15 Nov - 1 Apr
Alternate Date for Scholarship Only 1 Jun – 1 Oct Non-Scholarship Application Window Follow guidelines for scholarship windows The boards convene in late APR / OCT; if selected, you will be notified via your chain of command NLT 30 JUN or 31 NOV. You will then PCS or ETS prior to starting school.

13 Eligibility U.S. Citizen...……………….......... (No Waivers)
Under 31 by 31 December of the calendar year when they’re eligible to commission (Waivers for NS, ADO) College credits accepted by college of choice in major.……………………………... (No Waivers) Freshman: High School Transcript/GED Sophomore: semester hour credits Junior: semester hour credits SAT / ACT YR Scholarship Minimum 920 / 19… (No Waivers)

14 Eligibility Continued
110 GT Score (No Waivers) 2 Letters of Acceptance (No Waivers) College / University Professor of Military Science (ROTC) Cumulative Grade Point Average (No Waivers) Scholarship & ADO.…2.5 Non-Scholarship…….2.0

15 Eligibility Continued
Favorable recommendations from your chain-of-command (No Waivers) Not a Conscientious Objector.……(No Waivers) No arrests, indictments, or convictions by a civil court or military law for other than minor traffic violations …………...(Waiverable) Minimum 2 Years Active Duty.……(Waiverable) Montgomery GI Bill 20/30 Rule Eligible to reenlist ……(No Waivers) Less than 10 years AFS …... (Waiverable)

16 Eligibility Continued
Applicants married to another SM with one or more dependents under 18 years of age …………….(Waiverable) Dependents No more than three ….(Waiverable) Not a single parent with custody…. (Waivers may be submitted, approvals are rare) Pass APFT (No alternate events).……………..(No Waivers) Meet Height / Weight Standards………..(No Waivers) Medical exam IAW AR ……….....(Waiverable) Commissioning source physical

17 Obligation Accept a commission and serve on Active Duty, in the Army Reserve, or Army National Guard upon graduation for a period of 8 years. Scholarship - Serve on Active Duty for 4 years followed by 4 year service in the ARNG, USAR or the IRR for the remainder of the obligation. (6 years for Aviation) – includes Active Duty Option Non-Scholarship - Serve on Active Duty for a minimum of 3 years followed by 5 year service in the ARNG, USAR or IRR; or request RFD for 8 years

18 Execution Review packet for pre-qualification Complete a G2G packet
Submit the packet to the university of choice Submit to CC for qualification (by 1 APR) Board meets (MAY) Receive acceptance letter (JUN) Submit 4187 to request discharge Conduct clearing (JUL) Contract & ETS

19 Responsibilities ROTC Counterpart Battalion ROTC Battalion of Choice
Counseling on qualification Assistance with Green-to-Gold application Checks application packet ROTC Battalion of Choice Validates eligibility Issues letter of acceptance Provides information about the institution

20 Resources Education Center GT testing & class to raise score (BSEP)
SAT / ACT testing & tutoring Information on colleges / universities Information on Montgomery GI Bill & Army College Fund Assistance with application for university

21 Regulatory Facts Soldiers DO NOT lose MGIB
Stop loss DOES NOT affect ETS for ROTC Soldiers DO NOT repay bonuses received Soldiers CANNOT take terminal leave Soldiers CANNOT be discharged immediately Soldiers CANNOT ETS any earlier than 30 days prior to the start date of school Soldiers get new contract; current obligation is terminated Soldiers can also accept other forms of tuition assistance via non-binding scholarships, grants, loans, etc.

22 More information AR 145-1 Chapter 3 AR 635-200 Chapter 16-2
Cadet Command Reg 145-6 Click “Enlisted Soldiers” on left-hand bar Scroll down to find application packet and eligibility requirements for your desired option

23 Questions At this point, one of the top questions you’ll field not answered by the slides is: what is the difference between G2G and OCS? Bottom line is G2G is a way for Soldiers who have 2 years of college completed toward their degree or less a way to complete their degree and commission. OCS is for those Soldiers who have 3 or more years of college completed toward their degree or already have a Bachelor’s.

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