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Enlisted to Officer Commissioning Programs OPNAVINST

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1 Enlisted to Officer Commissioning Programs OPNAVINST 1420.1

2 Program Overview The purpose of this instruction is to provide concise information on each commissioning program open to enlisted personnel.

3 US Naval Academy Must be unmarried, not pregnant, and have no incurred obligations of parenthood. Must be between the ages of 17 and 23 (Under 23 by July 1st of year of admission, can not be waived). U.S. citizen (can not be waived). No NJP or Courts-Martial conviction within 3 years of application.

4 Naval Academy cont. Officially nominated by the Secretary of the Navy or one of the many nomination sources available. SAT 550 Math/500 Verbal, ACT 24 Math/22 English required for SECNAV nomination. Higher scores necessary to be more competitive.

5 BOOST / NAPS BOOST (Broadened Opportunity for Officer Selection and Training): originally developed for minorities. Open to any applicant not considered for selection to Naval Academy. NAPS (Naval Academy Preparatory School): Provides intensive instruction and training for Naval Academy. Those not selected for Naval Academy are automatically considered for BOOST/NAPS. To be To be considered for NAPS, applicants should not have passed their 22nd birthday on 1 July of the year that they will enter NAPS.

6 Officer Candidate School
Sailors with Bachelor’s Degrees from accredited institution to apply for commission. Bachelor’s Degree (technical or non-technical) for unrestricted line. Other designator’s vary. Can apply for specific designator. 13-week program in NAS Pensacola

7 OCS cont. Must be 19 years of age and meet designator specific age limitations. No NJP/Courts-Martial within 3 years of application. Must have 2 “Good-Low” results on last two PRT’s. Must be U.S. citizen (no waiver).

8 OCS cont. Must take Officer Aptitude Rating Examination (OAR). No minimum score, however, programs are highly competitive. E-4 and below will be advanced to E-5 for pay purposes while going through training. Must incur a minimum active duty obligation of 4 years.

9 Medical Enlisted Commissioning Program
Opportunity for Enlisted Sailors in all ratings to earn Bachelor in Nursing and commission in the Nurse Corps. Must be able to complete the nursing degree requirements and be commissioned prior to their 35th birthday No NJP or Courts-Martial within 3 years of application.

10 MECP cont. Receive full pay and allowances for their enlisted pay grades and are eligible for advancement while in college. The student pays tuition, fees, books, and other expenses incurred while participating in MECP. If eligible, students may use the Veterans Educational Assistance Program (VEAP) or Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) but may not use Tuition Assistance program.

11 MECP cont. Member has 36 months to complete 4-year degree (Highly encourage to have prior college experience prior to application). SAT 1000 combined (500 Math/500 Verbal) or ACT 42 combined (21 Math/21 English). Must have completed prerequisites for Nursing Degree. Must have applied for acceptance or transfer to a Nursing Program approved by National Accrediting Commission (NLNAC) or Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

12 Medical Service Corps In-Service Procurement Program (MSC IPP).
Program to provide pathway to Medical Service Corps (MSC). MSC comprised of: Health Care Administration (HCA), Physician Assistant (PA), Radiation Health Officer (RHO), Environmental Health Officer (EHO), Industrial Health Officer (IHO), Entomology, and Pharmacy as defined in references (a) through (c) in Chapter 6. Some of these programs provide opportunities to complete either a baccalaureate or masters degree.

13 MSC IPP cont. Candidates for this program may have a qualifying degree or may have some college credit applicable towards an advanced qualifying degree. Those with qualifying degrees will receive direct appointments to the Medical Service Corps, in a paygrade commensurate with education level. Program very similar to MECP with few differences: Applicant must be E-5 thru E-9 Certain fields require Degree prior to commission. Advancement to LTJG with Master’s Degree and LT with PhD.

14 MSC IPP cont. Maximum age is 35 by time of commissioning with age waiver to 39 (recent NAVADMIN raised age to 42). Program pays member basic pay, BAH and BAS. Member responsible for all tuition, fees, and books. Can use Montgomery G.I. Bill and any awarded scholarships.

15 Limited Duty Officer (LDO), Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) Programs
LDO open to E-6 thru E-8 with 8-16 years of service, and Chief Warrant Officers with 3 years time in grade and less than 19 years time in service. E-6 must be board eligible (can take CPO exam one year early for LDO purposes). CWO’s will be promoted to LTJG (O-2E) if accepted. All others will be appointed Ensigns (O-1E). CWO open to E-7 thru E-9 with years of service. E-7, and E-8 promoted to CWO2. E-9 (with 2 years time in rate) promoted to CWO3.

16 LDO/CWO cont. Eligible E-7 and E-8 may apply for both programs with same application package. Candidate should apply for designators related to enlisted rating.

17 LDO/CWO cont. Obligated service is 4 years upon appointment. Newly appointed officers will attend training in NAS Pensacola. LDO must complete 10 years as officer in order to retire at current grade. CWO’s must complete 4 year tour prior to retirement.

18 Seaman to Admiral-21 (STA-21) Program
All enlisted personnel less than 31 years of age are eligible for application STA-21 waivers granted with certain exceptions: Civil Engineering (35), Navy Flight Officer (32), Nurse Corps (35), Surface Warfare (28), Supply (35). Must have SAT scores 500 Math/500 Verbal or ACT 21 Math/20 English. Test must have been taken within 3 years. Must be U.S. citizen.

19 STA-21 cont. Program will pay Sailor basic pay (at current paygrade), BAH and BAS and tuition, fees and books ($10,000 a year cap. Member responsible for any expenses over this amount. Can not use tuition assistance.). Pilot and NFO applicants need to take Officer Aptitude Rating Exam (OAR). Must complete Bachelor’s Degree within 36 months. Because of this requirement, prior college credit is highly recommended.

20 STA-21 cont. Must be a NROTC affiliated institution. Nurse Corps candidates need apply to schools with Nursing programs. Candidates do not participate in midshipman cruises. Commissioned Ensign upon graduation. Candidates responsibility to apply for college acceptance. Can list up to 5 schools for package.

21 General Commissioning Program Requirements
All commissioning programs require a board with 3 officers. At least one officer sitting on the board must be from community candidate is applying for. The more senior the board members, the stronger the candidates package. Must have Commanding Officer’s endorsement in the package.

22 General Commissioning Program Requirements cont.
Must be U.S. citizen. Pass the Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA). Strong evaluations. Prior college education highly recommended.

23 Questions

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