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States’ Action Plans and Assistance to States

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1 States’ Action Plans and Assistance to States
ICAO Secretariat

2 Aviation in context: contributions across Social, Economic and Environmental pillars of Sustainable Development Global Economy Fast, reliable, and safe mode of transport No comparative alternatives for long haul passenger transport

3 States’ Action Plans and Assistance to States
Resolution A37-19 Invites States that choose to submit their action plans to submit them to ICAO as soon as possible, preferably by the end of June 2012 Requests ICAO to provide guidance and other technical assistance for the preparation of States’ action plans, in order for States to conduct their necessary studies and to voluntarily submit their action plans to ICAO Requests ICAO to study, identify and develop processes and mechanisms to facilitate the provision of technical and financial assistance Requests ICAO to facilitate access to existing and new financial resources, technology transfer and capacity building Requests that ICAO continue to cooperate with other UN Organizations

4 Benefits of Action Plans
For States Opportunity to identify and communicate measures to address CO2 emissions from international aviation, as well as identify any assistance needed to implement the measures For ICAO Assess the global progress towards the achievement of aspirational goals and address States’ specific assistance needs. Communication Tool between ICAO and its Member States ICAO - Concrete action to address CO2 emissions

5 States’ Action Plans – ICAO Support
Guidance Document for the Development of States’ Action Plans (Doc 9988) ICAO APER Website ICAO Hands-on Training workshops ( ) Over 200 teleconferences and meetings with States’ Focal Points Support provided by Regional Offices and TCB

6 Action Plan Contents List of measures selected to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions Data that will allow future progress toward the global aspirational goals, to be assessed by ICAO Step 1 Contact Info Step 2 Baseline and Expected Results Step 3 Identification of Mitigation Measures Step 4 Review Input and Submit to ICAO

7 Action Plan Website (APER)

8 States Action Plan Hands-on Training Workshops (2011 – 2012)
91 States trained representing 93% of global international aviation RTK

9 States contacted in 2011 and 2012
States contacts established by ICAO ENV and ICAO ROs

10 Current status of the Action Plan submitted

11 Basket of Measures Aircraft related technology development
Alternative fuels Improved air traffic management and infrastructure use ( i.e. more efficient ATM planning, more efficient use and planning of airport capacities) More efficient operations (i.e. best practices in operations, optimised aircraft maintenance) Economic/ market-based measures Regulatory measures Other

12 Measures selected by States

13 Measures selected per region

14 Assistance for States’ Action Plans
Phase 1: Assistance for Preparation of Action Plans ICAO Hands-on Training Workshops on States’ Action Plans Teleconferences and meetings to provide assistance to States ENV/TCB Strategic Plan for the provision of assistance Phase 2: Assistance for Implementation/Update of Action Plans Technical and financial support, capacity building and training requested by States in the implementation of the identified measures ICAO “Assistance for Action - Aviation and Climate Change“ Seminar in Oct. 2012 ICAO Symposium “Destination Green” in May 2013 Review of States’ Action Plans Submission of the updated Action Plan

15 Assistance requested by States
Assistance requested to ICAO /ENV to develop Action Plan Assistance requested to ICAO/TCB/ENV to develop/implement Action Plan Assistance requested to ICAO for the implementation of measures identified through Action Plan

16 Example of Assistance Requested: TCB-ENV Collaboration
Indonesia Assistance requested in the development and the implementation of environmental measures for civil aviation including the improvement of the management and reduction of aviation carbon emissions: improvements on emissions reduction, operational programmes, more efficient airspace design, advice on appropriate market-based measures, initiatives relating to alternative fuels

17 ICAO Meetings on State Action Plans and Assistance
ICAO “Assistance for Action – Aviation and Climate Change” Seminar - Capacity building - Alternative fuels - Financing for emissions reduction actions - Technology transfer - Technical support – ICAO web-based tools and databases - Round table discussion presenting on States’ perspectives default.aspx ICAO Symposium “Destination Green” States’ Action Plans to reduce CO2 emissions ICAO’s strategy on assistance to States New technology Standards including the CO2 Standard for aircraft Sustainable alternative fuels for aviation Market-based measures to reduce aviation emissions Pre-Symposium Seminar on State Action Plans

18 Action Plan Road Map Assembly Resolution A37-19
Planning to support States (Guidance material, workshops, APER website) 2013 2012 Direct contact with national focal points ENV/TCB action plan Support Review of action plans Exploring partnerships for Assistance to States 2011 Direct contact with national focal points ENV/TCB Strategic Plan 1 Workshop (AFCAC/ICAO) “Assistance for Action – Aviation and Climate Change” Seminar Starting Oct. 2010 Coordination with CAEP experts APER website designed and launched Tools developed Development and refinement of Doc 9988 6 Workshops

19 Summary of Achievements
Very positive – coverage (78.96%) above expectations (91 States trained, 155 States contacted, 63 States’ Action Plans submitted, 114 States’ Focal Points identified) Substantial support from States Engagement by States in developing Action Plans in a short time Many synergies for action generated - Involvement of different actors Improvement of the knowledge and experience acquired However, improvements are needed

20 Focus on Improvements Revised Action Plan to improve:
Data – robust enough to contribute to ICAO report on global international aviation CO2 emissions reduction Use of tools developed by ICAO Mitigation measures – new submissions should have more information on the selected measures / environmental benefits of implementation of measures Assistance needs – new submissions should identify support needed

21 Next Steps Regional workshops worldwide
Encourage States to submit and update their action plan by June 2015 Update of 9888, APER website, and aviation environmental tools Regional workshops worldwide Regional workshops worldwide End of June 2015 –submission of new and updated action plans 2015 2014

22 Preliminary Plan for the Action Plan and Assistance Seminars 2014 - 2015

23 Additional information
For more information on our activities, please visit ICAO’ website:

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