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BADM 633 Western Europe Great Britain, France, Spain and Germany Roger Weikle Spring 2005.

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1 BADM 633 Western Europe Great Britain, France, Spain and Germany Roger Weikle Spring 2005

2 BADM 633 u My experience u My mentor u US centric u Stereotypes/regionalism

3 Culture defined - 3 choices u The man made part of our environment u Mental map which guides in our relationship with surroundings and people u What people have, think, and do Have - material objects Think - ideas, values, and attitudes Do- normative, or expected patterns of behavior

4 Mitchell 154-177 u Diversity u Teams u Legendary Mistakes p. 169

5 Mitchell Team Evolution, what to expect Team evolution u Separation u Assimilation, minority voluntarily gives up uniqueness; not optimal u Marginalization, with us or against us, combat; worst case u Integration, capitalize on best of all groups

6 Mitchell Characteristics of Successful groups Your job u Clear goals u Willingness to deal with conflict

7 Hofstede u Power Distance u Individualism u Uncertainty avoidance u Masculinity/femininity u Long term/short term orientation

8 Power distance * POLICY AREA Top down, authoritarianism, accept status symbols * HighPhilippines, Mexico, Spain * LowNetherlands, Australia, Sweden

9 Individualism * POLICY AREA Personal accomplishments, independence, business relationship with employees/partners * HighUS, Great Britain, Canada * LowChina, Indonesia, Japan

10 Uncertainty avoidance * POLICY AREA High value of stability, low tolerance for ambiguity * HighGreece, Portugal, Italy * LowDenmark, Sweden, Hong Kong

11 Masculinity * POLICY AREA Gender matters, aggressiveness valued, material possession important * HighAustria, Mexico, Germany, US * LowNetherlands, Norway, Sweden

12 Time orientation * POLICY AREA: Longer term goals, patience, persistence * HighJapan, China, Hong Kong * LowUS, Indonesia

13 Other variables  History / Regionalism  Geography  Institutions Government  Church

14 Other variables continued  Communication language  nonverbal  Calendar – holidays – daily schedule  Density

15 Other variables continued -2-  Environmental stewardship  Consumerism  Structure of work (time  consciousness, rigid plans)

16 Field of study Cultural anthropology of the firm u First studies, impact of cultural on managerial goals u More modern, specific configurations of values impact likelihood of achieving management goals

17 Management tools u Rituals u Myths u Stories u Symbols u Norms u Behavioral expectations

18 Management use of what we know 500 doctoral holding anthropologists working for US corporations or large consulting firms Overall Decreasing resources in the US spent on International competency u Awareness and skill on global issues u Skill training u Resources devoted to international

19 Geography - Density u Scale of the way people live u Large City u Large metro areas u Handout p. 2-4

20 Geography - Density What dimensions of human interactions in general and, more specifically, business culture and transactions, might “density” impact?

21 History European Union u Birthday 9 May 1950 French u 1951 First cooperative treaty on coal production, 1957 on atomic energy u Pooled sovereignty labeled “European Integration” u History and success of the EU

22 History European Union u Original members 6 + 9 u Most recent additions + 10 u Expansion controversy ? 4

23 History European Union u Original members Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands u 1973 Denmark, Ireland, UK u 1981 Greece u 1986 Spain and Portugal

24 History European Union u 1995 Austria, Finland, Sweden u 2004 Cyprus, Czech, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia u Candidates Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Turkey

25 European Union euro countries u 12 of 15 full members u native currency UK, Denmark, Sweden

26 European Union euro countries u New members apply u Finance ministers evaluate Deficit of < 3 % of GDP Debt of < 60% of GDP Inflation targets

27 European Union euro conversion speculation u 2005-2006 Estonia Lithuania u 2007-2008 Cyprus Latvia Malta Hungary u 2009-2010 Poland Czech Slovakia

28 Communication u Beads in Togo u Mitchell text stories u Your favorites

29 Degree of structure in activity u Time importance u Sequencing

30 Return to the handout u The European Union statistics u Country by country generalizations

31 For the rest of the class Bon Voyage!

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