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PGL Dalguise Activities Week 2012 Parent Information Evening

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1 PGL Dalguise Activities Week 2012 Parent Information Evening

2 The Agenda For Tonight Itinerary – Drop off and Pick up times.
What to take to Dalguise – Kit List The Blog Project Medication / Diet Rooming and Spending Money.

3 The Plan For Monday 28th May
Students should be at school for 8.30am on the Monday as we intend to leave for Dalguise at 9am. Lunch will be provided when we arrive at Dalguise at 12 noon. We’ll make a bathroom stop on the way up at the service station before the Forth Road Bridge. Bathroom Stop Dunbar

4 Coming Home On The Friday
Students will get their breakfast at Dalguise on the Friday morning. We aim to be back at Dunbar Grammar School at on the Friday.

5 Activity Groups Students will be divided into activity groups with 12 in each group. Each group will be accompanied by a member of the school staff at all times on activities. Activities will be led by the Centre's trained instructors at all times.

6 2-6 students per bedroom The Stables The Lodges
In PSE students will be asked to nominate people they’d like to be in a dorm with.

7 Description of What to Bring Sleeping Bag and Pillow
Dalguise Kit List Item Of Kit Description of What to Bring Nightwear Pyjama top and bottoms for sleeping in Underwear Enough for 5 days – pack a few spares in case you get wet. Socks Over ankle length. 2 or more Jumpers Sweatshirts or fleeces are good. 3-4 T Shirts Vest tops are not recommended. 3-4 Pairs of Old Trousers Tracksuit bottoms, cargo trousers or cotton jogging bottoms are good. Jeans are not suitable. 2 Pairs of Shorts No denim shorts. 2 pairs of trainers One for wet activities, one for dry activities. 1 pair of indoor shoes Slippers or trainers to be worn indoors. Waterproof Jacket May be needed if the weather is wet. Baseball Cap/ Hat Woolly hats or caps are fine. 1 set of disco clothes Something nice to wear for the disco on the last night. Wash Bag Soap, shampoo, toothbrush, roll on deodorant etc 2 Towels Towels should be large. Plastic Water Bottle To keep students hydrated. Small Bag/Rucksack Something small keep your water bottle / sunscreen in. Sunscreen Essential SPF 30+ Insect Repellent Lots of midges up at Dalguise. Pocket Money Approximately £10, there is a souvenir/sweet shop. Disposable Camera A camera to take photographs. Staff will also take photographs which can be copied to pupils. Sleeping Bag and Pillow A basic sleeping bag – students will be sleeping in dorms at all times. Medication Medication should be labelled with the students name, instructions and the dose they’ve to take.

8 Electrical Equipment, Phones and Money
Students are not to take any valuables or mobile phones to Dalguise. Staff will have phones where students can contact home if they need to. Pocket money should be kept to a minimum. Approximately £10 for the week.

9 Medication All medical conditions and dietary requirements must be filled out on the PC1 form. Put it in a clear plastic bag with the student’s name and contents Label medication with the student’s name and dose

10 Blog Project To keep everyone updated on the groups progress during activities week. The student’s will write the blog as part of an evening activity and post photos on the school website. If you don’t want photographs of your child on the school website please write this on the PC1 form.

11 Final Payments Cost (£) Date Cost (£) Date
Parents with children attending other DGS trips during activities week. Full Cost Payment Plan Cost (£) Date Deposit £75 27th Oct £50 24th Nov 26th Jan 23rd Feb 29th March Cost (£) Date Deposit £75 27th Oct £35 24th Nov 26th Jan 23rd Feb £45 29th March Please speak to Mr Simpson if you need to discuss payments.

12 Any Questions?

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