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How to create STRESS FREEDOM z z z z z z (Dis) Stress A mentally or emotionally disruptive or upsetting condition occurring in response to adverse external.

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2 How to create STRESS FREEDOM z z z z z z

3 (Dis) Stress A mentally or emotionally disruptive or upsetting condition occurring in response to adverse external influences and capable of affecting physical health, usually characterized by increased heart rate, a rise in blood pressure, muscular tension, irritability, and depression. b. A stimulus or circumstance causing such a condition.

4 BAD STRESS-DISTRESS Chronic stress leads to disease. Physiologically needless firing of the adrenals. Distress begins in the mind and ends in disease Distress limits of creativity, productivity, inhibits or relations.

5 It is stress that causes the heart to beat. Being totally stress free is like a battery that is neutral, it is dead. How do we have good stress and rid ourselves of bad stress?

6 “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” William James

7 Winnie the Pooh How can you get very far, if you don’t know who you are? How can you do what you ought, if you don’t know what you got? And if you don’t know which to do of all the things in front of you, then what you’ll have when you are through is just a mess without a clue. Of all the best that can come true if you know what and which and who.”

8 Five Stages of Change 1-Ignorance-We don’t know the stress is building. 2-Recognition-With the light of possibility! 3-Gather info & Formulate a Plan 4-Take Action-Feed Forward-What’s working? 5-Practice

9 Stinking Thinking “The problem is all inside your head she said to me…..’ I am responsible for what goes on inside me.

10 Stinking Thinking Should & Ought Must & Have too Always & Never Doubt & Worry Can’t & Try Blame & Hate

11 DEODORIZING STINKING THINKING Tools- Mirror Eraser Buddi Questions

12 20 or so QUESTIONS What’s another way of looking at this? What’s important about this? That? How can I make this fun? What am I resisting? What do I want? Where is the stress in my body and how am I creating it? What am I thankful for?

13 20 or so QUESTIONS Five friends Who, What, Where, When, Why Intuitively we all know the questions, not the answers are the keys to controlling our life.

14 3 Stages of Transforming 1-Lessening judgments- becoming an unbeliever. 2-Getting curious and interested. Some ego freedom 3-Gratitude and Appreciation.

15 Stress Free Clues Imaginarium:The Hoover in the Sky Offering up gesture. Subtleties An unlimited Vacuum by high forces

16 Stress Free Clues Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT can be used to free attention and reduce stress. SET UP PHRASE: Acknowledge the stress, the belief or condition that you are experiencing and want to change or discreate, then affirm the stress freedom, belief or condition you want to create. For Example: Even though I am experiencing unpleasant stress, I deeply and completely accept myself. For more information on EFT go to

17 Stress Free Clues Get physical! Change centers, stress is 90% emotional, 90% mental and easily removed with a walk, a stretch, a change of surroundings, taking a breather. Change your desk, do the dishes, finish a chore, just do it, get physical! Your attitude is your relationship to the horizon, so get erect, stand tall and get out of the stress slump.

18 Stress Free Clues You’re not Alone! Reach out and touch some one. Ask for help. Become a comic. Get an audience to help laugh at yourself. Sharing and caring takes your stress elevator back down to the floor you can handle. If you need a STRESS FREE ZONE, so does your friends.

19 Stress Free Clues The old rituals of family time, church, fraternal organization may not work anymore, so create your own, start with putting up your magic, your reminders, your tokens of appreciation, ancient wisdom, new age aphorism. You need STRESS FREEDOM, so does the world. Form a MEET-UP Group.

20 Stress Free Clues aroma Have a cup of tea. Take your time and tap into the tea ceremony, a rite you can create or learn. Enjoy a moment of health and serenity with ritual, aroma, and taste.

21 Stress Free Clues Smile Smile Smile “Smile and the whole world smiles with you”  “You know that is something everywhere knows in the same language.”

22 When Stress Leaves Gratitude Enters Be grateful in treating each person, babies to the infirmed, as the presence within the shell. Gratitude and Appreciation are the rewards of Stress Freedom.

23 Create a Gratitude List Who-The people What-The Events When-The times How-The way it happened Why are you doing what you are doing. The 3 R’s. Remember to Remember to Remember.

24 Gratitude I have found that whatever I resist, persist, but when I appreciate ‘it’ it changes. The positive intent of GOUT.

25 In Conclusion Like attracts like. We all have a magnetic center that attracts our reality. Become STRESS FREE and you will attract others who are and want STRESS FREEDOM

26 Recap Its all in your head You can deodorize your thinking Questions You can offer your stress to the Giant Hoover EFT works wonders Appreciation Bonus-Designate your office

27 You can always put up a sign. *The Official Stress Free Zone signs, as approved by The Society of the Mirrors available for $19, no tax, shipping or handling fees. Order one for home, work or for those in need. Become an official designated STRESS FREE ZONE.

28 Thank You Your feedback is important.  Please fill out the evaluation form Gary C Smith Public Speaking & Trainings.  510-914-0279. 

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