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Healthy Images A positive way to look at yourself.

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1 Healthy Images A positive way to look at yourself

2 Body Image Do you weigh your self-esteem on the bathroom scales? Do you “feel fat” some days? Do you compare your body to other people’s? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Many people, especially women, are dissatisfied with their bodies.

3 What Is Body Image? Body image is the mental picture that you have of your body plus the feelings and judgments that you have about this picture. This picture is often inaccurate and has little to do with how you actually look or how other people see you. With positive thoughts and lifestyle choices, you can change your body image and how others respond to you.

4 10 Steps for Building a Positive Body Image 1.Accept yourself Feeling good about yourself starts with accepting who you are and how you look. Healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Focus on your good qualities and pass over negatives. Love your body, and treat it well by exercising, eating healthily, having bubble baths... doing things that you enjoy.

5 10 Steps to a Positive Body Image (continued) 2. Step off the diet roller coaster for good! Yo-yo dieting can be extremely harmful to your body and your self-image. Make healthy changes. Don’t follow trend diets: design your own tailored eating habits, with input from reliable sources such as dietitians and other health professionals (see Get active; make it a social event so that you develop support systems for motivation and to have fun!

6 10 Steps to a Positive Body Image (continued) 3. Enjoy eating well Eat for energy and for pleasure. Follow the recommendations in Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide. Choose more fruits and vegetables, whole grain products, lean meats, and low-fat milk and alternatives Ask yourself if you are eating because you are hungry or for some other reason. Learn to trust and listen to your body, it will tell you when to eat and when to stop.

7 10 Steps to a Positive Body Image (continued) 4. Enjoy being active Physical activity helps you to deal with stress. Make it “me time” to reflect about your day. The recommended 30–60 minutes of physical activity per day doesn’t have to be all at once.  Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator.  Go for a walk at lunch and refresh yourself. Try a new activity, like ballroom dancing, yoga, salsa classes... something fun and exciting. Involve others, grab a buddy or family member and motivate each other to succeed.

8 10 Steps to a Positive Body Image (continued) 5. Create a mental spa Breath deeply and relax. Think of a place where you feel peaceful, relaxed, and content. Slow down and let go of your responsibilities for a little while. Experience the magic when you quiet your mind and let yourself enjoy the moment.

9 10 Steps to a Positive Body Image (continued) 6. Make your imagination work for you Everyone has 5,000 thoughts an hour. You can choose thoughts that encourage you or ones that drag you down. Use your imagination to practise attitudes that can be positive influences in your life. Think about what would be different in your life if you liked your body, then try to visualize those positive changes and how you got there.

10 10 Steps to a Positive Body Image (continued) 7. Always look your best When you look good, you feel good. Wear clothes that fit and give away ones that don’t fit, are out of style, or that you don’t wear. For fun, try a new hairstyle, tie on a cute scarf, or indulge in a new pair of earrings. Smile, it’s the best thing that you can put on. Take an extra 10 minutes in the morning to get ready, and you’ll notice a difference all day long.

11 10 Steps to a Positive Body Image (continued) 8. Get support from family and friends Never be afraid to ask for help. Organize a group of friends or find a buddy and help each other meet your goal to be the best that you can be. Think of ways to create lots of fun and laughter for each other. Try new activities together, and while you’re at it, go active!

12 10 Steps to a Positive Body Image (continued) 9. Be thankful Make a list of 10 things that you love and that make you happy.  They can be little things like a phone call or an e-mail from a friend. Make another list of things you like about yourself. Be grateful for your health, your friends, and your family. Try volunteering at a food bank or other non-profit organization. Don’t sweat the small stuff!

13 10 Steps to a Positive Body Image (continued) 10. Express your creative self Do things for fun, instead of competing or trying to be perfect! Express your personality through painting, sewing, woodworking, acting, singing, cooking—whatever makes you happy! Remember that you are unique and that everyone has a talent. Now is the time to let it shine!

14 One Positive Step at a Time Developing a positive body image is a gradual process. Relax, take your time, and congratulate yourself every step along the way as you learn to accept your body. Enjoy eating well, being active, and feeling good about yourself.

15 References Ferguson, Lois. (1997). Healthy Images— A Positive Way to Look at Yourself. Fact sheet. Dietitians of Canada. Adapted from Anneke Vink, 2007.

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