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Nigeria By Jeroen Berensen David Marler and Marcia Vermeij.

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1 Nigeria By Jeroen Berensen David Marler and Marcia Vermeij

2 Nigeria at a glance Nigeria has the largest population in Africa. 154 mil. People (8 th in the world) One out of every four Africans is Nigerian Two major religions... Islam and Christianity Official Language is English There are also three other officially recognized regional languages

3 Nigeria's Political System Nigeria is a federal republic, modelled after the USA Has a president (Goodluck Jonathan) who is both the Head of State and the Head of Government Nigeria has a complex legal system with various types of law for the various types of people. Muslims have Sharia Law, Christians have Common Law, and there is also traditional law.

4 Much like the American Legislature, the Nigerian National Assembly consists of a Senate and a House of Representatives. Their governmental system is based on Checks and Balances

5 Nigeria's Geography Nigeria consists of... 37 states and one Federal Capital Territory The capital is Abaja The largest city is Lagos (10 million people) There are six cities with populations of over 1 mil people

6 History of Nigeria 9000 BC- First Humans in Nigeria ca. 2000 BC- the first Nigerian Kingdom- The Calabar Kingdom 1400-1600 AD- The Igo States 1500-1600 AD- The Songhai Empire begins to incorporate parts of Modern Day Nigeria

7 The Songhai Empire One of the most famous African Kingdoms Upon its fall led to the modern tribal makeup that exists in Nigeria today (Dendi Kingdom)

8 British Control of Nigeria Towards the end of the Napoleonic Wars Britain takes an interest in Nigeria and her resources. Most importantly, they are looking for a way into the heart of Africa via the Water. When they arrive, the slave trade is in full swing. Tribes are selling each other to whites. Slavery is illegal durring this period in the UK 1806-1900

9 In 1900 Nigeria becomes an official part of the British Empire After WWII a Nigerian Nationaist movement begins to form. There is a push for complete independance. This leads to a slow transition to autonomous rule.

10 Nigerian Independance- October 1, 1960 Nigerian Independance led to sectarian violence between several groups of people who wanted control of the country In 1966, several Igbo Generals led the first military coup d'état. This was the first of many. In 1998, Nigeria saw one of its first democratic elections. This time has been one of the most peaceful.

11 Nigeria's Problems Today -Corruption -Environment -Population -Poverty -Sectarian Violence -Terrorism

12 English in Nigeria English is the only official language of Nigeria. Because Nigeria has many tribal and linguistic cultures, English is the lingua franca of the people and is seen as a non-biased language. Naija is the English Pidgin spoken by most Nigerians

13 Naija Naija or brokin is the Pidgin language spoken by almost all Nigerians. Wetin dey happen - What is happening? Hin say make we dey go - he said we should go Hin don vex - he is angry I no no, Me no no - I don't know Na borro borro mek mi fine - my beauty comes from all the items I borrow

14 Naija, English and Nollywood Nollywood is Nigeria's film industry They produce 2500 films per year. Most of them being made in weeks The films are always brought directly out on DVD. Nollywood films are almost excusively made in English or Naija. Many Nigerian customs and traditional beliefs make their way into Nollywood Films. Nollywood ProfileBaby Police

15 Nigerian Literature in English First generation – Protest Chinua Achebe, Christopher Okigbo, Kole Omotoso Second generation – Females Flora Nwapa, Buchi Emecheta, Adaora Ulasi, Ifeoma Okoye, Zaynab Alkali Third generation – Struggle of change Wole Soyinka, Chris Abani, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

16 Novel by Chris Abani Graceland Elvis Oke – Teenager – Lagos Redemption King of the Beggars Sunday Oke

17 Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – Purple Hibiscus – Half of a Yellow Sun – That Thing Around Your Neck (2009)

18 Graded Reader

19 Exercise Series

20 Nigeria Quiz 1. Around what year did man first settle in Nigeria? a. 1000 BC b. 9000 BC c. 4000 BC

21 Nigeria Quiz 2. What was the name of the first civilization in Nigeria? a. Igbo b. Calabar c. Songhai

22 Nigeria Quiz 3. What year did Nigeria become a part of the British Empire?

23 Nigeria Quiz 4. About how many Nollywood films are made each year?

24 Nigeria Quiz 5. What are the four types of legal systems in Nigeria?

25 Nigeria Quiz 6. What is the capital of Nigeria?

26 Nigeria Quiz ANSWERS: 1. b- 9000BC 2. b- Calabar 3. 1900 4. 2500 5. Common, Civil, Sharia and Traditional 6. Abaja


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