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Directions 1. Find the questions of the topic you were assigned.

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1 Directions 1. Find the questions of the topic you were assigned.
2. Begin researching the answers using the library databases or any other suggested websites. 3. Share the information with your group members. 4. Once you have finalized the presentation share it with

2 Things Fall Apart Research
Activity 3.4

3 Chinua Achebe Who is Chinua Achebe?
When did he write Things Fall Apart? Why did he write it?  Has he made any statements about why he wrote the book?  Is he Nigerian?  Does this novel connect to any others he has  written?

4 Nigeria History —What is the political situation of Nigeria?
—What in its history has affected the nation today? —What was the most important period in its history and why? —Original Question Here:

5 Nigeria: Geography and Culture
How does geography affect agriculture?  What are the primary agricultural products?  Does agriculture contribute to the nation’s economy? Original Question Here:

6 British Colonialism and Nigeria
What is colonialism?  How long was Nigeria a colony? What was the effect of colonialism on Nigerian politics? Original Question Here:

7 Missionary Involvement in Africa
Who are missionaries and where did they come from?  What was their purpose and were they successful? What has been the lasting effect of religious missionaries? Original Question Here:

8 Tribal Life How was society organized before the advent of modern Nigeria?  What social organizations dominated tribal life? Original Question Here:

9 Example:Who is Chinua Achebe?
Chinua Achebe is an African novelist born in 1930 in Nigeria. He was brought up as a Christian, but he had many interests in the tradition faiths of the Igbo people. As a result of him not liking the depictions of African people in novels such as, Joseph Conrad's  Heart of Darkness, he begin to write novels about the Igbo people of Africa("Chinua Achebe Biography" ). Citation Chinua Achebe Biography." Encyclopedia of World Biography.               Advameg,                     <               Chinua.html>. 

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