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TRANSCRIPT "MAKE A WISH". I’m Sandy Goldenberg. I’m from Chicago, Illinois, and I’m 18. I’m a senior in high school, and I’m here in Los Angeles for my.

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2 I’m Sandy Goldenberg. I’m from Chicago, Illinois, and I’m 18. I’m a senior in high school, and I’m here in Los Angeles for my Make-A- Wish.

3 I’m Bobbie Goldenberg, I’m Sandy’s mom. I’m here for Make-A-Wish to see “Dancing with the Stars.”

4 Living the Dream: Sandy’s Story Sandy was always a tiny little thing, and she was always very cute and sweet and loved to hug and kiss and cuddle up a lot. I have a younger brother, Adam, and an older sister, Sarah. I started dancing when I was, like, 3. I remember there was one particular dance when she was little that she did. And she spent the whole time playing with the fringe on her dress instead of actually dancing, but it was so cute! And, uhm…she…she’s just a bubbly, little sweet kid.

5 Her Story I found a lump on the side of my neck – like, right here – and I was like, “What is this?” The first visit to the doctor was kind of scary. Nobody told us for sure if she had cancer; they just said it’s a possibility. And of course, you think the worst. So then we had to go for like, I think it was almost like 10 days of testing before we could actually get an answer. I didn’t know much about cancer at the time. So I guess a lot of people are kind of oblivious until it happens to them. And Sandy, of course…kept hoping, you know, that it wasn’t cancer; and of course, we all were. Sure enough, it was cancer.

6 Her Treatment As soon as I got diagnosed, we had all my family back at my house just for, like, support and stuff. And I was so depressed I wouldn’t come out of my room. During my treatment, I was on so many medications, I was practically like, spaced out, so I don’t even remember most of it. Then my doctor was like, “Okay, you now have to start chemo.” And I was just so scared, ‘cause I didn’t know what I was getting into.

7 Coping with Cancer I wanted to really, like, find a way to share feelings and open up to other people, so I started writing poetry. And it just helps me so much to get through it. Uhm…this is uh, the first poem I ever wrote. And it’s called “Defined Again.”

8 “I used to be happy Doing my own dance Always on stage Oh, how I would prance

9 But now, defined by a new word It hurts me to say Can I go back to dancer Even if I pray

10 Oh, when can I leave the past behind When can I be something new When will I be ready to move on I really hope it is soon

11 It hurts me to mention Or even just think I cry all the time, I am on the brink.

12 Oh, so sad am I No longer a dancer Defined by a new word Which is ‘cancer.’”

13 Her Wish I’m Cheryl Kisob, and I’m a Manager at Disney Worldwide Outreach. Disney works with wish- granting organizations around the world to make wishes come true. Uhm, we work with children with life-threatening medical conditions and Sandy’s wish is one of thousands of wishes we fulfill every year. When we heard about Sandy’s wish to go to the set of “Dancing with the Stars,” we were thrilled, of course.

14 The dancers are so professional and so amazing to watch. Instantly, we knew that when she was on set, that she would feel that excitement and she would feel fulfilled, and it would take her away from all the difficulties of her illness. Just watching them move – just – are stunned, like…like…just – I just…can’t even talk about it. It’s so amazing.

15 Our partners at ABC reached out to the production folks at the show, and decided that we will have her come out – Sandy and her mom – come out for a taping… She’s really, really excited. My dream is to go see “Dancing with the Stars” live.

16 When I went into remission, I was just so excited, because I was like, “I don’t have cancer right now.” I was just…thrilled. The doctor came in the room, and he holds up the scan, and hysterically, he goes, “You’re good.” And that’s all he said. And I’m like, “Oh…?” It was the happiest time of my life.

17 Oh, my God! Hi! Hi, how are you? Hi, it’s so nice to meet you. What’s your name? Sandy. Sandy, it’s so nice to meet you. It’s nice to meet you.

18 How are you doing? How are you? Hi, nice – it’s so nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. I’m too short! How are you? I’m so good. How are you? I’m good. Are you excited? Oh, my God. Yes, I’m so excited. I love the show.

19 Oh my God! Hi! Lance. How are you doing? Lance. See - I’m Sandy. Oh, nice to meet you. This is Lacey… Oh, my God! Hi, Lacey. Sandy, how are you? You look gorgeous. Thank you. Oh, my God. It’s so nifty to meet you. You look beautiful! So do you. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my God! Cheryl!

20 I’m glad you’re here. Thank you. I love her. Hi! Hello, hi. I’m Cody. I’m Sandy. Nice to meet you. Sandy. Nice to meet you. And I have something for you. Oh, really? Oh, my gosh. Thank you so much. Hey… Uh-oh… Ohhh!!! You weren’t tellingme you had some goodies back there. It was nice to meet you, love. Nice meetin’ you. Thank you for the twinkie. Thank you. You’re welcome!

21 Hi, it’s nice to meet you. Oh, it’s nice to meet you, too! Oh, my God…you’re beautiful! Oh, you’re beautiful. Thank you. You wanna come to see the makeup trailer? Okay. Come on. Hi. Wooh! Gonna be pulled away. I say you ought to be wearin’ makeup. I’m so…

22 I’m so excited. I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you. Okay. You too.

23 Okay. They did my makeup and in the makeup trailer, and I look beautiful, everyone said. And I got to meet everyone. It was so amazing. I got to meet and hug Lance Bass, oh my God…I remember being at his concert, reaching out to him. Oh my God, I got to meet Corky andClo -Cloris is so funny, oh my God…and Joel Burke…Julianne and Derek Hough…oh, my God. I’m so excited.

24 Uhm…the show was ended. It was super amazing. Everyone did a fantastic job. So my wish just totally came true. It was the best time of my life.

25 Every single wish is heartwarming and inspiring. So it just reiterates that we have the power to make dreams come true. Thank you, Make-A-Wish! Thank you so much!

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