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Digital Video Production An Overview. Video Production Stages Planning Pre-Production Shooting Post Production.

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1 Digital Video Production An Overview

2 Video Production Stages Planning Pre-Production Shooting Post Production

3 Video is like a Good Story Must have: Beginning Middle End

4 Crew Responsibilities Producer Responsible for managing the project Makes sure that each crew member knows their job

5 Crew Responsibilities Director Direct the actors during the shoot Interprets the script and has creative vision during filming Yells “Action”` to start filming Yells “Cut” for filming to stop

6 Crew Responsibilities Assistant Director Keeps everyone on schedule Makes sure that all scenes scheduled to be filmed are filmed on time

7 Crew Responsibilities Photography Director Sets up film shoot Determines camera angle and position Responsible for lighting Responsible for sound

8 Crew Responsibilities Set Director (may have assistants) Responsible for: Wardrobe Makeup Scenery Props

9 Getting Ready to Film Write the script. Fill out the storyboard with list of each shot in the correct order. Determine the required scenery, props, and wardrobe. Hold rehearsals and cast each part. Rehearse. Make sure the camera battery is charged. Check to make sure that you have film.

10 The Day of the Film Shoot Assume your assigned roles Prepare the Set Makeup and Wardrobe Film

11 Script and Storyboard What do you want your audience to gain from watching your video? What do you want them to learn? Write your script and plan the storyboard based on the answers to the two questions.

12 Shooting Video Frame your shots Check the lighting Light should come from the front of subject. Use a variety of shots Zoom in for close ups Wide angle shots take in the entire scene. Eye Level High Angle Low Angle

13 Types of Video Files.avi – audio video interlaced.mpg – video movie in MPEG – Quicktime movie.swf – Macormedia shockwave flash animation.wmv – Windows media video.rm – real video video

14 Editing Video Transfer video to the computer with a Firewire cable. Your computer must have a Firewire port.

15 Editing Video Software Applications Adobe Premiere Video Wave Final Cut Express (Macintosh only) Pinnacle Studio 8 MovieMaker iMovie (Macintosh only)

16 Video Editors Cut and paste video scenes with transitions. Separate audio tracks for background music or narration. Create titles that can scroll on and off the screen. Fade your video slowly and add other effects. Adjust exposure or color to make minor color corrections. Use video overlay to superimpose a graphic over your video.

17 Options for Final Product Save video for playback on the computer. Save video in a compatible file format and burn to DVD. Need special software to convert file type Add to a Web page and stream over the Internet.

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