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Product Marketing Strategy

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1 Product Marketing Strategy

2 The Story FabuLegs started as a way to bring the glamour of Brazil’s Carnaval dancers to women all over the world. The famous Brazilian Mulatas in the Carnaval parade are known for their glorious “samba” legs. Brazilian chemist Edna Sousa discovered their “tricks” for great looking legs and developed a safe, effective product that could be used by anyone to improve the appearance of their legs. FabuLegs is now sold under the brand Bossa Nova Beauty.

3 The Product Spray-On Cover for Legs Benefits
FabuLegs is spray-on makeup for legs…longer lasting, waterproof, fragrance-free, non sticky, natural looking, silky smooth airbrushed look for legs. In short…beautiful legs. Benefits FabuLegs is approximately 60% cover for legs, so it covers imperfections without looking fake or plastic. It provides a silky, semi-gloss finish that looks natural and does not come off on your clothing. Contains Macadamia Oil for hydrating skincare. Use it to darken or lighten your skin tone. Can be used with your skin crème, oil, or sunblock.

4 The Product Target Customer Alternative Markets
FabuLegs is targeted to women 18 to 35, but can be used by women of all ages. FabuLegs is perfectly designed for today’s fashions that show-off legs in short skirts and shorts. Alternative Markets FabuLegs provides beautiful legs for photo shoots, stage or public appearances, and any situation requiring bright lights or cameras. It is not a tanning product, but it can be used to darken or lighten the color of your legs.

5 Sales Channels Direct Response Retail
Direct to consumer marketing led by online DR and affiliate marketing to millions of users via our media partners and networks. Television informercials to local and national stations. Selected retail establish-ments, salons and spas, contacted via our regional sales & distribution teams. Some sales regions may be given exlcusively to key distribution Partners to develop.

6 Sales Channels Events & Special Sales Channels Street Teams
Splash marketing and sampling opportunities via events, festivals, and openings. Street team to perform live sampling via cart and kiosk in public places, such as the beach, outdoor markets, etc., focusing in Southern California and Florida. Development of key special sales opportunities, such as QVC, shopping networks, deep-discount retail outlets, bundling opportunities, etc.

7 Branding Advertising Brand advertising in print to reinforce all other efforts, with a focus on publications targeting our demographic and high-volume online opportunities. Volume to increase as budget permits. Full page in Yoga Magazine Internet Ads

8 Branding Publicity & Article Marketing FabuStuff
Traditional and online publicity efforts, including appearances, press releases, and online article blitz. FabuStuff FabuLegs skirts, t-shirts, bikinis, shorts and other products used in give-aways and to find their way onto eBay and other online outlets for added branding and viral marketing. Article Online

9 Branding Community Marketing Viral Campaigns
Online social syndication via FaceBook and other social media, integrated with our event marketing, article marketing, viral and advertising efforts. Offline marketing via sponsorships of events such as volleyball tournaments, dance contests, and beauty/fashion shows. Contests, such as Miss FabuLegs, photo galleries of our customers, plus video opportunities, quizzes, and pop trivia can all be used to create viral activity.

10 Strategic Partners High-Profile Partner Business Alliances
A celebrity or other high-profile partner to publically endorse and promote FabuLegs. Possible contributions from this partner include: Infomercial Appearance Appearance in Advertising (photo shoots) Appearances at Events Publicity appearances Promotion Online Business Alliances Cross- and co-marketing with compatible companies in advertising, distribution and online promotions: Razor manufacturers (gilette, bic, etc.) Skirts & Shorts designers Other clothing (shoes, bikinis, etc.)

11 Competitive Products FabuLegs Nyce Legs Difference
Nyce Legs Instant Spray on Leg Makeup is easy to apply because you just spray them right onto your bare legs. They resist water and perspiration so they stay on all day - and all evening! Why worry about how your legs look this summer? With Nyce Legs they'll look they're absolute best! Nyce Legs Instant Spray On Leg Makeup even covers spider veins and varicose veins in just seconds! It's like having natural makeup for your legs! Nyce Legs come in three colors. They're non-toxic and are not animal tested. And each can is the equivalent of ten pairs of nylons! Retail price: $19.95 FabuLegs Difference Non-aerisol spray and a simpler formula make FabuLegs a product for those interested in health and environmental wellness. Plus FabuLegs contains skincare ingredients to help your skin. Retail price: $24.95

12 Competitive Products Sally Hansen FabuLegs Airbrush Legs Difference
No sun. No salon. No streaks. Just flawless looking, irresistible, sexy legs. This light-weight leg makeup, enriched with Palmaria Extract, enhances the coverage of freckles, veins and imper-fections. Helps stimulate microcirculation for healthier and firmer looking legs and feet. Plus it’s water and transfer resistant. Bare legs are nice. Airbrush Legs are irresistible. Available in 4 shades to match your skintone. Find Airbrush Legs in the Sally Hansen section at your local retailer. Retail price: $14.99 FabuLegs Difference FabuLegs uses a much simpler formula with no self-tanning chemicals, so it’s safer and less harsh on your skin. In fact, FabuLegs contains Macadamia oil for healthy, luxurious skin. Retail price: $24.95

13 Competitive Analysis Air Stocking FabuLegs Premier Silk Difference
Diamond Legs Air Stocking – Simply spray on your legs and instantly achieve the effect of wearing a pair of glittering pantyhose that shines like diamonds and pearls! Made from hydrolyzed silk to perfectly simulate real hose Easy to apply spray on formula Ideal for the office or on the go - 2oz bottle. Perfect for hot summer days. Never worry about runs or tears again! Retail price: $19.95 FabuLegs Difference FabuLegs is positioned as a high-quality product that has skincare benefits while making your legs look great. Otherwise, these products are quite similar. Retail price: $24.95

14 Competitive Analysis FabuLegs Difference Right to Bare Legs
FabuLegs is not a 100% concealer for women wishing to hide spider veins and age spots. It’s a 60% cover for a younger and more active market wishing to look great in shorts and skirts, while protecting and hydrating their legs. Retail price: $24.95 Right to Bare Legs What is it: A corrective-concealer formulated to camouflage leg or body imperfections. Who is it for: Women who want fabulous looking legs without having to cover them up with stockings. Why is it different: This works just like the concealer you put on your face. It camouflages imperfections like spider veins, freckles, age spots, bruises, tattoos, and birthmarks, and blends easily for even coverage. It's waterproof and won't transfer off. Retail price: $14.99

15 The Team Edna Sousa Van Buren Christopher Van Buren
Edna Sousa is a Brazilian native who earned her technician’s license in Chemistry and herbology. She has worked in the beauty and cosmetics industry in Brazil as a consultant, helping companies re-formulate their products for better, healthier results. She has traveled throughout Brazil and the United States, gathering information about plant cures and herbal beauty secrets. Edna writes about natural health and beauty for several web sites, including: Christopher Van Buren has worked in online marketing and media for over 12 years, as a publisher, marketing director, and campaign manager. He is an expert in content marketing, affiliate marketing and online strategies. Chris has written numerous books in the technology, travel and self-help markets and spent eight years as a literary agent, helping authors get their books published.


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