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That Urge To Achieve Subject Author: David C. McClelland

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1 That Urge To Achieve Subject Author: David C. McClelland
* Originally Published in Think Magazine by IBM in 1996 Subject Author: David C. McClelland Presenter: Colin Gast Location: MTSU

2 Author -David C. McClelland
Lived May – March American psychological theorist MA from the University of Missouri PhD from Yale University Awarded the American Psychological Association Award for Distinguished Scientific Contributions Most noted for his work on the Need Theory

3 Need Theory Defining work for David McClelland Motivational Model – how managers are motivated and motivate others Explains how the needs for achievements, power, and affiliation affect people as it concerns management Most people exhibit a combination, some show a bias towards one “Need For Achievement” Focus on effort, mastering a task, feedback is preferred “Need For Affiliation” Social relationships, part of the group, not effective managers “Need For Authority/Power” Desire to influence, focus on discipline, winner/loser mindset

4 McClelland’s Need Theory & Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

5 That Urge to Achieve Divides most people into two broad groups Those who work hard to achieve something Need to Achieve Minority of People Those who do not care all that much Lacking Need to Achieve Majority of People Copyright Image: Kung Fu Panda, DreamWorks 2008

6 Example Study 450 workers out of work after Pennsylvania plant shutdown Most people stayed home and then looked for same or similar job later A small minority went out an looked for a new job immediately Result of Study: Later group had a larger degree of “Need For Achievement”

7 Why? People who think constantly about doing things better Evidence suggest it is training in home by parents Moderately high achievement goals Warm, encouraging Non-authoritarian

8 Unmotivated? Are people unmotivated who do not possess a high Need to Achieve?

9 Applicability Is the Need to Achieve motivation necessary for success? Is it Position Dependent? Is it Environment Dependent? Are people aware of their own motives?

10 What does it mean? What does a reflection in popular literature of this motivation show in a nation and economy?

11 Further Questions/Comments?

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