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Megan Hoffman Brittny Lunger Brigitta Wagner. See, Hear, Smell, Feel.

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1 Megan Hoffman Brittny Lunger Brigitta Wagner

2 See, Hear, Smell, Feel

3 Very large Water Stationary A lot of different types of ropes Everything was wood Antique Cat Very sunny out


5 Birds Wind blowing the flags Water hitting the boat Quiet

6 Fish Living area smelled moldy and old Fresh air while on deck

7 At ease, peaceful Hot Nervous/too close to the water Out of our comfort zone

8 How many years did it takes to build the ship? How many men did it take to build the ship? Why is there so many different types of rope on the ship? What do they all do? How many men were on the ship during the battle? How was there enough room for people to sleep and eat? What is the most difficult part of the ship to maintain?


10 Social -Nonprofit Educational Program (through hands on active on-board learning experiences) -Educational uses (people can tour both the museum and the ship) Cultural -Erie has always been connected to it’s close proximity of the waters of Lake Erie, and the Niagara is a big part of these waters. Historical -The USSA Niagara (previous name) was a brig in the United States Navy during the War of 1812. -It is also one of the last two ships remaining for the War.

11 In 1984, the state legislature authorized the building of Niagara, the cost of which, by the time of her launch in 1988, amounted to about four million dollars. Naval architect Melbourne Smith was chosen to lead reconstruction. Demolition of the old Niagara was completed in 1987. To preserve the spirit of the 1813 vessel, some conserved timbers were use in nonstructural parts of the new hull. The Flagship Niagara is the fourth ship to present that name. She first set sail again in 1990.

12 Art- Students can reconstruct their own version of the Flagship Niagara using various supplies like construction paper, folders, scissors, and markers. History- Students can gather information about the steps of the Niagara to what it has become today. Math- Students can measure how long the ship is using their own footsteps and compare it with their classmates’ measurements.

13 Reminds us of the Pirates of the Caribbean. Reminds us Field Trips we use to take to see the museum and ship as grade school students. Basement/downstairs reminds us of a cottage (woodstove, wood floor, bunk beds)

14 Why is it that when wars use to take place, they were mostly fought on boats in the water, and nowadays, most wars are fought on land? What inspired the building of a museum dedicated to the Flagship Niagara? Is it so important that after the ship sank, it was necessary to reconstruct it and spend so much money on it?

15 How can children learn from experiencing first hand pieces of historical art?

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