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State of the State or CSBA—Past, Present and Future By Beth Conrey President, CSBA.

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1 State of the State or CSBA—Past, Present and Future By Beth Conrey President, CSBA

2 Mission of the CSBA (1880) For higher prices and more demand for Colorado honey Cooperation and understanding among bee people Better bee pasture More efficient and productive beekeeping methods Control poison sprays, diseases and enemies of bees

3 Mission of the President To geographically and demographically represent the beekeeping interests of Colorado. Non-profit status

4 Why join an organization? Educational Financial Political Promotional Social

5 Educational Nationally recognized speakers at semi- annual meetings. –2011-Medhat Nasr, Jerry Hayes –2012-Dr. Allen Dennison, Dennis vanEngelsdorp Change of meeting venue to accommodate membership from different regions

6 Financial (Current) $7 –Current individual membership at $10 (without being a member of a regional association). –Discount to attend meetings. –Priority registration. –No need to join multiple regional associations. –State liaison with voting privileges.

7 Financial (Current) 501 c status –Easier to form a new club –Regionals will use State’s through their affiliation –No charge to regional associations –Grant money!

8 Financial (Future) Preferred vendor “deals”. Increase non-beekeeping membership through tax-free donation capability. Reduce fees to beekeepers as non- beekeeper membership increases.

9 Political (Current) Member of the CO Pollinator Protection Committee Member of 2 CSU Advisory Committees CO Director of Western Apicultural Society (WAS) Initiated dialogue with CDA and the EPA Moved NCBA hive mapping project to CSBA Supported the initiation of DriftWatch Passage of the Cottage Industry Bill Support for a CO Honey Standard

10 Political (Future) Need to fully represent all Colorado beekeeping interests with Federal and State agencies. Need to be the liaison for pesticide issues Need to be the liaison for local ordinance issues Work with university system for research and information

11 Promotional (Current) Revised website –Business Directory Declared pollinator holidays –Pollinator protection week—6/20-26 Colorado State Fair

12 Promotional (Future) Honeybee Awareness Day Colorado Honey Festival Attract more business support –Mead makers/brewers –Retail –Restaurants –Compatible businesses (bbbseed) Partner with like-minded organizations –NAPPC, PAN, etc.

13 Pipe Dreams (Or what we can do if we all work together!) Best Practices* State Honey Standard* DOW small apiary protection Statewide Forage Plan* Statistics* Apiary Inspector Irradiation Chamber Independent Testing Lab Statewide Education Opportunities Scholarships/Research Funding Remove ALL bee bans*

14 What does an organization need to succeed? Leadership Membership Sponsorship

15 CSBA Leadership Membership Sponsorship

16 Membership What can you do to help? –Donate/Support –Participate Committees Research Letters/Petitions –Local regulations –CO Cottage Industry Bill –Federal Highway BEE Act –Serve

17 Membership Committees –Best Practices –Data Collection –Forage –Master Beekeeper –Pesticides

18 Communication –Newsletter –Facebook –Twitter Regional Association memberships 501C Current Issues

19 Thank you! Questions?

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