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2 EACH NIGHT, MONDAY-THURSDAY You will be expected to choose 1 assignment to do. Each night, you are expected to do a different assignment on notebook paper. You will have the following: 1.Monday nights’ assignment (front of page 1) 2.Tuesday night’s assignment (back of page 1) 3.Wednesday night’s assignment (front of page 2) 4.Thursday night’s assignment (back of page 2) All assignments STAY in your Take home binder and are turned in to be checked every Friday morning.

3 WHAT IS THE MENU? There are 12 different assignments that you can choose from. You must pick 4 different ones to do each week! 1.Write a story using 6 of the words. 2.Write a meaningful sentence for each word. 3.Divide each word into syllables. 4.Draw a creative picture and hide the words in it. 5.Write an antonym/synonym for each word. 6.Cut the words out of magazines and make a collage. 7.Draw a picture for each word to show the meaning. 8.Write all the words in cursive. 9.ABC order. 10.Create a poem, song, or chant using as many words as possible to present to the class. 11.Write newspaper headlines using 6 of the words. 12. A well thought out activity on your own, check with the teacher first!

4 REMEMBER…… Word study homework needs to be in your best handwriting, and it is an expectation that you pick different activities each week to keep you motivated and interested in learning new vocabulary. Knowing the definition AND the spelling of the word are both important! You will be graded on knowing the meaning of the words and given a spelling test each Friday to use to enhance your writing projects.

5 EXAMPLES OF WORD STUDY HOMEWORK: On Monday during class, you will be expected to writing down the words in your agenda. It is your responsibility to spell the words correctly when copying them down. breakfast - the first meal of the day comfortable - having comfort cozy - warm and comfortable forest - thick woods gobbled - ate fast and greedily hungry - feeling a desire or need for food promise - to give one’s word

6 WRITE A STORY USING 6 OF THE WORDS It was a chilly morning in the Black forest. Goldie was taking her morning stroll down the path she took every morning. Having not eaten breakfast, made her tummy rumble from being so very hungry. She promised her mother that she would be home before long, but then Goldie took a wrong turn. After many minutes, that seemed like hours, Goldie found a cozy looking cottage next to a babbling brook. Goldie decided to enter the cottage to seek help to get home. Upon entering, Goldie notice right away them most comfortable chairs that she had ever seen. Remember your story must have a beginning, middle, and end. This example is only the beginning and some of the middle.

7 WRITE A MEANINGFUL SENTENCE Be sure to number the sentences and underline to vocabulary word. NOT a meaningful sentence: I ate breakfast. I am cozy. I see the forest. Meaningful: During breakfast this morning, I ate bacon, pancakes, and toast. The thick forest behind my house is swarming with slithering critters and I refuse to enter it. Since I was starving, I gobbled up my steak as quick as a lion on a hunt.

8 DIVIDE EACH WORD INTO SYLLABLES Number paper and remember to use your best handwriting. Make sure its clear where you break the words into syllables. 1.break/fast 2.Com/fort/able 3.Co/zy 4.For/est 5.Gob/bled 6.Hun/gry 7.Pro/mise

9 DRAW A CREATIVE PICTURE AND HIDE THE WORDS You could hide the words on the branch and in the feathers. Where would you hide the words?

10 WRITE AN ANTONYM/SYNONYM FOR EACH Comfortable Antonym: miserable Synonym: Comfy Complete the tree map for each word. Sometimes you will find synonyms or antonyms already on our word list. Use a thesaurus to help you. Don’t have a thesaurus? There is one online… For Free!!! Make sure you ask permission from your parents because the site has advertisements!

11 CUT WORDS OUT OF MAGAZINES This is an example of a magazine word collage. I would need to look in the magazine for the words breakfast, comfortable, cozy, forest, gobbled, hungry, promise.

12 DRAW A PICTURE TO SHOW MEANING 1.Breakfast 2.Comfortable 3.Forest 4.gobbled

13 WRITE ALL THE WORDS IN CURSIVE 1. breakfast 2. comfortable 3. cozy 4. forest 5. gobbled 6. hungry 7. promise Remember to TAKE YOUR TIME! Neat handwriting is expected. If you have trouble with a letter, circle it so we can talk about it.

14 ABC ORDER 1.breakfast 2.comfortable 3.cozy 4.forest 5.gobbled 6.hungry 7.promise All of your words must be used. Be careful if the words begin the same!

15 CREATE A POEM, SONG OR CHANT On Friday you can present it to the class, if you’d like. For Example: Promise me we will have breakfast Promise me we will eat lunch. Just promise me when I’m hungry, You’ll give me something to munch!

16 WRITE NEWSPAPER HEADLINES Breakfast Bites Back Ikea’s Comfortable Chairs Climb in Popularity Forest Fires Rage Through The State Students Gobbled Up New Foods on The School Menu Hungry Hippos Escaped the Zoo Politicians Promise to Lower Taxes



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