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Centerville Elem. School Beverly, MA Front entrance.

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1 Centerville Elem. School Beverly, MA Front entrance

2 New wing

3 Back of new wing with clerestory and photovoltaics

4 Clerestory in new wing halls

5 Audicafeterium

6 Facing stage

7 Stage


9 Old wing

10 Hallway in old wing Old wing gutted to frame Cinder block walls in old/new Tile pattern matched in both wings

11 Gymnasium

12 Library w/ reading nook on left and computer room in rear

13 End of new wing – wind turbine on left

14 Retention pond captures rain runoff from roof

15 Hallway of old wing Library on left, entrance on right

16 Reading center

17 Classroom

18 Cubbies for kids – storage for teacher

19 Kindergarten

20 First grade



23 Centerville E-School - 2002 Add/reno of 1964 school Town didn’t want cost of new school Capacity: 300 K- Grade 5 Enrollment: 300 kids Construction cost: $9 million New wing, gutted restored old wing Done in one year kids moved to another school

24 Green innovations Automatic room lights Ambient light compensating lights Clerestory Double-glazed windows Photovoltaics Wind turbine

25 Green innovations, cont. Photovoltaics – supply part of power (enough for lights) Wind turbine – in wrong location; doesn’t supply power MTC funding SBA refund – 85% of construction cost

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