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Crescent Academy International

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1 Crescent Academy International
Library & Media Center Project

2 Library Floor Plan Layout
This is an overview of the interior layout of the space.

3 Entrance to Library / Media Center
This is the view as you walk into the library.

4 South View of Shelving & Furniture
As you are standing at the doorway and looking to the left, you will see the circulation desk and computer station. This will have 10 student stations.

5 North View of Shelving & Furniture
Standing behind the circulation desk, you can get a full view of the room. Tables and chairs provide ample space for a whole class to work in the library.

6 East View of Shelving & Furniture
This is a view of the circulation desk and the main door to the library.

7 Interior View with Smartboard
This is the far end of the library. On the wall is a Smart Board to be used by teachers directing full class activities.

8 View of Furniture & Shelving
With the main door on the right, this view is looking at the hallway wall between the doors of the room.

9 Circulation Desk Layout
The circulation desk will have two computers complete with library circulation software to keep track of inventory and book check-outs.

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