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PROJECT 1 Pulse FM Nathaniel Gray - 201168185. Outline of Proposed Development Scope of proposed development ‘Pulse FM’ is a local Geelong community radio.

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1 PROJECT 1 Pulse FM Nathaniel Gray - 201168185

2 Outline of Proposed Development Scope of proposed development ‘Pulse FM’ is a local Geelong community radio station that currently occupies an attractive position at 68 Little Ryrie Street. The station is looking to re-invent itself in order to make the station more relevant to the local community, and to make it a more viable venture. The building in question consists of studios, offices and a large amount of unused space. The design is to be finalised ultimately provide a more useable and efficient building for the station and provide avenues for the generation of income.

3 Qualities The site occupies a unique position in the Geelong CBD. It is very central and easily accessible by pedestrians, whilst also being off the main streets, which provides for a little more privacy. Views from the site are minimal, due to the height of some of the surrounding buildings. The internal mud-brick walls hold a certain intrinsic value, and are very unique to the site. They provide an opportunity to influence the internal feel of the building.


5 This image shows early development of the plan, and at the bottom of the page some ideas on the form of the building. The idea that the structure of the development is based on is a pulsating of ideas and values from the radio station out into Greater Geelong

6 Image showing more investigation into a simple, free-flowing internal layout. At this stage of development it was decided that a café would be an ideal commercial venture on this site due to the lack of café’s in the central Geelong area, and also due to the number of people that were going to be frequenting the site once developed. It was decided to incorporate a stage area where local acts could play to small audiences inside the café, and also be played out on live to air radio.

7 The roof structure of the existing building gave an opportunity to re- consider its entire form, as it was somewhat in disrepair, and it can simply be lifted off. The central mudbrick wall of the building provides a suitable structure from which to pitch a new roof. This elevation describes how the roof structure and west façade simply form a bioclimatic skin over the existing building.


9 As the brief required a managers office, and space for 4 other staff, I thought that a second storey was necessary, however, I investigated the incorporation of these facilities in the downstairs layout, and came up with this design for the four office space. The space provides privacy for each person, but also promotes a sense of team, and a feeling of being part of a bigger whole.

10 Final Floor Plan

11 Diagram showing flow of spaces




15 This pictorial shows the west façade with sails attached to the upright posts. These sails are used to enclose the sound hallway, but can also be employed as signage or for local artwork.


17 The sound hallway creates a passage way where users experience sound, light, and shadow


19 Internal Perspective from stage

20 Perspective looking to front of building

21 Perspective of Sound Hall



24 Construction Concept – Roof connection detail





29 Central Design ideas and concepts PULSE FM BEING AT THE HEART OF THE GEELONG COMMUNITY the idea of stage and offices (people and Music) being at the centre of the building, reaching out – live music being broadcast AN INTEGRATION INTO THE COMMUNITY people can experience the atmosphere of the building without entering – the sound/light hall is inside the ‘skin’ of the building but its outside the building core. most approach to the building is from the west heading down Little Ryrie St. The entrance to the hallway is from Little Ryrie St, so people are drawn into it by the sound light and shadow. AN ADAPTABILITY AND CONNECTION OF SPACES to get away from putting a second storey on, spaces can have more than one use. Sections of the café can be transformed into meeting or training spaces. But all space remains connected, whether through sight, sound or light. This complete connection gives a welcoming atmosphere and encourages involvement.

30 ROOF FORM the roof form dictates the shape of the ceiling which promotes the permeation of sound and light through the entire building MUSIC TURNED INTO ARCHITECTURE this is reflected in the façade. The uprights represent the beat; the different heights represent different sounds, and the material in-between the uprights (fabric of sails and the timber louvers) represent a different filler sound between beats. There is a connection between the beat of the building and the ‘pulse’ of the building. This alludes to the connection of the heart of the radio station and the greater Geeling community.

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