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Andrew renfree PULSE - home. andrew renfree PULSE - home.

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1 andrew renfree PULSE - home

2 andrew renfree PULSE - home

3 andrew renfree PULSE - home

4 andrew renfree PULSE - home

5 andrew renfree PULSE - home

6 andrew renfree PULSE - home

7 Design process the brief urban context existing conditions concepts

8 urban context elevations/plans internal perspectives construction concepts design

9 urban context Existing conditions provide little interest next

10 urban context A new focus for the corner while giving a sense of openness and intrigue as dynamic roof and sculptural elements are witnessed in passing. next

11 floor plans next Original brickwork, mud brick and beams remain

12 floor plans New layout provides a sense of order and clarity next

13 floor plans next Internal courtyard provides sculptural focus and external space.

14 floor plans next Folding glazed doors separate inside and outside. Sculpture extends through indoor seating and visually leads through to rear meeting space.

15 floor plans Complete plan sets a new rhythm. Office space for boutique firms provide professional services within multimedia fields the centre is provides training in. The requested café incorporates a wine bar to service clients, staff, surrounding commercial and residential sector as well as providing a focal and meeting point for the cinema goers next office Studio/ training studio store toilets Café & wine bar

16 north elevation next

17 west elevation next

18 internal perspectives next

19 internal perspectives next

20 internal perspectives next

21 internal perspectives next Light fractures through glass wall panels and truss roof

22 construction concept Maintaining existing frame allows light framework additions for roofline next

23 construction concept Maintaining existing frame allows light framework additions for roofline next

24 construction concept New material insertion of lightweight non load bearing framing and glazing next

25 construction concept ‘Exploding’ wall panel detail Orange = Brushed aluminium Pink = tinted glazing door Framing for door and window next

26 construction detail New lintels provide total frame for new openings

27 the brief The Pulse FM community radio station at 68 Little Ryrie St, Geelong is being developed in to a multi media training centre while continuing the existing live radio broadcasts and community programs. The adaptive re-use of the existing Pulse FM radio station building must include: additional office space (manager and 4 staff) multi purpose training space retention of view to live studio relocation of toilet facilities additional training studio storage space next

28 Additional facilities must enhance the station and actively develop the site. Initial consultation with the manager indicated a café would be suitable after extensive feasibility studies (no doubt). There was a wish to keep the mud brick walls in the core of the building if possible. The site is being developed as a training centre with multi media, radio and recording studios for training purposes. the brief next

29 urban context The site sits in the middle of Geelong City with close proximity to many large commercial and public facilities within a 4 block radius. The site is particularly tucked away but can be accessed on foot or by car. Parking is minimal as is passing traffic. Incidental foot traffic is negligible and visitors to the site would be coming for a “reason” rather than “drop ins”. Residential developments and existing university dorms neighbour one side with office and commercial space completing the remaining surrounds. next

30 existing conditions Existing conditions are quite poor considering there is such a large space under roof beams spanning the entire width of the site. The existing layout is disorganised and confusing. Little value in retaining much (see design concepts). Climatic conditions are sheltered within the city confines although northern solar access is favourable. next

31 existing conditions next

32 concepts Clarify the site and provide access for all. Keep mud brick as per client’s wishes while still allowing clarity. next

33 concepts Roof trusses allow an open plan with great shadows and play of light as sun streams through the structural elements. next

34 concepts next ‘Exploding’ wall panels allow notions of transparency and openness while still allowing privacy.

35 concepts Early sketches focussed on façades neglecting difficult layout and access next

36 concepts When the whole was considered, clarity, functionality and form followed next

37 concepts passive systems require a community understanding that sits comfortably with the centre’s goals. Interiors reflect an open flexible space available for presentations of training or professional success.

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