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Grange Park KS5 Student Handbook. Grange Park KS5.

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1 Grange Park KS5 Student Handbook

2 Grange Park KS5

3 Grange Park KS5 Student Handbook

4 Grange Park KS5 is based at Holmesdale Technology College in Snodland

5 Grange Park KS5 This is a time when we move on from school and prepare for adult life. We respect ourselves, other people and our environment. We develop our knowledge and skills, manage our autism and become more independent. We learn to cope with, and be included in the community.

6 I will have my own working area in the classroom. I will have my own pencil case, books and folders. In my class I have a Teacher and Teaching Assistants (TAs). I will work with different teachers and TAs for different subjects. My classroom

7 Working environment We spend some of the time in the classroom. We also work in a lot of other different places, often out in the community. These are some examples: in the kitchen

8 at the gym Holiday Inn work experience

9 STI Group work experience

10 Premier Inn work experience

11 Timetable

12 My taxi or minibus will bring me to school. I will wait in my taxi until 8.45am 8.45 I go to the front entrance. Staff meet me and show me in. The timetable is shown in my classroom in words and symbols This is my timetable when I am in school: 8.45Jobs 9.05Register 9.10Morning Task Our school day At: shop break cook

13 9.20 Lesson 1 11.00 Break 11.20 Lesson 2 12.50 Lunch 1.20 Leisure 1.50 Register 1.55 Lesson 3 2.55 Diary/targets 3.10 Taxi home

14 Targets Some days I go out on work experience. When I do this I may leave at 9.15 in the morning once I have done my targets. Special Events Some days instead of lessons we go out on visits or outings. Sometimes different people come into school to visit us. Work Experience My teacher will help me set targets to work on at school and at home.

15 Daily routines

16 Hang up my coat Put my lunch box away Put my bag away in my locker Get my pencil case Do my morning task At the start of the day 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

17 Lunchtime Once a week we cook our own lunch with our class and eat it in our kitchen The rest of us go to the Holmesdale canteen for our packed lunch or school meal

18 We go to the canteen at 12.50. This is ten minutes before the Holmesdale students so it is not too busy. If we want a school meal we queue up for our food. We choose what we want then pay for it. We sit and eat with our friends If we bring our own packed lunch we can go and eat it in the packed lunch room. In the canteen

19 Targets and credits Do my diary Write about my achievements Tidy up Tutorial Time 1. 2. 3. 4.

20 Clear my table Get my bag and coat and wait for my contact book Go to the entrance with staff at 3.10pm and wait for my transport to arrive At the end of the day 1. 2. 3.

21 Curriculum

22 Lessons PSHEE maths English ICT The Curriculum You can read more about the curriculum in the Key Stage 5 Student’s Curriculum Guide.

23 Work Experience Holiday Inn vocational centre

24 Enterprise catering card making

25 Leisure Studies Gym Sports Hall Social Games Swimming

26 Life Skills Shopping Cooking Travel training

27 Information

28 Fruit At breaktime we can have fruit to eat with our drinks. We pay £1 each week for this. Uniform There is no uniform but we wear smart clothes. No jeans or trainers. PE We keep PE clothes, swimming things and a towel in our lockers to use in the gym, sports hall and swimming sessions. We wash these after each session.

29 Leisure Time After lunch we have leisure time. Normally we play games such as pool, chess or table football. Sometimes we go outside to play football. Once a week we can go on the computers in leisure time. Toilets Our toilets are kept locked so that only Grange Park students can use them. We ask for the key from the office and remember to put it back afterwards

30 Jobs Each morning we look at the jobs rota in the hallway. We put our job on our desk. This reminds us to do the job during the day. Personal Equipment No mobile phones, ipods or any other computer games are allowed in school. Assembly Once a week all Grange Park FS5 students have assembly together in the hallway.

31 Credits We can get credits for good work and effort. Six times a year at the end of term the students with the most credits have a special outing, for example Term 1 – meal for six students Term 2 – bowling and a meal for eight students Behaviour We are expected to manage our own behaviour. We can use the quiet area in the hallway if we need somewhere to calm down. We need to take a blue card when we do this.

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