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Chippewa Elementary School

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1 Chippewa Elementary School

2 INTRODUCTION PSO President Welcome Kindergarten Screening Info
Communication From School Chippewa’s PSO/Benefits

3 Kindergarten Screening
Your child is currently being screened to determine if he/she is Kindergarten ready. In a week, you will receive notification in the mail from school how your child did with the Kindergarten Screening In June, you will receive in the mail notification that your child is in the morning or afternoon class. Morning Session: 9:25 a.m. – 11:55 a.m. Afternoon Session: 1:10 p.m. – 3:40 p.m. In August, classroom teachers will be assigned and the district website will list bus schedules for coming to school and going home. ( Make sure the school and the Transportation Dept. know of any child care plans you have for your child other than the home address. New Family Orientation Night Monday, Aug. 23rd 7:00pm First Day of School Is Wednesday, August 25th – Phase in for Kinders is 26-27th.

4 What happens at Kindergarten Screening?
Children are assessed in the area of motor skills, speech and language, general concepts, cognitive ability, self-help skills, and social and behavioral skills Vision and hearing screening Assessors: kindergarten teachers, school psychologists, school nurses, counselors and speech and language pathologists Parents will be sent screening results along with suggestions for continued skill development for kindergarten.

5 Chippewa PSO Board 2010-2011 Co-President Marianne Jones
Co-President Kathy Mack 1st Vice President Julie Guardado Co 2nd Vice President Kristin Bevan Co 2nd Vice President Amy Pablo Honorary Vice President Chris Hartland Recording Secretary Jennifer Dzina Corresponding Secretary Beth Rittgers Treasurer Kelly Petros PSO Council Delegate Michele Michalich PSO Council Delegate Kelly Petkunas

6 PSO – Parent School Organization
Chippewa Elementary School (and the district) PSO changed the name “PTA” to PSO effective November 11, Mission Statement: The PSO is to provide educational opportunities for our students that go beyond what the school district provides and to promote open communication among parents, administration, teachers and staff. Membership (Dues $5.00 per person)‏ PSO contributes half the cost to produce the district-wide Calendar/Directory. PSO sponsors educational activities for the students that are not offered by the Board of Education. PSO sponsors an annual Fundraiser. Profits generated from the fundraiser are used to purchase educational gifts for the school and classrooms. Monthly Meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 9:30 a.m. in the Chippewa library.

7 PSO Sponsored Activities
Student Art Show After School Bowling Book Fair/Scholastic Boxtops/Campbell Soup Label Collections Cafeteria/Playground Aides Chippewa Chatter Community Service Projects with students Cultural Arts Assemblies (3-4 year)‏ Mathopoly Welcome Back to Chippewa Picnic Gifts Committee (purchases made for the school with dollars raised from Chippewa's annual fundraiser)‏ Chippewa Family Bingo Night Family Folders Parent Volunteer Coordinators (Committees, Lunch & Recess, Room Parents, Health Screenings, 3rg Grade Recognition)‏ School Supply Kits Rock N' Bowl – Chippewa's Annual Fundraiser School Beautification Projects Science is Significant/Earth Week Programs Students in the Arts Program Staff Appreciation Week Activities

8 PSO Purchases for Chippewa
Pavilion and tables Books for the Library Screens for the Courtyard rooms Elmo Camera Kidspiration Software Boomwackers Gym Mats AR Tests On-Line Resources Subscriptions New Wiese Rd. Chippewa Sign

9 Chippewa Communication/Personnel
Principal – Chris Hartland Office Support Personnel Kathy McCafferty-Admin. Asst. Jackie Couch-Secretary Telephone Number: Address: Chippewa Elementary Wiese Road Brecksville, OH

10 Chippewa Communication
Calendar/Directory 1 free copy to each household w/student; sent to all enrolled families via U.S. Postal Service in August. Chippewa Parent Handbook 1 copy to each household w/student; generally given out at Meet the Teacher Nights in August. Thursday Family Folders (PSO)‏ Sent home every Thursday with the eldest child who attends Chippewa. Chippewa Chatter Newsletter (PSO)‏ PSO published newsletter; available monthly on line at the Chippewa PSO web site. Weekly Updates (PSO)‏ s sent to PSO Members’ inbox once a week with important dates for the upcoming week.

11 Chippewa Communication – cont’d
PACE (Parent Association Committed to Excellence) is an organization for parents of high achieving students and/or students identified as gifts, or enrolled in Gifted, Accelerated or Honors Programs. Meetings are quarterly during the school year. Membership is $10 per family and are open to all. Members receive a quarterly newsletter. QUEST (Quest for Understanding the Exceptional Student Together) is an information and networking group for parents of children with special needs in the Brecksville Broadview Heights City School District, students with IEP’s. BEEKEEPERS is a self-supporting school-age child care program that is housed in the elementary schools, before and after school, during summer break, and other non-holiday school breaks.

12 Questions? Welcome to Chippewa!

13 Principal Hartland at his desk.
Students get to visit Mr. Hartland in his office when it is their Birthday for a Birthday surprise.

14 Kathy McCafferty – Adm. Assist.
Mrs. McCafferty is the first friendly face you see when you enter Chippewa’s Front Office.

15 Jackie Couch - Secretary
Mrs. Couch is always “Chipper” when you walk in the Front Office.

16 Rock N Read Area This is where visitors wait when picking up students. Students also have reading classes here.

17 3rd Grade Hallway

18 Specials Hallway – Computer Lab & Music

19 Computer Lab

20 Mrs. Ferguson – Music Teacher and Boomwackers

21 2nd Grade Hallway

22 1st Grade/Kindergarten Hallway

23 Mrs. Bonezzi in Gym Class

24 Mrs. Moore in the Art room

25 Students in the Library

26 Lunch Ladies getting ready for the Lunch rush

27 Let’s Take a Peek in the Teachers Lounge

28 Sometimes the teachers need break from grading homework!

29 Every classroom at Chippewa has a SmartBoard

30 Mrs. Pagan’s Kdg. Classroom

31 Mrs. Spohn’s Kdg. Classroom

32 Cubbies for Kinder’s Supplies

33 1 of our 3 fantastic Courtyards

34 Students outside on the playground

35 Relay races during Earthweek

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