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Snohomish County Training Officers 2014 2 nd Quarter.

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1 Snohomish County Training Officers 2014 2 nd Quarter

2 VES is an aggressive search technique where firefighters gain access to an area where there is a high probability of trapped victims

3  Halligan Bar  6’ Hook or Pike Pole  24’ Extension Ladder  Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC)  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

4  VES is performed where there is a high probability of life hazard  Sleeping areas must be given the highest priority  Consider bystanders information  When fire conditions allow

5  Go Situations  Viable rescue  No impending flashover  Compartment can be isolated from the fire area  No Go Situations  No Viable Rescue  Impending or post flashover conditions  Loss of the compartmentalization or the room can’t be isolated from the fire area  PPV is being used

6  Identify window  Break window with closet hook  Clear window completely  Sound and sweep floor with closet hook  Enter window by  Jumping up on window sill  Getting a boost from firefighter #2  Using the halligan bar as a step

7  Enter window head first  Get down to the floor and look for victims, the room layout, and where the bedroom door is  Firefighter #2 stay outside with Thermal camera  Firefighter #1 make way to the bedroom door look out in hallway if tenable  Close door and look back to window  Perform quick primary search

8  Identify bedroom windows  Victim information  Fire conditions  Height of ladder needed to get to window sill  Break out window with tips of ladder  Set ladder at exaggerated “rescue angle” with fly section out  Hang closet hook and halligan bar up on rungs of ladder

9  Firefighter #1 mask up before going up ladder- OFF air  Using your hook or halligan completely clear window  Check conditions before entering window. That window is now a ventilation hole!  Firefighter #1 go ON air and enter window  Firefighter #2 mask up and climb up to window

10  Firefighter #1 sweep and sound floor with tool before entering window  Hang hook from window sill to the floor for a reference point  Take halligan bar with you to search  Enter window head first or feet first staying low in the window  After getting to the floor, get low and scan the room for victims and the bedroom door

11  Go directly to the bedroom door  If there is 0 visibility then follow the wall as a reference point  When you get to the door look out in the hallway for fire conditions and potential victims  Close the door to compartmentalize the room  Look back at window to know your way out if things go bad  Perform a quick primary search of bedroom

12  If victim is found notify Command and Firefighter #2  Take victim to window and transfer to Firefighter #2. If you need assistance have Firefighter #2 enter room

13  If victim is conscious, have them walk down ladder with Firefighter #2 behind them and up close  If victim unconscious, place one arm under the armpit and the other arm between the legs and slide them down ladder utilizing the beams. DO NOT use rungs!

14  If victim is unconscious, place arms under armpits and straddle victim on the thigh of one leg


16  Through practice, training, and experience VES can be a very valuable and lifesaving skill. All firefighters should strive to be proficient in VES

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