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LIFE™ Program Goals By: Carol Paul Why am I in the LIFE™ Program? To learn to be independent -How to have my own apartment -To be able to pay my bills.

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2 LIFE™ Program Goals By: Carol Paul

3 Why am I in the LIFE™ Program? To learn to be independent -How to have my own apartment -To be able to pay my bills To find and keep a job -Learn how to prepare for a job interview -Experience completing tasks correctly on a job To learn to take care of myself -By making healthier choices on foods and drinks - By making sure I can look after myself when I go places

4 Independent Living Goals I want to work on having more patience when I am tired I want to work on doing my hair by styling it throughout the day I am working on washing my face and brushing my teeth twice a day I want to make sure that I do my best in school and stay focused I want to work on saving $20 a week to save towards bills and getting my own my place I am working towards living on my own by taking care of daily responsibilities such as helping clean around the house, doing the laundry and taking care of pets at home

5 Career Related Goals I am working on finding a paid job on helping save money towards my own place I want to learn how to fill out job applications I want to continue to work on my resume and create a list of references I am working on gaining experience in work helping others at a day care or nursing home

6 Progress made on Personal Goals Resolved goal to work on not being shy and gaining more confidence in myself April 2011 I have made a little progress on being patient when tired I have made progress by styling my hair and brushing my teeth once a day I have made progress learning to search for a job and getting a job I have made progress saving more than $900 in my savings account Also resolved goal April 2012 to work on taking care of daily responsibilities at home such as laundry and doing household chores I have made a little progress with a job shadow opportunity to learn about work at day care this summer

7 What are My Attributes? Caring-I help other people that need to be cared for such as those in a nursing home. I also help out my parents and loved ones who are in need. Upbeat-I like to make people laugh and smile everyday. A good attitude is how you show your personality. You need an upbeat attitude when caring for children, because you have to pay attention to them and deal with their parents. Truthful-I try to not tell someone a lie or a story, because I would not want anyone to lie to me. If you tell someone a lie in front of their child you could cause a lot of trouble.

8 What I Like to Do Spending time with my boyfriend and his brother and his friends doing the summer Enjoy swimming at Shane Kennedy’s house during the summer Going out to eat with my parents for their birthday Hanging out with my niece when she visits Fishing with my sister and my dad I am hoping to spend some time with my mother

9 What I Like about being in the LIFE™ Program? I love being in the LIFE™ Program because I have friends that I can hang out with on campus Enjoy meeting new students and showing them around campus Learned how to respect others I love eating at Cino with friends I love being in Introduction to Public Health Class and Early Childhood Foundation Class

10 Career Plans for the Future: Childcare Worker A childcare worker cares for children when their parents are at work or away. They play games with children outside like hopscotch, jump rope and jacks. Also make sure they go to the doctors when they kids are sick and prepare meals for them. As a childcare worker you must provide a safe and healthy environment for the child at all times.

11 First internship: at Kimbel library As the library assistant at Kimbel Library it was great I put the news papers and the magazines in alphabetical order Then I got to help by cleaning and putting documents in the recycle bin on the computers Greeted students at entrance of library

12 Skills I learned as an Intern at Kimbel Library I learned how to scan books and DVDs I put non fiction and fiction books in order on shelf I answer customer questions and direct question we did not know to other staff

13 Process to Finding a Job Looking on the internet at sites like Indeed, Google, student employment adds and newspaper adds Picked up and completed applications from places like Subway, Wendy’s, KFC and Sea Mist Hotel Assistance from Robert Bulzsa from Career Services to get help looking for different jobs Practiced interview questions Looked up online company information Made sure to have copies of my resume and references on me for interviews

14 Job Interviews Sea Mist Hotel First I filled out application for the job due to being referred to the hotel by Coastal Carolina University Career Services Asked me questions like tell me about yourself, work experience and what would a past supervisor tell you about me They ask me about different options like working inside with housekeeping and with laundry Also working outside as a public attendant cleaning up trash helping with maintaining greenery around the hotel and cleaning elevators KFC I went to KFC for a interview and it was great before it started Mary hired me on the spot. I got a training day at KFC on March 3-22-12 at 12:00 PM

15 Cashier/Front End I take orders from customers and make sure there order is right I also add up customers orders on the register and make sure I give the correct change back Check the rest room sweep and mop the floors After the customers leave I wipe the tables down with sanitizer My Job at KFC

16 Career Related Classes: Early Childhood Foundations and Personal and Community Health Early Childhood Foundations- We learned how the children have different assigning seats in the classroom, use of different toys like sandboxes and use of the food pyramid to teach healthy eating. I gave a PowerPoint with one of my friends named Xaziera on children that have disabilities that can not read and write and some that can not walk. Personal and Community Health- We are learning about humans discussing how someone can get HIV, AIDS and STDS.

17 What have I learned this School Year? I had the opportunity to pick up different job applications at different places in Myrtle Beach and Conway I learned how to do job applications like Dollar Tree, Franks Theater, Bojangles and KFC This year I have learned how to do applications online from Indeed I learn to keep a monthly budget and how to write a newsletter for school

18 What are My Plans for this Summer? Spend some time with my niece and my foster sister Go to the beach with Debbie and Sue Attending Travis Paul’s graduation at Conway High School in June We might go to the mountains for Father’s Day Plan to go the beach for a Beach Blast for Youth Choir at my church

19 Why Should New Students Join the LIFE™ Program ? They should join because they will learn how to get a job and they will learn about careers Allow them to get to know the LIFE™ Program students and the mentors Enjoy taking different class that they have not taken in high school

20 Resources Google 7uL9WQfM 7uL9WQfM

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