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Kadie DuRussel DOB: 1-6-92 Bay-Arenac ISD Living & Learning Center Bay-Campus Building the future for…

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1 Kadie DuRussel DOB: 1-6-92 Bay-Arenac ISD Living & Learning Center Bay-Campus Building the future for…

2 Our Team  Sue DuRussel – Kadie’s Mother  Jenelle Phibbs – Kadie’s Teacher  Mary-Eileen Goss – Transition Coordinator  Jennifer VanTol – ASD Support  Penny Bunnell – ASD Support  Pat Barkell – Special Education Supervisor

3 Surveys & Interviews  Sue DuRussel – Mother  Holly DuRussel – Sister  Jenelle Phibbs – Teacher  Chris Reinhardt – Instructional Support Staff  Tammy Richard – Instructional Support Staff What we’ve learned about Kadie:  Kadie likes structured activities that have a clear start and finish.  Kadie is successful with visual schedules and reminders.  Kadie is independent when she knows the routine.  Kadie stays focused and follows through with tasks.  Kadie is sensitive to noise and commotion, but when she knows the expectation, she is able to adjust to the environment.  Kadie’s communication is limited to 1-2 words to get her needs met.

4 ICIE Observations  12-7-12 – 9:00 a.m. - Art Event  12-7-12 – 11:00 a.m. - McDonald’s  1-31-13 – 1:00 p.m. - Computer Lab  2-11-13 – 11:00 a.m. - Staples  2-13-13 – 10:00 a.m. - Classroom  2-19-13 – 10:30 a.m. - Bay Area Family Y  3-02-13 - 7:00 p.m. - Home

5 Home Visit & Neighborhood Tour Kadie lives at home with her parents, Sue & Scott. She has two adult sisters, Summer and Holly. Kadie enjoys musical movies, especially Disney. She likes listening to music on her iPod, playing games on her iPad, visiting with family, and going out to dinner. At home, Kadie is mostly independent in her self-care, but needs some supervision and visual supports to accomplish tasks. She makes her bed, folds clothes, and manages her own calendar of activities. Christmas is Kadie’s favorite holiday.

6 Vocational Profile  Interests: Music, movies, puzzles, going out for dinner, visiting family, fireworks, computer, iPad, office and assembly tasks that have a clear beginning and end.  Skills/Contributions: Follows a visual schedule, independent when she knows the routine, good memory, flexible with changes in schedule, stays focused and follows through with tasks, dependable and transitions easily from one task to another.  Experiences: Assembles coloring books for children in a local hospital, labels seasonal greeting cards for nursing home, towel rolling and stacking activity at the Bay Area Family Y.  Supports: Visual supports such as task lists, reminders, social narratives, functional communication system, sensory opportunities/breaks, Adult coach/supervisor.  Conditions for Success: Structured environment, routine, option of standing vs. sitting, opportunity for movement, decreased verbal requirements, needs time to become familiar with tasks through modeling and teaching in steps, and will need reminders about breaks and when to take them through use of a schedule. Part-time work or by specific job.  Connections: Bay-Area Family Y, Senior Citizens Facilities, Church  Challenges: May become loud in times of sensory overload, including laughing, and pacing. There will need to be breaks in the schedule to take a walk or do heavy work to calm down, along with a visual reminder to work quietly. Timely bathroom breaks – Kadie will stay in the bathroom longer than what seems necessary. A timer and visual schedule are being used to teach appropriate length of break. Transportation.

7 Brain Blizzard Themes:  1. Office – Collate, staple, stuff envelopes, shredding  2. Organization – Filing, folding, sorting, stocking, organizing clothing and materials  3. Assembly – labeling, booklets, cards labeled/stamped Employers Theme: OfficeTheme: OrganizationTheme: Assembly 1.Fremont Methodist Church 1. St. Vincent DePaul1. Sheffield Place 2. F.P. Horak Co.2. Bay Area Family Y2. Better Made 3. Prime Brothers3. Goodwill3. Jack’s Market 4. DuRussel Insurance Agency 4. Wirt Bay County Library4. Pizza Hut 5. Wirt Bay County Library5. Electric Beach5. American Gourmet

8 Meet Kadie DuRussel... Kadie is a 21 year old Student who attends the Living & Learning Center Bay-Campus

9 Kadie has had the following work experiences at LLC-Bay Campus…  Office Tasks – Labeling and stuffing envelopes, collating, assembling, and stapling  Made Greeting Cards for Nursing Home and Veterans  Laundry  Recycling

10 Kadie is an independent worker when she knows the routine. At school, I collate and assemble coloring books for children in the hospital.

11 My job is to roll and stack towels in the laundry room. Kadie volunteers at the Bay Area Family Y.

12 Kadie works well with others.  Stays focused and on task  Neat and organized  Completes tasks efficiently

13 Kadie is active in the community. She goes to McDonald’s with school friends. Kadie shops at Meijer.

14 Kadie adapts her job skills to new environments. I’m doing my office work out in the community.

15 Kadie’s Skills and Attributes will Benefit your Business:  Follows written task lists  Flexible with changes in schedule  Works with Accuracy  Detail Oriented  Independent when she knows the routine  Dependable  Responsible – Follows through with tasks  Stays focused

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