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This book is about me My name is ______ This book will help you to get to know me and how I communicate.

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1 This book is about me My name is ______ This book will help you to get to know me and how I communicate.

2 Contents My Family My Friends Things I like How I communicate You can help me to communicate I like going to Things I don’t like I’m working on this You need to know

3 My mother is called _____. My father is called ______. My brother is called ______. He will be three years old in September. I like helping him to say new words and helping him to count numbers. I love my Family So you need to know who everybody is

4 My Friends My friend at nursery is _____. We play together and like to eat our dinner together. Sometimes we ride on the bikes. I like to talk about my friend ______. He goes to school in _______.

5 I like numbers, especially the number 3, as well as 13, 33 and 333. I also like palindromes in numbers, e.g. 22, 33 My favourite colour is red. It makes me feel happy. I especially like red 3s I like listening to music. I like singing when I feel happy and know what I am doing I like ‘Waybuloo’ on TV I enjoy working out routes to different places and looking at maps Things I like

6 How I Communicate I have good speech and will ask you lots of questions. Sometimes, I will already know the answer If I like someone or something, I will flap my hands and jump up and down When I hurt myself, I sometimes don’t feel the pain and will not say anything. Adults have to watch me when I play outside If I spill a drink or drop food, I will pretend it has not happened I will cry if there is a loud noise

7 You can help me to communicate Please DO give me plenty of time to answer a question. Reduce your language. Use visual cues, especially to help me understand the sequence of events. Offer me a choice of two items and label the words. Use my name at the beginning of an instruction or question Give me lots of encouragement and praise Please DON’T ask me more than one question at a time Keep rephrasing questions if I am not answering

8 I like going to.. Visit my friend ______ at his house Visit my Nana and Grandpa The train station to catch a train The National Railway Museum in York Fountains Abbey The supermarket

9 Things I don’t like I don’t like sudden loud noises, like banging or fire alarms or very noisy, overcrowded environments Minor changes in the timing of my routine. I like to watch the clock constantly, so it is best if the clock isn’t on full view to me People interfering in a game I am playing on my own, e.g. when I play with the trains Doing activities where I don’t fully understand what is expected of me. If I become upset, I need to be taken to a quiet area where I can calm down. Looking at numbers can calm me, especially if they are red and contains 3s.

10 I’m working on this Asking if I can join in play with another child. I may just stand there as I can’t think of what to say Using a visual choice board to help me make choices Trying to work independently on small familiar tasks. I can become very reliant on adults.

11 You need to know 1. You need to reduce your language 2. You will need to use visual cues with me. 3. You need to have my attention before you ask me to do something. 4. I am very sensitive to loud noises and do not like crowds. Now you’ve read my passport, please remember that these things will help me the most:

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