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4 OBJECTIVEOBJECTIVE  To undertake research into basic problems relating to the occurrence and spread of leprosy and its control.  To train manpower necessary to implement NLEP.  To provide specialized services in the area of diagnosis, reaction, relapse and Reconstructive surgery in Leprosy.  To monitor and evaluate National Leprosy Eradication Programme. Additional Responsibitiy given in 2005 after Elimination of Leprosy  CBHI Training  RNTCP Operational Research  IDSP Training

5 5

6 6 AREA OF CLTRI Total Land of CLTRI Acres Institutional Buildings Acres Residential Buildings Acres Vacant Land Acres Land Given to HLL (for proposed Medipark on by MOHFW)-275 Acres

7 7 BUILDING 1.HOSPITAL BLOCK :  Out Patient Unit  Main Hospital -124 Bedded Hospital  Sick Room  Medical Investigation Ward  Surgical Ward with X-ray department & Operation theatre  Physiotherapy Block  MCR and Footwear Unit  Centralised Kitchen  Laundry  Centralised Stores

8 8 2.ADMINISTRATIVE BLOCK a.Administration b.Laboratory & Animal House c.Library d.Epidemiology 3.HOSTEL a.Scientist Hostel - 18 Rooms b.Students Hostel - 18 Rooms c.Canteen BUILDING (Continued)

9 9 STAFF STRENGTH – STATUS REPORT Sl. No. Group Total Strength FilledVacancy Vacancy Percentage 1A ( Medical) Specialist % GDMO % 2A- Non Medical % 3B- Gazetted523 60% 4B- Non- Gazetted % 5Group C % 6MTS % TOTAL % 66 % 34 %

10 Budget Estimate S.No.HEADPLANNON-PLAN 10% reduction in Non-plan* Balance Budget 1Salaries Wages Overtime allowance Medical Treatment Domestic Travel Expenses Office Expenses Publication Other Administrative Expenses Supplies and Materials Minor Works Scholarships /Stipend Other charges Motor Vehicles Machinery and Equipment TOTAL

11 11

12 12 Out Patient Department Wards Nursing Section Medical Record Section

13 Expert Management of reactions with Thalidomide, Relapses/Drug Resistance etc. Teaching activities in leprosy to Undergraduates, House Surgeons of Medical Colleges, NMS Supervisors and Nurses. Collection and study of relapse/recurrence cases in leprosy. 13

14 On Going research activity Drug Resistance Surveillance using Mouse foot Pad 14

15 15 Out-Patients particulars for the Last 5 years (Till Oct ) 1No. of new Cases attended OPD No. of old Cases attended OPD No. of patients attended OPD from GLC block No. of other Cases (NCL) Attended OPD Total no. of patients seen in OPD GLC - Government Leprosy Centre NCL - Not a Case of Leprosy

16 16 Surgical Unit Physiotherapy Section Artificial Limbs & Footwear Section X-ray Section Micro-cellular Rubber

17 Surgical (cont.) The Basic functions: Reconstructive Surgery Patient care activities. Teaching and Training Programs. Research. 17

18 Physiotherapy Section  Physiotherapy Services to PAL.  Various Teaching and Training programs.  Counselling & Health Education. Facilities Available  Wax Bath,  Electrical Muscle Stimulator,  Inter Ferential Therapy,  Ultra Sonic Therapy  Traction Table. 18

19 Artificial Limbs & Footwear Section  Footwear and Prosthetic to the Leprosy patients Micro-cellular Rubber  Small Production unit - Micro-Cellular Rubber sheets (2000 sheets per annum)  Providing MCR sheets to other states Artificial Limbs & Footwear Section  Footwear and Prosthetic to the Leprosy patients Micro-cellular Rubber  Small Production unit - Micro-Cellular Rubber sheets (2000 sheets per annum)  Providing MCR sheets to other states 19

20 Details of Major and Minor Surgery Done for the Last 5 years S. No Surgeries Major Surgeries –(Reconstructive Surgery) 1.Claw finger correction Claw thumb correction Wrist drop Correction Drop Foot Correction Lagapthalmos Correction Surgical Decomposition of Nerves (Ulnar Nerve, Median Nerve, Posterior Nerve) Amputation (Below Knee & Below Elbow Amputation) Minor Surgeries 8.Ulcer Surgery Miscellaneous like Biopsy, MTH Resection, Calcaneal shaving, lagopthalmus, Skin Grafting, Cystectomy etc

21 Physiotherapy Activities for the last 5 year S.N o Activities New Case Assessments Hand Exercises Foot Exercises Wax Therapy Splints General Cases

22 Footwear and Prosthetic Supplied for the last 5 year S. No Simple and Modified Micro cellar Rubber Sandals (in pairs) Orthotic and Prosthetic Appliances(in no’s) Major repair of Orthosis and Prosthesis (in no’s) Modifications Arch Support and Metatarsal Bars (in no’s)

23 Division of Epidemiology & Statistics 23 Monitoring & Evaluation Unit Statistics Electronic Data Processing Unit Technical Training Library

24 Division of Epidemiology & Statistics  CLTRI Website was created by our unit.  Website for our institute was hosted in NIC server (  Logo for our Institute was designed. Logo  Inventory Management Software was developed.  Consultancy services to the BCGVL, Guindy, Chennai for creation of website and Inventory management system. 24

25 Monitoring & Evaluation of NLEP Activities among Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Lakshawdeep states/UT was carried out. Visits Made for Monitoring Activities  Lakshadweep Islands population of school children were Examined on January  Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Pondicherry States/UT for planning M & E Activities.  M & E conducted in Erode District, Tamil Nadu. Monitoring & Evaluation of NLEP Activities

26 Phase IPhase I of the Activity Study of the Household and Neighbourhood Contacts of newly Reported Leprosy cases in the CLTRI OPD from Thirukalukundram Taluk area work was carried out during October Phase II of the Activity is started on August 2012 and completed on September 2012 Analysis of the collected data is under process. Surveillance Activities

27 SFC proposal for Strengthening of CLTRI was Prepared and submitted in DGHS (17 Oct 2012). Operational Research Study to ascertain the reasons for High Endemicity in 24 districts of 3 states (Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka) was send to CLD(31 May 2012). PROPOSALS

28  OPD Data -New case attending CLTRI OPD for the past 2 year were entered and analysed.  Spatial Distribution of (Geographical Information) of New cases attending CLTRI was prepared. Spatial Distribution  Monthly progressive Report from districts of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and other states were received and entered into Computerised Simplified Information System (CSIS).  Analysis of Reaction Case data is under process. Data Analysis

29 Training Activities State/District Leprosy Officer (SLO/DLO) = 3 batches (5 days) Medical Officer Training Course (5 days) = 2 batches Non-Medical Health Supervisor’s (2 months) = 2 batches Skin smear Technician Training (5 days) = 1 batch Laboratory orientation Training (BCG Staff) = 2 batches Final MBBS students(one day visit)=125 students CRRI Training (5 days ) =110 Trainees Tertiary case management of Leprosy (10 days) = 1 batch Inplant training in Microbiology & =1 batch Molecular Biology to Biotechnology students 29

30 Library Books Journal-4409 Periodicals Foreign journals-24 Indian Journals

31 Dr. V.C.Giri Assistant Director (Epid) attended HIVCONGRESS 2012, Held at Mumbai from 16 th to 18 th March 2012, Presented one Research paper and Two paper by Co-authors in scientific session.  Attended RTI Act for Public Information Officer training at ISTM, New Delhi –August 2012  Published 2 paper in International Journals. Dr. V.C.Giri, AD (Epid) & Dr. R. Veerkumaran, CMO delivered lectures in Leprosy CMC organised by Tirunelveli Medical College, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. Mr. U. Aravindan, Statistical Investigator Gr. II attended training in Statistical Analysis system (SAS) training held at Christian Medical College, Vellore, Tamil Nadu. Workshop/Conference / Training Attended

32 Biochemistry & Animal House Sterilisation Hematology & Immunology Microbiology & Molecular Biology Clinical Pathology & Histopathology 32

33  Investigation for Leprosy related and other Routine Investigations  Basic and Applied Research activities in Leprosy.  Research in field of Diagnosis, Molecular Biology, Drug therapy, Animal studies in the field of Leprosy etc., 33

34 On going Research projects:  Study on surveillance of Drugs [rifampicin and dapsone] resistance, among smear positive multibacillary leprosy cases  Detection of fumonisin producing Fusarium species from rice seeds by polymerase chain reaction.  Variable number tandem repeats VNTRs finger printing as an Epidemiological marker for Mycobacterium leprae haplotyping 34

35 35 Laboratory Investigations in the Last 5 years S. No DEPARTMENTS / SECTIONS Clinical Pathology & Skin Smear Hematology & Serology Microbiology Histopathology & Molecular biology (Routine & Research activities) Biochemistry Animal Position in the Animal House 1. Balb/C Mice Inbred Strain 2. Swiss Albino Mice Inbred Strain 3. Rabbit … … 4. Rat … … 5.Sheep

36 Scientific Publications in last 1 year  Detection of mutations in folp1, rpoB and gyrA genes of M. leprae by PCR- direct sequencing--a rapid tool for screening drug resistance in leprosy. Lepr Rev Mar;82(1):  OXA beta-lactamase-mediated carbapenem resistance in Acinetobacter baumannii. Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology, Vol. 29, No. 3, July-September, 2011, pp  Detection of Amp C genes encoding for beta-lactamases in Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae. Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology, Vol. 30, Issue 3, 2012, pp  bla IMP AND bla VIM Mediated Carbapenem Resistance in Pseudomonas and Acinetobacter species in a Tertiary Care Hospital in India. The Journal of Infection in Developing Countries, October

37 37

38 38

39 Phase I: 9 cluster are surveyed out of 18 clusters 2531 population was Examined 13 Cases case were found. NCDR= per Phase II: 9 cluster are surveyed out of 18 clusters 3702 population was Examined 13 Cases case were found. NCDR= per AdultChildTotal Paucibacillary (PB)639 Multibacillary (MB)404 AdultChildTotal Paucibacillary (PB)6311 Multibacillary (MB)202


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