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State Center for Health Statistics Division of Public Health NC Dept. of Health and Human Services.

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1 State Center for Health Statistics Division of Public Health NC Dept. of Health and Human Services

2 SCHS Vision Statement The State Center for Health Statistics, by providing high- quality information on the health of North Carolinians, will positively influence decision-making and health policy, thereby improving the health of all our citizens. By making better use of our human and technical resources, we strive to provide health data to policy makers, researchers, and citizens as efficiently and quickly as possible. Internally, the State Center seeks to create a better work environment, resulting in both successful employees and satisfied customers.

3 SCHS Provides: n A source of information for monitoring the health condition of North Carolinians n Analyses of important health issues, such as birth defects and infant mortality n A central collection site for information about cancer, birth defects, births, deaths, and hospitalizations

4 SCHS Provides: n Accurate and timely information for use in setting health policy, planning prevention programs, directing resources, and evaluating the effect of health programs and services n A safe and secure environment for its confidential records

5 SCHS Responsibilities n Collecting data n Producing reports n Providing technical assistance to public health and human services program managers n Research and evaluation of health issues n Maintaining a comprehensive collection of health statistics to answer requests for information

6 History of SCHS n Created as the NC Bureau of Vital Statistics by the State Legislature in 1913 n Evolved by 1980 into the State Center for Health Statistics, with a mission of leading the way on health statistics initiatives

7 State Center for Health Statistics n Data are available through publications, presentations, our web site, and by request to State Center staff.

8 Data Available from SCHS n Births n Deaths n Fetal deaths n Pregnancies n Birth defects n Cancer cases n Communicable diseases n Hospital discharges

9 SCHS Publications n NC Vital Statistics, Volumes 1 and 2 n Basic Automated Birth Yearbook (BABYBOOK) n NC Detailed Mortality Statistics n NC Reported Pregnancies n SCHS Studies n Statistical Briefs and Primers n NC Health Statistics Pocket Guide

10 SCHS Units n Birth Defects Monitoring Program n Central Cancer Registry n Geographic Analysis n Statistical Services n Operations, Quality Control, and Administration

11 SCHS Staff n 1 Director n 5 Managers n 5 Administrative and Operations Support Staff n 22 Field Staff and Quality Control Staff n 27 Statisticians n 4 Applications Programmers, Computing Consultants, and GIS Specialists

12 Birth Defects Monitoring Program n Collects data on the incidence of major birth defects in NC through field staff and selected data sources n Responds to inquiries about the occurrence of birth defects in specific communities n Provides data needed to help design, target, and evaluate public health programs n Improves the delivery of services to children with special needs through identification and referral to appropriate services

13 Central Cancer Registry n Collects data on new cases of cancer in NC through field staff and cooperation with hospital tumor registries n Responds to inquiries about perceived cancer clusters in specific communities n Produces information on cancer to help target resources for health education and screening n Works with university and other researchers on investigations into the causes and treatment of cancer

14 Geographic Analysis Unit n Provides GIS technical support to public health and other DHHS divisions n Responds to requests for GIS services from local health departments, other health agencies, universities, and the public n Supports State Center research, publications, and presentations by providing maps and other spatial analysis n Maintains the State Center website and provides website support to other DPH sections

15 Operations Unit n Responsible for the day-to-day management of fiscal, personnel, training, and facilities/repair functions within the State Center n Facilitates the operations of the programmatic units while ensuring that the State Center complies with all DHHS and DPH policies and requests n Responsible for tracking and monitoring purchases, payments, contracts, grants, and assets

16 Statistical Services Unit n Answers hundreds of requests a year from all segments of North Carolinas population n Maintains and links together various data sets enabling the State Center to do comprehensive data analysis and program evaluation n Publishes a number of special research and evaluation studies and about six annual publications n Provides extensive data analyses and reports for state and local public health agencies

17 Statistical Services Unit n Presents educational and training sessions to public health professionals, university students, and other groups on data use, analysis, and interpretation n Carries our special analyses of the Health Services Information System (HSIS), Medicaid, Health Choice, and hospital discharge data files n Produces an annual online County Data Book as part of the Community Health Assessment Process

18 Selected Projects n Support to the NC Institute of Medicines Latino Health Task Force n Womens Health Report Card n Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities Report Card n Health Profile of Older North Carolinians n Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) n Pregnancy Risk Factor Surveillance System (PRAMS)

19 Selected Projects n Running the Numbers column in the NC Medical Journal n Evaluation of child participation in WIC n Analysis of hospital discharge and Medicaid data to estimate the number of medically fragile children in North Carolina and their medical costs n Data entry, editing, and analysis of Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program surveys about sexual behavior and attitudes

20 Selected Projects n Work with the UNC Sheps Center for Health Services Research, the Womens and Childrens Health Section of DPH, and the Division of Medical Assistance to evaluate expanded Medicaid coverage of family planning services n Special public health surveys

21 Contact Information n State Center for Health Statistics n 1908 Mail Service Center n Raleigh, NC 27699-1908 n Phone: (919) 733-4728 n Fax: (919) 733-8485 n Web Site: n 715-4478

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