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At a Glance Arabian Group for Exhibitions and Conferences.

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1 At a Glance Arabian Group for Exhibitions and Conferences

2 Started its activities by the end of eighties and registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Damascus under excellent grade in 1996 (the highest grade in the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce). ARABIAN GROUP has provided hundreds of successful conferences and exhibitions in and outside Syria; starting from 1986 till 1990 it organized exhibitions of “Made In Syria” in some Arab countries, such as: Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, this exhibitions had a good role in presenting industrial, touristic and cultural panorama about Syria. Since 1990 ARABIAN GROUP supported their activities in Lebanon and organized a series of exhibitions; such as “International Brands”, “Syrian Industries” and “Real Estate Projects” and in 1995 launched the exhibition of “Construction and Future Vision” after increasing the pace of reconstruction campaign in Lebanon. By the beginning of economic laws and regulations’ openness in Syria and the increasing interest of Arab and Foreign companies in the Syrian market along with this market’s thirst for diversified kinds of goods and products, ARABIAN GROUP aimed to launch in 1996 in Damascus the second edition of “BUILDEX”: The International Exhibition for Construction, and since then BUILDEX stepped onto the way of rapid development and annually increases its exhibit space and importance; the 16 th edition of BUILDEX was held in May 2010 under the patronage of Eng. Mohammad Naji Otri - Syrian Prime Minister with the participation of 759 companies representing 2,188 brands from 57 domestic, Arab and international countries and attended by 200,000 visitors. In addition to organizing BUILDEX; ARABIAN GROUP annually organize the following exhibitions: * INLIFE-Furniture Show The International Exhibition for Furniture and Interior Design * HealthcareThe International Healthcare and Medical Exhibition * Dentalcare The International Dental and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition * Syria Lab The International Laboratory Technology and Equipment Exhibition * Beauty CareThe International Exhibition for Cosmetics and Beauty Products * The Big 4 Show The International Industrial Exhibition * Sintex The International Textile and Fabric Machinery Exhibition * Home Textile The International Home Textile Exhibition * Vet ExpoThe International Exhibition for livestock and veterinary products * Moms, Babies and Kids Exhibition * Wedding Expo

3 Arabian Group for Exhibitions and Conferences Besides organizing annual periodically series of exhibitions ARABIAN GROUP had the honor to organize several exhibitions and conferences in cooperation with official and governmental parties, such as; organizing in 1997 under the patronage of the Prime Minister “The First Arabian Conference for Electricity production, transport and distribution” besides “The 1 st Exhibition of Electric Industry Equipment In Arabian Homeland” in cooperation with the Ministry of Electricity and the Arab Union of electricity producers, distributors and conductors, one of the organizations in the Arab League. As well in 1998 ARABIAN GROUP organized “The 1 st Arabian Industrial Exhibition” and “The 8 th Congress for Industrial Development in Arab countries” under the auspicious of the President of The Syrian Arab Republic along with the supervision of the Ministry of Industry and in cooperation with the Arab Organization for Industrial Development and Mining. “The Third annual meeting of Syrian Cardiovascular Association” was organized by ARABIAN GROUP in 1998 in cooperation with the Syrian cardiovascular association and Syrian Physicians Union, in addition to organizing "SHAAM Exhibition For Information and Communication Technologies" under the supervision of the Syrian Computer Society since 2007. Based on our success and extensive experience in organizing major events, ARABIAN GROUP had the honor to organize several foreign exhibitions and conferences out of Syria such as “Emirates in Syria” in 2001 in cooperation with the Federation of UAE Chambers of Commerce & Industry, and “Mersin Agriculture Fair”, “Arts and Handicrafts fair” and “Sudan Build” in 2006 - 2007 in cooperation with Forum Fairs & Promotions. Furthermore, since 2007 ARABIAN GROUP have been organizing “The Specialized Congress in Dentistry” in cooperation with Dental Training Office and Faculty of Dentistry at Damascus University and “Damascus Doctors Conference” in cooperation with Syrian Medical Association – Damascus branch. As part of our dedication to stay updated with the latest scientific innovations and technologies that the world is witnessing and to provide all that is new, ARABIAN GROUP is the first in launching new specialised exhibitions that covers the growing sectors and industries in Syria, our latest exhibitions includes, Beauty Care Exhibitions, Mom, Babies and Kids Exhibitions and more in the pipelines…



6 The International Exhibition for Construction Syria is currently implementing a comprehensive development policy and overhauling its building, investment, real estate, tourism, and housing sectors. The real estate sector has grown impressively over the past few years due to the implementation of many reforms that promise vast economic growth and facilitate substantial investments. This has influenced the decision among many major international companies to penetrate the market with diverse investments in fields such as tourism, real estate, and the industrial sectors. Many major projects are currently being undertaken by joint ventures between Syrian investors and their Arab and international counterparts. The local real estate industry is expected to maximize growth during the subsiding of the recession, which in turn will boost demand for advanced building and construction materials and technologies. This is what makes BUILDEX a very important event, as the exhibition provides the best platform for companies to capitalize on the active and promising Syrian market, specifically by facilitating productive interaction between suppliers, manufacturers, buyers, importers, engineers, consultants, and decision makers from around the globe. The International Exhibition for Construction – BUILDEX, one of the region’s oldest exhibitions specialized in construction and building materials sector, succeeded over the past 16 editions in enforcing its presence amongst international exhibitions. It is recognized as a major event in the Middle East and North Africa region that cater to the industry, and it became the main gateway to many international companies targeting Syrian and neighboring markets. BUILDEX hosted leading local, Arab, and international companies manufacturing and trading in latest building and construction technologies and materials, covering areas such as Heavy Machinery and Equipment, Stone and Marble, Bathrooms, Ceramic and Sanitary Ware, Cladding and Facades, Paints and Finishes, Insulation Materials, HVAC, Water Technologies, Electricity and Energy, Garden Equipment and Swimming Pools Supplies, Environmental Sustainability, Raw Materials and related Services. The 16th edition of BUILDEX, the International Exhibition for Construction gathered visitors from diverse nationalities and specialties to several business meetings and activities during its five-day run. According to the participants, BUILDEX2010 set new records in volume of participation as well as in terms of the number and value of business generated. The strong figures affirm the positive stature of the exhibition and its role in the development of the building and construction sector in Syria and the region. They also reflect the improving state of the regional economy following the repercussions of the global economic crisis.




10 The International Exhibition for Furniture and Interior Design Place is becoming a focal point of interest in our modern life, and of no less importance is the place decoration to make it more comfy, beautiful and glamorous as well as adding the personal touch to make a difference. This is done to make everyday activities more vital and in consistence renewal as seeking comfort, attraction and novelty is part of our human nature. To keep pace with the increasing interest in decoration and furniture in our modern life, the sixth edition of the International Exhibition for Furniture & Interior Design - INLIFE comes with new fresh look in all aspects after it established itself to be one of the leading furniture and interior design exhibitions in the region. This resulted by the great success of the last five editions of the exhibition, as it became an important rendezvous point where art, elite tastes and modern-life practical solutions are met, nevertheless it serves as an outstanding showroom for those who are interested in exploring and viewing the latest trends and solutions in interior decoration, furniture and accessories for home, office, garden and hotel. The International Exhibition for Furniture & Interior Design - INLIFE whiteness a noticeable raise in the number, quality and diversity of participants and the exhibition space occupied. Also the quality and number of local and international visitors and trade delegations attending the exhibition will be enhanced as an outcome of the dedicated regional advertising and PR campaigns.


12 The International Healthcare and Medical Exhibition The International Healthcare and Medical Exhibition was created to provide adequate incentives that attracts maximum number of local and foreign trade visitors from within the industry. Besides that, HEALTHCARE will offer unmatched opportunity for participants to promote their brands and to present their new products and services to their targeted clients who are interested to stay up to date with the latest developments, news and innovations in this important and vital sector. Taking into consideration the importance of Healthcare and its role in supporting the medical, pharmaceutical and laboratory sectors, the participation of all related associations, companies is a must, especially that Arabian Group for Exhibitions and Conferences is fulfilling its ambition in organizing an ideal regional exhibition that offers prime medical gathering.


14 The International Dental and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition Aiming to support the dental and laboratory equipment sector, Arabian Group for Exhibitions and Conferences annually organize the International Dental and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition – Dentalcare to serve as a focal meeting event for specialists and traders working in the medical sectors locally and regionally. Due to the great success of Dentalcare which was one of the major specializations of the International Healthcare and Medical Exhibition - Healthcare since its launch in 2001, and its remarkable role in generating business for both exhibitor and specialized visitors, Arabian Group for Exhibitions and Conferences decided to strengthen this exhibition and to launch it as an independent exhibition under the brand name ‘Dentalcare’ in order to attend to the increased needs of the dental filed. The International Dental and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition will provides a real opportunity to the companies to introduce their products and services to vast number of visitors which are keen to explore and source all that is new in the medical sector.


16 The International Laboratory Technology and Equipment Exhibition Given the importance of laboratories and the fact of scientific technical industry that undertakes testing of goods, products and materials to detect their properties, ingredients and characteristics in terms of compliance with specifications or regulations, they conduct inspections, tests, studies and scientific research necessary to supervise the prevailing level of quality and generate plans and policies for its development and improvement. The International Laboratory Technology and Equipment Exhibition (SYRIA LAB), through its previous sessions, has made notable successes and positive fruitful results for both exhibitors and specialized and interested visitors. It occupied a leading position among many specialized exhibitions as a featured event combining scientific and commercial goals in scientific and medical laboratory field. Also, all participated actors, companies and institutions achieved their respective aims of participation. The exhibition provides a real opportunity for companies to showcase their products and services to a broader spectrum of researchers and parties interested in all new development of this important and vital sector. That's, especially, because the exhibition aims to provide adequate incentives to attract the largest possible number of interested parties and visitors both local and from neighboring countries.


18 The International Exhibition for Cosmetics and Beauty Products After a series of leading specialized exhibitions organized by the Arabian Group for Exhibitions and Conferences since 1996, and as part of the company’s dedication to ensure that the vital and evolving industries in Syria are covered and to provide all that is new, Arabian Group for Exhibitions and Conferences launches its new specialized exhibition, the International Exhibition for Cosmetics and Beauty Products - BEAUTY CARE. The beauty and wellness industry has been witnessing remarkable growth in Syria, where the Syrian government recently allowed the imports of cosmetics and beauty care products due to the strong local demand and the high consumer spending on these products, in addition Syria is strategically located in the heart of the Middle East, with direct access to the fast growing neighboring markets namely, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Iran and Turkey, these factor contributed to the increase of number of beauty care centers and the entry of leading brands in the world of cosmetics and wellness to the Syrian market. BEAUTY CARE will be a major sourcing exhibition for industry specialists and shall offer exceptional opportunities and experience for beauty specialists, cosmetics and perfumery manufacturers and suppliers, it will be the rendezvous point for foreign companies targeting the emerging Syrian and regional markets with manufacturers that produce authentic and original products, in addition to traders, agents, distributers and even end-users, providing them comprehensive opportunity to learn about the latest trends and techniques. Arabian Group for Exhibitions and Conferences employs all expertise and competencies to organize exhibitions with international standards to ensure that all requirements of both exhibitors and visitors are met.

19 Moms, Babies and Kids Exhibition The sector of services and products for pregnant women, infants, children and mothers in the Middle East is witnessing a significant growth due to an average 20% annual birth rate increase. With the development of the perception and understanding of the "Family" in accordance to various economical, social and cultural reasons, and in order to attend to the increasing needs and various demands of modern families, and after a careful study and consideration of local and regional markets status, Arabian Group for Exhibitions and Conferences launches the first edition of Moms, Babies & Kids Exhibition in Syria which caters and covers all sectors related to pregnant women, infants, children and mothers such as hygiene products, nutrition, educational, clothing, toys, and all safety supplies by presenting the latest services, products and trends in this vital sector, accompanied by a variety of interactive activities, educational lectures and workshops. Moms, Babies & Kids Exhibition will provide an ideal opportunity for local, Arab and international companies that manufacture and supply various products and services for pregnant women, infants, children and mothers to exhibit their products and services, also will serve as a platform to understand the region's needs and requirements of this growing sector. During the days of the exhibition, exhibitors will have the opportunity to be in direct contact with targeted buyers which will develop interactive business relationships that shall contribute to the enhancement of their brand awareness and to the marketing of their products in local and regional markets in a professional atmosphere. Nevertheless, it will pave the way to new markets by discussing possibilities of franchising their brands by meeting eager local and international agents, dealers and distributors.

20 The International Industrial Exhibition The Middle East region acquired a special economic importance for being one of the promissory international industrial areas looking for local and international high technologies. And Today, Syria is considered as one of the most important Arab countries seeking to fulfill its needs of developed industrial technologies and qualified industrial workforce. The BIG 4 Show is an exhibition where latest technologies and innovations are displayed by local and international manufacturers and suppliers to those who are interested in staying up to date with the most recent development in the competitive markets. And this show is a unique economic event that covers four main industries, organized annually to serve as the most important gathering and networking points for industrialists, experts, technicians & specialists, engineers, importers, exporters, industrial public sector, decision makers, quality control specialists, production managers and purchasing managers. It is worth mentioning that the majority of participants announced that their participation was fruitful and successful as the size of the exhibition itself is increasing year-after-year and the number of visitors and participants is also on the rise.


22 The International Home Textile Exhibition The textile and fabric industry strongly contributes to the growth of the industrial sector and the economy in Syria as it represents a high share of the exported Syrian products that highly compete in quality and prices with leading products. The Syrian textile products have gained an international reputation based on the high craftsmanship of the Syrian textile industry, in addition to the wide fame that it gained because of its superior quality. This industry is considered to be one of the main income resource for Syrian economy, and this main sector for Syrian Industry as for its production value and craftsmanship. In December 2009, UNIDO “United Nations Industrial Development Organization” and the Government of Syria agreed to extend the ongoing Industrial Modernization and Upgrading Programme for three years to continue strengthening the competitiveness of the national manufacturing sector. The ancient value of carpet, textile and home linens industries supported by the latest technologies, production lines and equipments, added new values to these industries and led to the production of various prominent products that catered to different tastes and needs of the consumers. The International Home Textile Exhibition – Home Textile will offer you an unmatched opportunity to Syrian and International manufacturers and supplier, to display their latest collection and arts to those who appreciate it and want it all over the Arab Region.

23 OUR SERVICES We are pleased to offer you in coordination with our sub-contractors, complete exhibition management services that meets international professional standards. Our services will cover the following: Stand Construction Media & Advertising Press Conferences Regional PR Campaign Collaterals Design & Production Visitors’ Promotions Venue Signage Visitors’ Shuttle Services Visitors’ Registration Area & VIP Hall Setup and Branding Visitors’ & Exhibitors Badges Staff & Personnel Cleaning Services Photography Insurance

24 Arabian Group for Exhibitions and Conferences P.O. Box 2683, Damascus – Syria Tel: +963 11 44 33 444 | Fax: +963 11 44 33 666 Email:| Website: Partners in Success… This is our Vision

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