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Medical Tourism  Travel to a foreign country to obtain care  750,000 Americans travelled outbound for medical care in 2008. By 2010 its expected to.

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2 Medical Tourism  Travel to a foreign country to obtain care  750,000 Americans travelled outbound for medical care in 2008. By 2010 its expected to reach six million  McKinsey & Company estimates that the global medical tourism industry was worth $60bn in 2006, and will reach $100bn by 2012.

3 Why Medical Tourism Lower Cost In India heart bypass surgery is 10% the cost compared to USA Timely Treatment In Canada or UK 6 months to 3 years surgery wait time Innovative Procedures High regulation in the US and Canada, prevents many successful treatments Exotic Locations Combining surgery and tourism Privacy Preferred for some cosmetic procedures

4 Selected Surgery Costs Why Medical Tourism

5 Medical Tourists

6 The World Health Tourism Congress 2010

7 World Health Tourism Congress In 2006, the WHTC was the first event in the world targeting the Health Tourism Industry The first World Health Tourism Congress was hosted in March 2006 in Wiesbaden, Germany The leader and pioneer of Health Tourism Events: The WHTC has established itself as the leading international event in Health Tourism

8 World Health Tourism Congress Pioneering format: a unique, innovative, sales-driven format focused on networking and knowledge sharing Strong established relationships with the biggest and most sought after global corporate buyers The longest running Health Tourism Event in the world: Now in its 5 th year.

9 World Health Tourism Congress NOT simply a Conference or an Exhibition It is first and foremost an Executive Congress One on One meetings Workshops and Discussion sessions Exclusive Attendance restricted to decision makers only

10 Who are the Corporate Buyers? Ministries of Health Insurance Companies/Self Funded Medical Travel Facilitators Fortune 500 Companies Outbound Travel Agencies

11 Who are the Solution Providers? Hospitals Clinics: Dental, Plastic Surgery, Weight Loss, etc Spas Hotels Inbound Tour Operators Transport Companies Too numerous to mention……

12 Previous Venues: 2006Wiesbaden, Germany 2007Limassol, Cyprus through the Cyprus Tourism Organization 2008Marbella, Spain through the Costa Del Sol /Andalucía Tourism Boards 2009Manila, the Philippines with the National Department of Tourism 2010Durban, South Africa through the KZN Tourism Board 2011Murcia, Spain World Health Tourism Congress

13 Media Coverage Previous Sponsor Countries

14 World Health Tourism Congress


16 Testimonials Three Sponsor Countries

17 Cyprus Tourism Organizations

18 Costa Del Sol Tourism Board

19 Philippines Department of Tourism

20 Benefit of Hosting the WHTC KZN, SA, 2010

21 Immediate return on investment to the local economy (Hotel rooms, airplane tickets, transportation, meals, entertainment, etc) New markets. Health and Medical buyers of the Arab World are virtually unknown to outsiders and the event will present a great opportunity for the KZN and SA to tap into this very lucrative market. Opportunity to introduce local South African solution providers to International Health and Medical Travel Buyers Hosting WHTC: Benefits to KZN and SA

22 VIP Attendees: 150 of the best qualified corporate buyers in charge of deciding WHERE and WHEN to send their citizens / employees / clients for medical treatment abroad Attendees: Over 500 top level decision makers from international governments and private institutions Promote: KZN and SA as a prime Wellbeing Travel Destination to Key Global Decision Makers Hosting WHTC: Benefits to KZN and SA

23 WHTC Goal: Buyers sending patients to SA for treatment and recovery Combined buyers budget: exceeds US $2 Billion per year If 10% spent in SA annually: US $200 Million additional revenue and several thousand local Jobs annually in SA Hosting WHTC: Benefits to KZN and SA

24 Global coverage through strategic PR plan Media & Website Monthly PR to local & international media Full-page ad placements with media partners WHTC website includes a full summit overview Direct Mailing and Direct Calling Database of over 15,000 Buyers and Solution Providers All potential attendees contacted directly by phone All interested parties sent personalized emails Sales campaign will mobilize 8 sales executives for 7 months. Hosting WHTC: Benefits to KZN and SA

25 For the First Time: The Arab African Investment Forum Lead Sponsor: Trade and Investment KZN 50 institutional investors from the Arab World Fostering partnership and development Creating long term business opportunities Increasing DFI in KZN and South Africa

26 AURA EVENTS is specialized in hosting industry specific executive congresses and forums. Our Events target C-Level Executives in Fortune 500 companies and provide a unique and exclusive sales- driven environment. Our congresses are designed to offer a focused approach where corporate buyers and solution providers meet in a one to one setting. Aura Events is the owner and the organizer of the World Health Tourism Congress WHTC Organizer : Aura International

27 Mission Our mission is to provide our clients with the information and insights they need to sustain a valuable competitive advantage Vision We enable our employees to produce inspirational and indispensable products and services that are actively sought by our clients. WHTC Organizer : Aura International

28 Thank You

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