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Diamond Power Systems Auxiliary Power Units April, 2008.

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1 Diamond Power Systems Auxiliary Power Units April, 2008

2 Diamond Power APU

3 APU with access panels open

4 Driver’s Control Panel

5 HVAC Unit

6 HVAC Unit (open)

7 AC Condenser

8 APU Mounted on Frame Rail

9 HVAC Mounted Under Sleeper

10 Condenser Mounted Behind Sleeper

11 Driver’s Control Panel Mounted in Sleeper

12 Detail of Frame Rail Mounting

13 Specifications APU Specification Engine14.0 Hp, 2 Cylinder, Water cooled CoolingSelf-contained OR Truck Water Bore X Stroke2.64" X 2.68" Rated Power6.5 KW @ 2600RPM Fuel Consumption0.15 G/Hr (19.2 Ounces/Hr) at idle, 0.5 G/Hr (64 Ounces/Hr) at full speed Exhaust Temp860°F Engine Oil0.793G/3.0L You can use any API Service CF, CF-4, CG-4 or CH-4 oil Valve Clearance0.2~0.3mm Engine Compression300 psi (2.0 MPa) Starter160 Cranking Amps

14 Specifications (continued) Noise Level (dB)70 dB Alternator60 Amp @ 12 V DC Generator35 Amp @ 120V AC Oil Pressure Switch7.1~142.2 psi (0.5~10kgf/cm2) Overheat SwitchOpens at 203°F Intake & Ex. Valves 0.0057"~0.0073" (0.145~0.185mm) Belt Tension Alternator: 45~55 ft-lb (61~75 N-M) Generator: 70~80 ft-lb (95~108 N-M) Thermostat Starts to open at 160°F and fully open at 185°F Weight 185lb @ Engine 330lb @ APU Dimensions 26" L X 21" D X 29" H

15 Specifications (continued) HVAC Specification Air Conditioning10,000 BTU/hr System capacity64~68 oz of R-134A System oil capacity14 oz of PVE (Polyvinylether) Compressor6~10 Amp @ 120V Condenser Fan9~12 Amp Binary Pressure SwitchNormally closed between 26~335 psi Operating PressuresLow side 24~45 psi, High side 110~250 psi Heat5000/10000 BTU/hr (Low/High) Speed Resister25 Ohms Heating Coils10 Ohms each Thermo FuseBlows at 307.4°F (152°C) Weight100lb Dimensions (Whole HVAC) 28" L X 15" D X 12.5" H

16 Thank you

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