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2 Honda WH20, 2" General Purpose High Pressure Pump

3 Description High Pressure, Centrifugal, Self-priming 2" Pump
Easy-start Honda OHV Commercial engine 132 gal./min capacity Cast Iron Impeller & Volute Lightweight Aluminum Case Easy Carry Handle

4 Specification Honda 4-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled engine GX160
Displacement 163cc Bore and stroke 2.7" x 1.8" Compression Ratio 8.5:1 Oil Alert N/A

5 Specification Pump type High Pressure Centrifugal Self-priming
Volute Rigid Mounted Cast Iron Impeller Cast Iron Mechanical Seal Carbon/Ceramic Priming time 60 sec. at 16.4 ft. Drive system Direct

6 Specification Discharge capacity 134 gals./min.
Suction port diameter 2" NPT Discharge port diameter 2" NPT Total head lift 141 ft. Suction head lift 26 ft. Maximum pressure 61 psi Solids handling N/A

7 Specification Dimensions (LxWxH) 16.7" x 14.8" x 15.9"
Dry weight 51.8 lbs. Strainer Part # YB7-702

8 Specification

9 Components

10 Components Pump Nozzle 1 Discharge Hose Foam Nozzle Foam Suction
Foam Concentrate Suction Hose & Strainer

11 Components Discharge outlet Controls Pull cord On/ Off Switch

12 Operation

13 Operation Check pump is full of fuel.

14 Operation The discharge hose should be connected to the discharge outlet of the pump.

15 Operation Connect the nozzle to the end of the hose

16 Operation The suction hose should be set up and held, strainer away from the pump, and coupling end towards pump.

17 Operation Holding both ends of the hose, the coupling end level with the pump, lower the strainer end into the water and fill the hose with water.

18 Operation Lift the strainer end level with the pump.

19 Operation Connect the coupling end to the suction connection of the pump, keeping the strainer at the same level as the pump.

20 Operation Throttle Midway (shown for starting, - all the way to the left for operation

21 Operation Choke (white)
Full to left (shown) for cold starting, - all the way to the right for operation

22 Operation Fuel (black) Full to the right for ON

23 Operation On / Off Switch This to be turned on on prior to starting

24 Operation Pull on the starter cord until the pump starts.
Lower the suction strainer into the water.

25 Operation Wait for 5 to 10 seconds and then close the choke and open the throttle to full for maximum pumping rate.

26 Operation The pump set up when pumping Throttle to the left
Choke to the right Fuel open (full to the right)

27 Operation As soon as the pump is running, the end of the hose needs to be held before water comes out. The hose is set to jet for distance.

28 Operation The nozzle to water wall to provide heat protection to self and boat when closing in to pick persons off burning boats.

29 Operation When using the pump for de- watering, do not have a nozzle on the end of the hose to maximise the discharge rate.

30 Operation When pumping out a vessel, have the pump as low as possible, and the suction as low as possible to maximise the discharge. The noise of the pump in an enclosed space will be loud. The exhaust of the pump in an enclosed space will be dangerous. Blocks as many leaks as possible in the early stages.

31 Operation On / Off Switch This to be turned off to stop the pump.

Operation Now PRACTISE, PRACTISE and PRACTISE some more

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