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STEEP for aspiring CHROs/CXOs Pegasus Institute for Excellence.

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1 STEEP for aspiring CHROs/CXOs Pegasus Institute for Excellence

2  MBAs, Executive MBAs, MOOCs, e-Learning, etc., focus on knowledge and information enhancement - but STEEP’s focus is on Inner Transformation and Perspective Building  The goal is to ‘unbound’ your POTENTIAL- to enable the ‘pupa’ of a leader in you to become a ‘butterfly’- in all its glory!  Enhance your ability to ‘Learn to Learn’ – so you stay at the cutting edge!  Facilitated by the who’s who of the business fraternity So it is another Executive MBA! STEEP for aspiring CHROs / CXOs2

3  Committed to transforming themselves to assume business leadership roles  Significant achievements, with a passion for dealing with people, 30 – 45 years of age, ambitious/aspiring, persevering, willing to stretch, and yearning to learn  From any functional background, but aspiring to become CHROs / CXOs  Corporate, NGO, Education and Consulting sectors  An inquisitive and challenging mind set Participant Profile STEEP for aspiring CHROs / CXOs 3

4  Endow the aspirants with leadership agility and professional acumen to influence business strategy  Enhance the participants’ capability to leverage people practices to augment business results Program Objectives STEEP for aspiring CHROs / CXOs4

5 Program Design & Delivery Follows Natural Principles of growth and transformation  In 3 Phases  Across 3 Domains  Through 3 Spaces STEEP for aspiring CHROs / CXOs5

6 STEEP Phases  Confidence Building Phase  Efficacy Building Phase  Proficiency Building Phase STEEP for aspiring CHROs / CXOs6

7 Participant transition Ground Zero to Confidence/Adequacy to Efficacy to Proficiency Ground Zero Confidence / Adequacy Efficacy Proficiency STEEP for aspiring CHROs / CXOs7

8 STEEP Domains  Personal Domain  Professional Domain  Business Domain Professional Domain Business Domain Personal Domain STEEP for aspiring CHROs / CXOs8

9 STEEP Learning Spaces DISRUPTION SPACE  Question, Challenge, Unbound (Simulations, psychometrics, unusual sources, encounters) NURTURING SPACE  Reflect, Renew, Replenish (Inputs, assignments, coaching and mentoring) FOSTERING SPACE  Collaborate, Co-create, Experiment (Interaction with industry icons, experts, practitioners, peer collaboration, projects) Disrupt NurtureFoster STEEP for aspiring CHROs / CXOs9

10  Strategic Mind-set, Balanced Perspectives and Smart Habits  Leadership self-awareness, confidence and emotional intelligence/ maturity  Professional Proficiency: influence, execution excellence, risk appetite and result focus  Amplified business orientation and acumen  Agility, flexibility and dexterity to meet emergent challenges Program Outcomes STEEP for aspiring CHROs / CXOs10

11 Program Modules  CALIBRATION MODULES  CXO Workout / Lab Module  CLASS ROOM MODULES  WORKSHOP MODULES  IMMERSION / STUDIO MODULES  Initial and Final calibration  Reconfiguring cognitive / emotional / behavioral reflexes  Expert Inputs  Expert Interactions (pre- work, workshop, post..)  Expert Facilitation (Practice, Application, Mini Projects, Presentations, Each one Teach one, Experimentation) STEEP for aspiring CHROs / CXOs11

12 Phase 1  Expert Inputs  CXO Workout  Business Project Phase 2  Expert Interactions  Flipped Learning using advance inputs & pre-work  Collaborative Peer Learning Phase 3  Expert Facilitation  Blended Learning  Learning Immersion  Budding CXO Studio  CXO Knowledge Crucible Instructional Modes/ Methods STEEP for aspiring CHROs / CXOs12

13 How?  Continuous & Periodic What?  Subject comprehension  Subject application  Domain progress  Professional growth Who?  Self  Coaches (Subject and Domain)  Program Director Progress Assessment STEEP for aspiring CHROs / CXOs 13

14 Design  Program Mentor  Program Architects Delivery  Program Director  Faculty Resources Assessment & Assistance  Assessors  Subject & Domain Coaches  Professional Mentors STEEP Resources STEEP for aspiring CHROs / CXOs14

15 STEEP has come across to me as a great opportunity for both my personal and professional growth. I reckon that its applicability has no boundaries as the structure and contents of the programme would benefit almost everybody. The focus of the programme is to empower a participant in taking on appointment and responsibility at the CXO levels. The programme is very logically structured in three distinct phases of confidence, competency and proficiency building. The content is an ocean of knowledge and topics, covering social, economic, managerial and various other aspects, providing a very solid foundational broad base for taking on the designated objective. It's been a immensely interesting, enjoying and above all a very knowledgeable journey so far, interjected with sessions taken on by a team of immensely experienced faculty members. I definitely take this exposure as the first step towards an exciting and fruitful future ahead. Brig (Retd) Arun Dravid Terrier Security Services (I) Pvt. Ltd. Testimonial 1 STEEP for aspiring CHROs / CXOs15

16 Testimonial 2 The Smart Track Executive Education Program has been a journey of meaning making for me, first personally and then professionally. Had I missed this opportunity, I would have missed something very valuable; a value that life alone can uncover. Every session had something new to discover, every faculty had something unique to learn from. This is an education that has impacted me in the heart level and spirit level, unlike merely in the head level. Now, I see a revolution in myself; my thought patterns, my rationale, my approach, my confidence and my performance! Thanks to STEEP, there has been a quantum-leap. This is one program customized to meet my need rather than me struggling to fit myself into a rigid educational structure. Every part of the program has elevated my thinking to think like a CEO; stretched my vision beyond the boundaries I was living in; and has given me courage and hope to meet the future with a dare. I have Stepped-in To Experience Exceptional Performance! Kevin Joshua GKS Expat Group STEEP for aspiring CHROs / CXOs16

17 STEEP offered me with the latest theory, Research, Operations and Business knowledge. This program has given me an insight and it is necessity for many top managers. "The best resource persons I ever had...The program designed very well, sequenced well in three phases, intense, energetic and inspires all the participants." This program has trained from strategic perspective, well-defined, solid.. "I've been to a lot of these programs, this was the best I've ever attended. Resource persons has an incredible knowledge base and gave me new techniques that I've not learned before. Excellent program." "Good and practical material for coaching us, made us change our way of thinking in order to become effective, successful Senior managers." This course can be put into practice immediately and show results." “I liked this training because it brought the entire group together, meeting new people, understanding others and working together. Brought about new tools to enhance business operations.” Balaji Babu A V Fortis Healthcare Ltd. STEEP for aspiring CHROs / CXOs17 Testimonial 3

18 Partial List of Faculty: STEEP 1 1.Bhanumathy VBhanumathy V 2.Hari IyerHari Iyer 3.Kovai ChelvanKovai Chelvan 4.Krishna KumarKrishna Kumar 5.Krishna SetlurKrishna Setlur 6.Parthasarathy SParthasarathy S 7.Raman VGRaman VG 8.Sebi ChackoSebi Chacko 9.Shrihari UdupaShrihari Udupa 10.Srinivas GhanagamSrinivas Ghanagam 11.Stanley PokishStanley Pokish 12.Sudeesh YezhuvathSudeesh Yezhuvath 13.Prof. Vasanthi SrinivasanProf. Vasanthi Srinivasan STEEP for aspiring CHROs / CXOs18

19 1.Vasudevan ASProgram MentorVasudevan AS 2.Capt S. RaviProgram SponsorCapt S. Ravi 3.Chidambaram SProgram ArchitectChidambaram S 4.Dwarakanath C.K. Program Lead AssessorDwarakanath C.K. 5.Sai Sambat Program Architect & DirectorSai Sambat Role Holders for STEEP – 1 STEEP for aspiring CHROs / CXOs19

20 Programme runs for 15 months from December 2014 to February 2016 comprising face to face learning input of a total of 42 days Typically 28 days of non- residential learning engagement And 14 days of residential learning engagement Program Logistics STEEP for aspiring CHROs / CXOs20 Non-residential modules at Pegasus Office, Jakkur, Bangalore o 2 Saturdays per month (whole day) 5 Residential modules at Pegasus Institute campus, about 65 kms off Bangalore o 2 Tutorial / Workshop: Sat-Sun o 2 Calibration modules: Fri-Sat- Sun o CXO Workout: Thursday to Sunday

21  Rs 2 Lakhs per participant plus Service Tax as applicable  about Rs. 13,333 per month  Self-sponsored participants  10% discount for full payment on admission  3 installments (Rs. 1 Lakh on admission, 60k at the end of phase 1 and 40k at the end of phase 2) + Service Tax as applicable  Company Sponsored  Full upfront payment  2 to 3 participants: 10% discount  Above 3 participants: 15% discount Investments STEEP for aspiring CHROs / CXOs21

22 For any questions, clarification, or information, please contact: Program Director: Sai Sambat – 9341666291 Program Lead Assessor: Dwarakanath C K – 9483584547 Program Lead Coach: Krishna Setlur – 9845007675 If you are ready to register, please email your CV to What next? STEEP for aspiring CHROs / CXOs22

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