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DHS LEADERSHIP ACADEMY Presenter: Rosemary Calhoun Presentation to: DHS Leadership Date: July 16, 2014 Georgia Department of Human Services.

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1 DHS LEADERSHIP ACADEMY Presenter: Rosemary Calhoun Presentation to: DHS Leadership Date: July 16, 2014 Georgia Department of Human Services

2 Vision, Mission and Core Values Vision Stronger Families for a Stronger Georgia. Mission Strengthen Georgia by providing Individuals and Families access to services that promote self- sufficiency, independence, and protect Georgia's vulnerable children and adults. Core Values Provide access to resources that offer support and empower Georgians and their families. Deliver services professionally and treat all clients with dignity and respect. Manage business operations effectively and efficiently by aligning resources across the agency. Promote accountability, transparency and quality in all services we deliver and programs we administer. Develop our employees at all levels of the agency.

3 The Carl Vinson Institute of Government (CVIOG) was asked to develop a training and development program to address the need for enhanced leadership, management, and supervisory skills in the Department of Human Services in an effort to align with and transition to Commissioner Horton’s vision and to build organizational capacity.

4 THE ACADEMY  The first Session started January 21, 2014 and participants who successfully completed the program graduated June 25, 2014.  The Leadership Academy consist of 9 days of in-person and group learning activities.  There were 26 students enrolled in the first session.

5 REQUIREMENTS  Commit to attend all sessions.  Completion of course assignments to include reading 5 current management books.  Identify a mentor and actively collaborate on personal leadership development.  Propose and prepare a team based organizational improvement project.

6  Each session will feature different topics. In support of the progressive nature of the course design and to reinforce learning, students will complete components of an Organizational Improvement Plan during the five intersessions periods and will present their plan in the final session  Participants will arrive at Sessions 2–5 with a revised version of the organizational improvement program component(s) that was submitted during the previous session. For Session 6, project teams are expected to arrive prepared to orally present their final organizational improvement project and submit a written version of it.  The CVIOG facilitator and participant peers will provide constructive, critical assessments of each plan presented. THE SESSIONS

7 Project NameGeneral Purpose Scope; Impact; Outcome Successful Career Track Development Establish comprehensive career tracks to strengthen succession opportunities Foster and strengthen the atmosphere of employee appreciation while subsequently encouraging employees to produce quality work towards intrinsic goals of exposure and recognition. Universal Intake Allow customers to apply for benefits at either a DFACS office or a Child Support office Improve customer and field office efficiency and service by providing seem- less benefits to customers. Address technology constraints and offer multiple location common data interaction Rebranding the Image of DHS by Restoring Trust Restore trust in DHS and ultimately improve the internal and external image of DHS Address strategies for increasing the internal and external positive perception of DHS. The Mentorship Project Explore the benefits and needs of reestablishing a mentorship program in DHS The general belief is that mentoring is beneficial to staff; it provides an increased level of skill and knowledge, and increases retention. There is consistent interest throughout DHS Leadership Academy participants and field staff in the importance of a support system to ensure the appropriate skills and knowledge are acquired, which in turn will increase the likelihood of success. Employee On-Boarding Program Develop a comprehensive onboarding program for new DHS employees with an initial focus on the FICUM position A) Address turnover trends and the associated costs. B) Build and train a more competent cohesive workforce

8 BENEFITS AS DESCRIBED BY PARTICIPANTS What I enjoyed most… The immediate input it made on me as a leader and how it provoked much thought. I enjoyed meeting new people who currently work in my division. I enjoyed hearing from others on leadership and group discussions I enjoyed group circle discussion on what symbolizes leadership to us. Three valuable things I learned The connections with other leaders are important; feedback is a gift, and how to lead by example like Lincoln by not dictating. Three things that are valuable to me are not to have an open door policy, other people share same ideas of leadership, and the department is full of highly intelligent people. I learned the value of relationship building, group dynamics, and importance of emerging change because we can work through the chaos. Understanding better… I better understand the need to be self-aware which will impact my ability to be a successful leader. I better understand managing, getting out of the Ivory Tower more effectively. I better understand my areas of weakness. I learned a lot of valuable qualities of a leader. Using influence rather than authority to guide.. I will use what I learned… To improve my skills and my work. I can implement a lot of the leadership strategies in my everyday work to make our unit better. I will use what I learned to be open to strengthening my leadership skills and be more courageous.

9 ACADEMY 2 ND SESSION 54 Applied25 Selected Next session dates: July 8, 2014 – December 16, 2014



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