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RECOGNIZED.SPECIALIZED.PREFERRED.. 2 Our ServicesOracle PartnershipOracle Specialized  E-Business Suite  Business Intelligence  EPM-Hyperion  Fusion.

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2 2 Our ServicesOracle PartnershipOracle Specialized  E-Business Suite  Business Intelligence  EPM-Hyperion  Fusion Middleware  CRM  Managed Services  Education / Oracle University  Project Advisory Services  Oracle Platinum Partner  Pillar Partner SOA Business Intelligence Hyperion  Oracle University Approved Education Center  Oracle University Reseller  Oracle Accelerator Implementer  Oracle Managed Cloud Services Implementer  Small Business Strategy Council  EBS Financial Management  EBS Human Capital Management  EBS Supply Chain Management  BI Applications  BI Foundation  Service Oriented Architecture  Application Development Framework 11g  Hyperion Planning 11  Database 11g  Public Sector 3 Time Oracle Excellence Award Winner 2011 Inc. Top Small Company Workplaces 2012-2013 Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies 2012 Best & Brightest Companies to Work For

3 3  Serves as transportation planner and coordinator, designer, builder and operator for one of the country’s largest, most populous counties  More than 9.6 million people – nearly one-third of California’s residents – live, work, and play within its 1,433-square-mile service area.  Vision Safe, clean, reliable, on-time, courteous service dedicated to providing Los Angeles County with a world class transportation system  Mission Metro is responsible for the continuous improvement of an efficient and effective transportation system for Los Angeles County

4 4  Live in Los Angeles with family  Work at LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Employed for 21 years Sr. Software Engineer  Previously worked for Boeing Corporation System Safety Engineer  26 Years IT and application development experience  17 Years Oracle and Relational Database experience  12 Years Oracle E-Business Suite and HCM experience  5 Years SOA and Fusion Middleware experience  Passionate about the latest gadgets and newest technology

5 5  Works for Applications Software Technology Corporation in Naperville Illinois  8+ Years of Experience in Oracle Middleware Technologies  Oracle IDM and SOA Certified Professional  Has worked for Multiple Clients such as: Los Angeles Metropolitan Authority, LA Tri Metropolitan Transit Authority, Oregon Greater Orlando Airport Authority, Florida

6 6  SOA Suite  Why use SOA Suite  Integration Through Native Interface EBS-SOA File Integration EBS-SOA Database Integration  SOA Based Integration Options EBS Application Adapter EBS-SOA Integration Gateway

7 7  Complete and Integrated  Best-in-class  Open standards  On-premise and Cloud  Foundation for Oracle Fusion Applications and Oracle Cloud User Engagement Identity Management Business Process Management Content Management Business Intelligence Service Integration Data Integration Development Tools Cloud Application Foundation Enterprise Management WebSocialMobile

8 8 Management & Security Enterprise Manager Enterprise Gateway Enterprise Repository Service Registry Business Activity MonitoringEvent Processing Analytics Service Virtualization & Mediation Service BusBPEL Process Manager Orchestration Business Rules Business to Business EDI XML Industry Connectivity Apps MainframeDB On-premise Platform Services Cloud Apps

9 9 ServicesProcessesSecurity  Virtualization  Service Level Agreement  Message routing  Message Transformation  Message Encryption  Orchestration  Transactional/compensation  BPEL,BPM  Business Rules  System Integration  Message Level Encryption  Field Level Encryption  Basic Auth  SAML  Identity Management Management and Monitoring 100 % StandardDevelopment  Unified Management  Assets and Impacts Analysis  Reuse and ROI Metrics  Architectural Standards and enforcement  Reporting and Dashboard  WS-*  WSDL  XML/XPATH/XQuery/XSLT  Service Component Architecture  UDDI  JAVA  SCA Standard Assembly  BPEL,BPM,BPMN  HTML/XML/WSDL  Unit Test Deployment IntegrationEvent Oriented  Service Component Architecture (Deployment)  Applications  Servers  JCA Adapters  Web Services  HTTP/HTML  ERP  Custom  Complex Event Recognition  Complex event Query Language  Declarative  Streaming

10 10  It facilities to assemble and orchestrate discrete services into meaningful business processes.  SOA Suite can be used with the Oracle Financials to integrate Web services with all of the Oracle R12 EBS modules via the use of custom interfaces.  Human Workflow Integration with Ebusiness  Process Orchestration  Monitor all your transaction through real time dashboards.  Integrate your EBS with multiple technologies like portal,.NET, BPEL, CRM, Legacy etc.

11 11 Foundation for Fusion, Cloud & Mobile to enable hybrid cloud/on- premise deployment flexibility and rapid reuse into new channels Improved agility by transforming complex application integration into reusable shared service-based connectivity Faster time to market through a unified solution for design and management across hybrid cloud/on-premise deployments

12 12

13 13  SOA Suite reads/write a file from a location using file adapter or ftp adapter.  The file can be a plain text file or a xml file.  For reading plain files use the native opaque schema in SOA Suite, for xml file use the xsd schema.  Process the file in SOA Suite and take appropriate actions  Use the concurrent program or util package to create a file on unix server.  Use SQL loader to read a file from SOA Suite.  Define what module or how EBS will write a file to a location. Or can it poll and read from a file location

14 14  Sending ACH payments to BOFA.  Sending CHQ payments to third party.  Files are read in XML format and the data is formatted in SOA suite and sent to BOFA and Third Party systems.  Data comes from Veramark system, invoices and data is loaded into AP interface table.

15 15  Create the File/FTP Adapters in JDeveloper.  Use Native format builder for Text Files.  Option to use Native format translation where transformation is not required.

16 16

17 17  SOA Suite reads/polls a EBS database or a staging database.  EBS writes the changes to a database.  SOA Suite uses database adapter for reading/ polling/writing to a database.  The records are read in SOA Suite and data ca be processed in any system like BPEL,OSB.  In EBS use dblinks and stored procedures to read data or write data.

18 18  M3 inventory system contains requisitions, POs data.  These data are read in SOA Suite formatted and converted to a canonical data type and loaded in a staging table.  EBS reads data from staging table and loads it into its PO interface table

19 19

20 20  Oracle Applications enables us to orchestrate discrete data into a meaningful business process.  Creates Web services for various interface types within Oracle E-Business Suite.  It plays the role of service provider for Oracle E-Business Suite.  Allow seamless integration between business partners, processes, applications, and end users in heterogeneous environment.  Adapter for Oracle Applications is based on JCA 1.5 standards.  It is deployed as a resource adapter within the Oracle WebLogic Server container.

21 21  EBS Integration Repository acts a Service broker which describes the location of the services.  EBS adapter acts as Service provider. It implements the service definition which is consumed by the service client.

22 22

23 23  Integration Repository is the collection of all pubic integrated.  It provides a complete catalog of Oracle E-Business Suite's Business Service interfaces.

24 24  SOA Suite requires a connection at Design time to EBS.  Create a Connection to EBS from Oracle JDeveloper  Provide the details and test the connection.  Create a new SOA project in JDeveloper.

25 25  Create empty project with a composite.  Drag and drop a Oracle Application Adapter from the pane onto the composite.

26 26  EBS Adapter Wizard Configuration Opens up.  Give a name and browse to the database connection created in Step 1.

27 27  Connect to live APPS Database for Integration Content.  Opens the Application Browser Module for the services.

28 28  Search and browse for the integration interface from the application module browser.  A wrapper package is created in JDeveloper.  The inbound interfaces are created as external references and outbound interfaces are created as exposed services.

29 29  EBS Adapter Service Created.  The required artifacts xml schemas, jca files etc. are also created in the project.

30 30  Create a BPEL Process and use invoke nodes to call the EBS adapter.  You can call multiple adapters and create a global transaction.  Add monitors to publish report to BAM reports for real time reporting. BPEL Process Composite.xml

31 31  Monitor the statistics from Enterprise Manager console for the EBS Adapter.  Set properties for the adapter  View Faults and attach policies.

32 32 Lifecycle of EBS Suite Adapter.  Develop in JDeveloper  Adapter Framework to Integrate  Use the component in SOA products like BAM,BPEL-OSB  Manage/Monitor the adapter from Enterprise Manager

33 33  Multiple Oracle EBS versions supported  Leverages Integration Repository  Supports all Integration Interface types PL/SQL APIs, Business Events, Open Interface Tables.  It generates adapter metadata as WSDL files with JCA extension.  Secured and Trusted Connection using just the FND User name and password for authentication.  Customization Support  Uses a JDeveloper based design-time tool for dynamically browsing the Oracle Applications interfaces and configuring the adapter metadata.  Transaction Support by using the two phase commit.

34 34

35 35  Service Provider- Exposes the services a web services.  Service Invocation Framework- Acts a service consumer.  Integration Repository.  SOA Monitoring capability

36 36  Search and browse interface, Standardized Documentation, seeded + custom interface

37 37  Search and browse interface. Click on Generate WSDL.

38 38  Enable the new service by clicking on the deploy button.

39 39  Grant the service to a particular user on the webservice.

40 40  View the WSDL by clicking on the link and copy the WSDL endpoint which will be used in JDeveloper.

41 41  Drag a web service adapter onto the external references pane in JDeveloper.  Specify the WSDL url in the webservice adapter.

42 42  Orchestrate the webservice adapters in BPEL.  Runtime use invoke nodes to call Webservice Adapters.

43 43  It exposes the interfaces as Web-Services.  EBS has a simple UI based action to generate and deploy the Webservice.  Supports both synchronous and asynchronous services.  Supports security by means of Username Token and SAML.  Use the Webservice to create Web Service Adapters in JDeveloper.  For Orchestration use BPEL Process.

44 44  To invoke all webservices Integrated SOA Gateway uses service invocation framework (SIF).  EBS interacts with Web services through WSDL instead of working directly with SOAP APIs.

45 45  Application raises a business event using PL/SQL API WF_EVENT.Raise.  Oracle Workflow Business Event System (BES) identifies that the event has a subscription with Java Rule Function  The Business Event System enqueues the event message to WF_JAVA_DEFERRED queue.  If callback event and agent parameters are mentioned, the Web service response is communicated back.

46 46  Java Application raises a business event using Java method either from OA Framework page controller  Since the event is raised in Java where the subscription's seeded Java Rule Function is accessible.  If the invoker subscription is created with Phase >= 100, the event is enqueued to WF_JAVA_DEFERRED queue.  If the invoker subscription is created with Phase < 100, the event is dispatched inline.  If the event is raised from OA Framework page, the dispatch logic executes (that uses WSIF to invoke the Web service) within OACORE OC4J container.

47 47  Supports Synchronous MEP  Request – Response & One-way/Notification Only  Ability to perform XSLT based transformation  Outbound & Inbound messages  Supports WS – Security  Username Token-based Web Service authentication.  Supports passing values for any SOAP header part  To embed application context into SOAP envelopes

48 48

49 49 Integrated SOA GatewayE Business Suite Adapter SOAP WebserviceStandard JCA Service Provided Out of Box from EBSProvided from SOA Suite in middle tier Provides Interoperability leverage from any standard web service client Provided via Oracle BPEL Process Manager or Oracle Service Bus Multi service transaction failures need to be handled explicitly Multi-service transaction failures are rolled back via transaction control of JCA framework Consumption of external web services via native service invocation framework Consumption of external web services is via Oracle BPEL PM or OSB Integration transactions are monitored via SOA monitor Integration transactions are monitored via BPEL PM, OSB consoles Supports PL/SQL API, BSO, XML Gateway (IN) & Concurrent Program Supports PL/SQL API, XML Gateway (IN), Concurrent Program, Open Interface & Views New product since EBS R12.1.1Support EBS 11iCU2, R12.0.x, R12.1.x

50 50

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