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Independent Insight for Service Oriented Practice Communicating SOA.

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1 Independent Insight for Service Oriented Practice Communicating SOA

2  2005 CBDI Forum Ltd Basic Service Concept Service Consumer Service Provider 3. Binds 2. Discovers 1. Publishes Service Directory (UDDI) Contract (WSDL) Messages (SOAP) Endpoint Address 4. Communicates

3  2005 CBDI Forum Ltd Architectural Layers Business Process Layer Service Layer Application Layer Technology Layer Microsoft.NET Linux J2EE IBM CICS Finance HR ERPCRM Directory Lotus Notes OrderAccountEmployee Customer

4  2005 CBDI Forum Ltd Business Service Bus Providing Resources Business Service Bus  Common behaviours  Common vocabulary  Application independence  Generalization  Sharing  Articulation  Replaceability  Upgradeability  Choice of supply  Manageability Internal and External Resources Service Requesting Solutions

5  2005 CBDI Forum Ltd Provider and Consumer Architectures Component Architecture Consumer Provider Service Architecture Composite Application Architecture

6  2005 CBDI Forum Ltd SOA Layers Providing Resources and Implementations Service Enablement Implementation-Based and Utility Services Business Service Bus Composite Application Other Service Providers Composite Business Services Enterprise Service Bus Internal and External Resources Service

7  2005 CBDI Forum Ltd Enterprise Service Bus Middleware and/or Platform Resources Enterprise Service Bus ManagementTransportSecurityOrchestration Transformation EAI Server, XML Transformer, MOM, and other Transports WSM, Systems Management JCA, etcJMS, etcSecurity Server Orchestration Server WSDM Existing Application Resources ERPCRM Business Service Bus

8  2005 CBDI Forum Ltd SOA Environment Platforms Runtime Resources (Servers, Clients, etc) Resource Management ESB Tools Infrastructure services Development Asset Management Commercial Management Adapters Policies Governance Trust Semantics UsageDirectories Reference Model Deployment

9  2005 CBDI Forum Ltd Service Lifecycle Service Provisioning Publish DiscoverRequest Version Service Implementation Service Consumption ExecuteDeploy Solution Implementation Design Certify Analysis

10  2005 CBDI Forum Ltd Business IT Convergence Business Business Products Business Processes Business Services Customers Partners Application Service Automation Units Orchestration Software Services Service Providers Service Consumers Deployment Agents Policies Web Services Endpoints Messages

11  2005 CBDI Forum Ltd SOA Maturity Model Technical Applications Application Integration Business Process Improvement Business Services Federated Business Collaborative services creating dynamic, collaborative business relationships Services directly implement business service capability Service as a process creates modular units of business process Service increases loose coupling and separation of concerns Data integration, client neutrality, shared internal services

12  2005 CBDI Forum Ltd Enterprise SOA Roadmap Early LearningIntegrationReengineeringMaturity Planning & Managing Architecture Infrastructure Process Resources Project Steering Managed and unmanaged organizational learning Short term ROI on primarily technical solutions Visioning, planning and communicating Common enterprise service bus capabilities Existing capabilities exposed as services Consistent use of services across the organization Cost reduction from (reuse) efficiency Increase in business agility from contract / trust based systems Provider / Consumer Organization Secure, transactional services environment Business processes reengineered as services Services federated across business ecosystems Monolithic systems reengineered as components Real time data currency and business intelligence Real time business services Service is basis for virtualized resource management Federated services management

13  2005 CBDI Forum Ltd

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