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Siebel Web Services Siebel Web Services March, From

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1 Siebel Web Services Siebel Web Services March,29 2007 From
next major evolution of Siebel’s industry-leading CRM applications. Siebel 8.0 will offer powerful enhancements to make end-users more productive in carrying out these processes. These planned new capabilities aim to improve the usability and value of CRM preliminary overview of the primary enhancements planned for Oracle’s Siebel 8.0, From INFOKEYS INC

2 Siebel Web Services - Agenda
- Introduction Basic Evolution Web Service Components SOAP WSDL UDDI - Siebel - WebServices Inbound Web Service (Exposing BS/WF as a WS) Outbound Web Service (Publish external .wsdl in Siebel e.g.. Google.wsdl) - SOA What is SOA? Difference between OOP & SOA Relation between SOA & Web Services next major evolution of Siebel’s industry-leading CRM applications. Siebel 8.0 will offer powerful enhancements to make end-users more productive in carrying out these processes. These planned new capabilities aim to improve the usability and value of CRM preliminary overview of the primary enhancements planned for Oracle’s Siebel 8.0,

3 Siebel Web Service - Introduction
Web Services evolved from previous technologies that served the same purpose such as DCOM , CORBA,JAVA RMI Web Services were intended to solve these problems: Interoperability Firewall traversal & Proprietary protocols Complexity Siebel 8.0 plans to build on the extensive business process automation capabilities of Siebel 7—which includes Siebel Workflow, Siebel State Model, and iHelp—with two new modules: Siebel Workflow Tasks is intended to extend business process automation across the “last mile” directly to the point of user interaction. Siebel Workflow Tasks are multiple-step, interactive operations that can include branching and decision logic. A new wizard-like user interface is planned, that guides the user through task execution, allows navigation both back and forward within task execution, and enables task execution to be paused and resumed at any point.

4 Siebel Web Service - Evolution Reasons.
Interoperability DCOM applications - Windows operating System RMI - Java Programming language Firewall and Proprietary protocols Distributed systems such as CORBA and DCOM used non-standard ports CORBA uses IIOP which is not practical for Inter-enterprise Integration Web services use HTTP as a transport protocol and most of the firewalls allow access through port 80(HTTP) Complexity we can implement web service with our existing language and existing operating system.

5 Siebel Web Service - Definition
What is a Web Service? Web Services is a software system designed to support interoperable Machine to Machine interaction over a network. Web services are frequently just Web APIs that can be accessed over a network, such as the Internet, and executed on a remote system hosting the requested services. sharper user interface. New colors, fonts, and icons A dedicated side bar is expected to provide immediate access to frequent actions and information the user needs, including enterprise search, links to the new Siebel 8.0 Task Based User Interface, and iHelp.

6 Siebel Web Service - Components
SOAP: An XML-based, extensible message envelope format, with "bindings" to underlying protocols (e.g., HTTP, SMTP and XMPP). WSDL: An XML format that allows service interfaces to be described, along with the details of their bindings to specific protocols. Typically used to generate server and client code, and for configuration. UDDI: A protocol for publishing and discovering metadata about Web services, to enable applications to find Web services, either at design time or runtime. WS-Security: Defines how to use XML Encryption and XML Signature in SOAP to secure message exchanges. WS-ReliableMessaging: A protocol for reliable messaging between two Web services. WS-Reliability: An OASIS standard protocol for reliable messaging between two Web services.

7 Siebel Web Service - SOAP
SOAP - Simple Object Access Protocol An XML envelope for XML messaging , Header + Body SOAP is an XML Vocabulary standard to enable programs on separate computers to interact across the network. SOAP is not bound to any particular protocol such as HTTP , SMTP or even TCP/IP. Structure of SOAP. A required envelope element that identifies the XML document as a SOAP message. An optional Header element that contains Header Information. A request Body element that contains call and response information. An optional Fault element that provides information about errors that occurred while processing the message.

8 Siebel Web Service - SOAP Request
Example of SOAP request. <xml? Version=“1.0”?> <soap:Envelope xmlns:soap=“ soap:encodingstyle= <soap:Body xmlns:m=“ <m:GetWeather> <m:postalcode>44087></m:postalcode> </m:GetWeather> </soap:Body> </soap:Envelop>

9 Siebel Web Service - SOAP response
Example of SOAP response. <xml? Version=“1.0”?> <soap:Envelope xmlns:soap=“ soap:encodingstyle= <soap:Body xmlns:m=“ <m:GetWeatherResponse> <m:Degree>-5</m:Degree> </m:GetWeatherResponse> </soap:Body> </soap:Envelop>

10 Siebel Web Service - WSDL
WSDL stands for Web Service Description Language. WSDL is an XML vocabulary to describe Web Service and their capabilities , in a standard manner. WSDL specifies what a request message must contain and what the response message will look like in unambiguous notation. In additional to describing message contains , WSDL defines where the service is available and what communication protocol is used to talk to service. WSDL example <message name=“GetWeatherRequest”> <part name=“postal code” type =“xs:string”/> <message> <message name=“GetWeatherResponse”> <part name=“Degree ” type =“xs:string”/> <portType name=“Weather”> <operation name=“GetWeather”> <input message=“GetWeatherRequest”/> <output message=“GetWeatherResponse”/> </opertion> </portType>

11 Siebel Web Service - UDDI
UDDI stands for Universal Description , Discovery &Integration. A project to encourage interoperability and adoption of webservices. Similar to a Universal phone book. Specification to publish and discover web services in the web. Shared Distributed registry on the web. Enables three basic functions. Publish function(how a web service registers) Find Function (how a client finds a web service) Bind Function (how the client connects and interacts with a web service)

12 Siebel Web Service - Defined As
Now we come to our new definition to describe the web service as An application component that Communicates via open protocols (HTTP,SMTP , etc) Processes XML messages frames using SOAP. Describe its messages using XML schema Describe itself using WSDL. Find and bound using UDDI.

13 Siebel Web Service - Architecture

14 Siebel Web Services - Inbound Web Service
Inbound: Enable an external system to access Siebel data, business services, and workflow processes Siebel application as a service (called by an external system) Typical Siebel Inbound webservice works as follows. Siebel Application External System WBI WBI

15 Siebel Web Services - Inbound Web Service
Exposing a Siebel Business Service/WF as a Web Service Login to Client. Click View -> Site Map -> Web Services Administration -> Inbound Web Services. In the Inbound Web Services list applet , Create an Inbound web services record : Enter the namespace for your organization's web services. Enter the name of the web services in the name column. Select the ‘Active’ in the status field. Create an Inbound service port record in the service port list Applet. Click New and enter the name of the port in the Name Column. Pick the type of object published. Enter the address appropriate for the transport chosen. Select the protocol or transport that will publish the web service. In the Operations List Applet ,create a new operation record for the new service port you created Enter the name of the web service operation. Select the name of the business service method in the method Display name column. Select the authentication type from the drop-down list. Generate .wsdl file.

16 Siebel Web Service - Outbound
Step For Siebel Web Services - Outbound communication Import the WSDL file in Siebel tools. Start Siebel tools. Choose File > New Object to display the New Object Wizards. Select the EAI tab, select the Web service icon, and click OK. The WSDL import Wizard appears. Setup the Outbound Webservice definition you have to import the runtime information generated in the .xml file though the WSDL Import Wizard.(OR) In the Siebel client, navigate to the Web Services Administration view via Site Map. Select Outbound Web services from the Web Services Administration view. Click Import to display the EAI Web Service Import dialog box and specify the export file (.xml) created from the WSDL Import Wizard in step.Click Import. Check that the Service Ports section in the Outbound Web Services view is populated from the export file. Make sure Web service status is Active

17 Siebel Web Service - SOA
What is SOA ? Service - Oriented Architecture (SOA) Agents (Software or human) Emphasis on actions Agents - to - agent interaction through message exchange. A Service is a set of actions that form a coherent whole from the point of view of service providers and service requesters. Service-Oriented Architecture are more suitable for loosely coupled distributed applications (Web service Architecture) Object - Orientation encourages closely coupled distributed applications( I.e., CORBA,DCOM,etc.)

18 Siebel Web Service - SOA

19 Siebel Web Service - SOA
What is relation between SOA & Web Services? Service - Oriented Architecture are Loosely coupled pieces of application functionality published consumed can be combined with other applications over a network. Web Services Stack of emerging standards. Define protocols. Create a loosely coupled framework for programmatic communication among disparate systems.

20 Siebel Web Service - Q & A
Q?& A

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