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Integrated Platform version 5.2

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1 Integrated Platform version 5.2
Intalio BPM / SOA Integrated Platform version 5.2

2 Architecture Overview

3 Agenda Presenter: Rick Geneva, Process Expert, Intalio Inc.
Tutorial demonstrates generating BPEL code from a BPMN diagram, integration with Web Services or an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), and process orchestration involving both system and human participants. Create a BPMN process diagram in the Intalio designer tool Import a WSDL document from the ESB. Alternately, show the capability to import any WSDL and associated import files from a URL. Use the WSDL document to call a web service in the process diagram Deploy the completed process to the Intalio runtime server Test the process via a web services call from an external system Refactor the process diagram to allow for remote systems to call the process as a web service call Use the Intalio XForms designer to create a human interface to the web service call

4 Intalio|Designer – New Project

5 Intalio|Designer – New Process Diagram

6 Intalio|Designer – BPMN to BPEL and WSDL
A simple process that generates WSDL and BPEL “External” “Interface” Non-Executable = No BPEL generated

7 Intalio|Designer – BPMN to BPEL and WSDL
Create an executable pool in the BPMN diagram “DemoProcess” Executable Process Pool

8 Intalio|Designer – BPMN to BPEL and WSDL
Create the simple BPMN diagram

9 Creating an XML Schema data type (XSD)

10 XSD: Create Data Structure

11 Intalio|Designer – XSD Editor
Create the data type Two string elements: “greeting” and “toWho”

12 Modifying the WSDL input/output data types
Set the data type of the message by drag and drop xsd element to the message line

13 Inspect the Generated WSDL
Save your diagram. Generates BPEL and WSDL in the /build folder

14 Intalio|Designer – Graphical Mapper Tool
Data routing Data Transformation

15 Intalio|Designer – Data Editor
Data Editor tab shows the generated BPEL in a graphical format WS-BPEL 2.0

16 Intalio|BPMS – Deploy to Runtime
Deploy to server

17 Intalio|BPMS – Start process from console
Username: admin Password: changeit Select a Process – start Automatically generates form based on XSD data structure

18 Intalio|BPMS – Monitor Process Execution
In console, click on an active process instance Diagram view shows progress graphically Data tab shows process data

19 Interacting with Web Services
Intalio|BPMS Mitre SOA 2008 Demo Interacting with Web Services

20 Intalio|Designer – Import WSDL
Import WSDL from local file – copy and paste into workspace Import WSDL from URL – import wizard

21 Intalio|Designer – Import WSDL
Import a WSDL from AXIS2 on localhost Also imports dependencies

22 Intalio|Designer – Interact with Web Service
Inspect the imported WSDL Imported WSDL Port Operation Data Types

23 Intalio|Designer – Interact with Web Service
Connect the WSDL service in the BPMN diagram Non-executable pool “Services”

24 Intalio|Designer – Interact with Web Service
Connect the messaging lines between the process and the service Synchronous request-response operation (bi-directional messaging)

25 Intalio|Designer – Interact with Web Service
Change the output mappings at step “create output” Use the XPath concat() function to add the service call to the output Run the process from the console, same as earlier.

26 Intalio|Designer – Interact with Web Service
Run the process and view the results

27 Intalio|BPMS – Start process from external client
In SOAP UI, import local WSDL file from workspace Generate request, edit XML Submit request Get the WSDL from the Intalio project /build folder

28 Intalio|Designer – Interact with Web Service
Response in SOAP UI Hello, SOAP UI: version Hello I am Axis2 version service , My version is 1.3

29 Integrating People Operations
Intalio|BPMS Mitre SOA 2008 Demo Integrating People Operations Create BPMN diagram and deploy BPEL to server Call Intalio Process from Web Service Client Call Web Service from Intalio Interact with People via Workflow Forms

30 Intalio|Designer – Human Centric Workflow
Create a simple form Integrate the form into the diagram

31 Intalio|Designer – XForms Editor
Workflow Form Editor Palette View Properties View

32 Intalio|Designer – XForms Integration
Add the XForm to the diagram Set the role for the user pool to “examples\employee” Non-Executable Pool “People”

33 Intalio|BPMS - BPEL4People Workflow Patterns
Create and Complete pattern Put a task in the inbox, wait for a response

34 Data Flow to XForm Use the mapper tool to pre-populate the XForm

35 Intalio|BPMS – Human Centric Workflow UI
Username: “examples\msmith” Password: “password”

36 Intalio|BPMS – Human Centric Workflow UI
Deploy the new version of the process. Start a process instance, same as before. Task appears in msmith’s inbox (employee role) Task List “Inbox” Task (XForm)

37 Start via WS Inbound Call
Conclusion Created a web service, implemented by BPEL, with zero coding Called a web service with zero coding Routed results of a web service call to a person, with zero coding Can also conditionally send tasks based on data Start via WS Inbound Call Outbound WS call Concatenate Results Send to a person

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