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Poison Dart Frog by Cameron Garner.

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1 Poison Dart Frog by Cameron Garner

2 Where do poisonous dart frogs live?
Most of the poisonous dart frogs are found in the Amazon Rain Forest.

3 What Do They Eat? Poison dart frogs eat flies, ants, crickets, and beetles. They use their sticky tongues to catch them.

4 Defense Poison dart frogs shoot poison through their nervous system.
When it hits the skin of a predator, it kills the enemy.

5 Predators The Poison Dart Frog doesn’t have many predators.
The only animal that can kill this frog is an Amazon ground snake with this long name: Leimadophis epinephelus.

6 Toxicity and medicine Many poison dart frogs have poisons or toxins through their skin. They are able to be active during the day because other animals don’t want to be poisoned.

7 How much does a poison dart frog weigh?
A poison dart weigh about three grams. That would be like three large paper clips.

8 What family is it in? The poison dart is in the amphibian family.
It is cold-blooded. It has gills at the beginning of its life. Then it has lungs. It lives in the water and then on land.

9 How do they find food? Poison dart frogs stick their tongue on a log and makes the bugs get stuck on the log.

10 What does the poison dart frog look like?
There are many different colors of the poison dart frog. The colors warn predators to stay away. Some are blue with black spots on it. Some are yellow and green, red and black, or green and black.

11 Ending I hope you learned a lot about the poison dart frog and I hope you liked my power point.

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