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Columbia Pacific Bio-Refinery Medium Discharge Drill Exercise Clatskanie, OR August 14 th, 2014.

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1 Columbia Pacific Bio-Refinery Medium Discharge Drill Exercise Clatskanie, OR August 14 th, 2014

2 The Columbia Pacific Bio-Refinery (CPBR)/Global Partners owns and operates a fuel-grade ethanol production and bulk liquid commodity transloading facility at Port Westward, located near Clatskanie, Oregon. The Company has continuously executed a business strategy to transload unit trains of bulk liquid commodities, including ethanol and Bakken Crude Oil, to ocean-going barges from the Beaver Westward Dock since November 2012.

3 Columbia Pacific Facility Start-up in June 2008 Currently Employs 48 Full-Time Personnel Operations are continuous 24 hours 7 days a week It is a gated facility that follows all criteria of Homeland Security

4 Facility Response Plan Table top Exercise The purpose of this procedure is to describe the proper methods for preventing, responding to, reporting and investigating releases at CPBR. This procedure has been developed to improve facility spill management capabilities through table top exercises which support Federal and State reporting guidelines in the event of a reportable spill or release. It is a preplanned exercise cycle that covers the three different risk factors. 1.Most probable – 28.95 barrels 2.Medium risk – 1200 barrels 3.Worst case – 2895 barrels

5 The design of the exercise was a joint effort of various members of the Oregon response community, including representatives from the following organizations: Columbia Pacific Bio-Refinery United States Coast Guard (USCG) Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Clean Rivers Cooperative (CRC) NJ Resources, Inc. (NJR) Washington Department of Ecology Environmental Protection Agency

6 The exercise was a one-day, Command Post style exercise intended to simulate the initial response to a medium-case discharge. The focus was on the planning process from the ICS-201 Incident Briefing through the Tactics Meeting.

7 National Incident Management System (NIMS)

8 Drill Started Completed

9 Initial Unified Command Meeting

10 Update Objectives Meeting

11 Command & General Staff Meeting

12 Preparing for the Tactics Meeting

13 Tactics Meeting


15 Barge loading at dock


17 Meet Oregon DEQ and the National Preparedness for Response Exercise Program (PREP) requirements Exercise CPBR’s Facility Response Plan (FRP) and Northwest Area Contingency Plan (NWACP) Form a unified command including Columbia Pacific Bio-Refinery, U. S. Coast Guard, OR DEQ, WA Department of Ecology, local Fire and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) authorities



20 Garden Rakes Pitch Forks Personal Decon Kit Galaxy 1 Yard Waste Container Plastic Sheeting Drum Liners Absorbent Boom Absorbent Pads Absorbent Sweep 14’ Skiff #010-58 Ratchet Straps Bind Straps Portable, Intrinsically Safe Radios Super Skimmer Float/Drum#501 Super Skimmer Hyd.P.P.#810 Belt Skimmer Attachment#551 4200 Skim Pak System#715- 56 Rain Gear Rubber Gloves Life Jackets Rags Shovels (Blade) Shovels (Scoop) Rakes (Steel) Brooms (24 inch Push) Squeegee (18 inch rubber blade) Boom Lights with Floats Spare Tire Manila Line Anchors First Aid Kit Fire Extinguisher Garbage Can Pike Pole Boom Pins Oars Push Brooms Round Tip Shovels Square Tip Shovels Safety Wash Stations Response Equipment Stationed at Columbia Pacific Bio Refinery



23 1 Staff Mobilization 2 Unified Command Federal Representation State Representation Local Representation Responsible Party Representation Response Management System Operations Planning Logistics Finance Public Affairs Safety Affairs 3 Source Control 4 Assessment 5 Containment 6 Recovery On-water Recovery Shore-Based Recovery 7 Communications Internal Communications External Communications 8 Protection Protective Booming Water Intake Protection Wildlife Recovery & Rehabilitation Population Protection 9 Disposal 10 Transportation Land Transportation Waterborne Transportation Airborne Transportation 11Personnel Support Management Berthing Messing Operational/Admin spaces Emergency Procedures 12Equipment Maintenance & Support Response Equipment Response Equipment (Support) 13Procurement Personnel Response Equipment Support Equipment 14Documentation PREP Objectives

24 ACTIVITIES TO BE SPECIFICALLY INCLUDED IN THE DRILL: Establish a Joint Information Center (JIC) Identify critical environmental habitat and develop an ICS-232 (Resources at Risk) Identify intermediate storage Exercise the Liaison Officer function Mobilize and staff response effort for wildlife rehabilitation Develop response tactics to protect environmentally sensitive areas not specifically outlined in the Geographic Response Plan (GRP) Maritime Transportation System Recovery Unit (MTSRU)


26 PARTICIPATING ORGANIZATIONS Columbia Pacific Bio-Refinery U.S. Coast Guard State of Oregon Department of Environmental Quality State of Washington Department of Ecology Clatskanie Rural Fire Protection District Clean Rivers Cooperative National Response Corporation NJ Resources


28 Columbia Pacific Bio-Refinery 2015 EXERCISE

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