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1 BmBy.manage © Manages retail and commercial business.

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1 1 BmBy.manage © Manages retail and commercial business

2 2 Complete control Correct process for decision taking Improve profitability Internet based system, integrative, friendly and secured Any language and any currency Simple management of the entire rental / sales Analyze of information, statistics International work standards Information clarity – based on authorization levels Real time alerts: payments, contact with prospects etc’ Ability to manage international activity Results: 1 stop shop for your real estate needs BmBy.manage © Flexible solution covers the project’s needs

3 3 BmBy.manage © Complete control in the head office Marketing & Sales Manage rentals Budget control Bookkeeping Web site Online web advertising

4 4 Manage rental contracts Flexibility to manage contracts: change in price, size etc’ Sub contract per each type of income (direct rent, management fee etc’) Supports different currency rates, late interest, indexation, V.A.T etc’ Ability to split income/expenses to property owners Alerts: guaranties, insurance, contract renewing options Complete adaptive to the local legal guidelines of the project Automatic payment alerting system – prints letters to the customers Robust reports generator: inventory, sales, statistics etc’ Invoices, receipts, credits etc’  connected to the bookkeeping software A flexible way to manage rentals beyond any other option

5 5 Example: contract card The payments are connected to the bookkeeping software Multi Currency display

6 6 Example: contract card (cont’) Display of all the rented properties, size, obligations, options etc ’

7 7 The Budget Supervision Module Feasibility examination – Profit and loss statement Comparison of budget “0” to current status Separated budget to each stage in the project Managing files of suppliers and sub contractors Cash flow reports Intakes supervision Full integration with accounting software controlled, method of work Implementing a controlled, method of work To manage the budget of the project

8 8 Example: Budget Control

9 9 Cash Flow The Cash Flow is based on real time data. Thus, every detail inside is available for deep inquiry from the data table bellow.

10 10 The Marketing & Sales Module Managing inventory CRM – Customer (Prospects) Relationship management Generating Price offers and contracts Transaction Feasibility process Inner mail and calendar Include documents and corresponding inside the customer file Management of sales agents and commissions Direct linkage to the company’s web site and advertise web sites Direct advertising over SMS or E-mails correct method of work It is actually a correct method of work For the entire marketing teams in the project

11 11 The Marketing reports gives you exact segmentation which is based on system parameters. Marketing reports

12 12 More reports

13 13 Multi lingual project? BmBy.manage© covers the gaps A built in dictionary enables you to work in your most convenient language, like any other member of the project. The data is translated automatically, immediately.

14 14 Bulgaria Hungary Israel Poland Romania Spain Portugal Czech To schedule a demo presentation call: BmBy Software Systems Ltd. BmBy Support Center at your service.

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