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Rampion Offshore Wind Farm Onshore Construction Elements.

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1 Rampion Offshore Wind Farm Onshore Construction Elements

2 1.Onshore construction elements 2.Onshore cable route 3.Indicative Cross Section 4.Summary Onshore Works 5.Constructing Approach and Programme 6.Lead Contracts 2

3 Onshore Construction Elements  Installation of connection assets at existing National Grid 400kV substation at Bolney  New build substation adjacent to existing substation  400kV underground cable connection between substations 3  27km underground cable route from connection point to landfall  Major HDDs along cable route sections

4 Onshore Cable Route  27km fully undergrounded route from landfall to substation  Two150kV circuits  Four major HDD crossings  Route crosses areas of challenging topography  Specialised installation methodologies for various sections 4

5 Onshore Cable Route Built up coastline restricts landfall options – Brooklands Pleasure Park 30m working corridor, 15m cable easement width Major exercise selecting and negotiating the route Sections routed through the South Downs National Park Railway / River Adur / A27 Geotechnical surveys completed in 2013 Contaminated land surveys at landfall location ongoing 5

6 Indicative cross section of the onshore cable route working width – two circuits 6

7 Summary of Onshore works  Significant cabling and substation works required to facilitate wind farm connection  2 year construction programme – will lead offshore construction  Ancillary and support opportunities in addition to main civil and electrical construction aspects  Experience on other projects suggest local sub-suppliers familiar with the area key enabler to successful execution 7

8 Contracting approach and programme E.ON preference for ‘hands on’ construction project management approach Multicontract rather than turnkey/EPC 14 lead contracts with E.ON Lead contractors subcontract tier 2 - 4 of supply chain Update Prepared and issued tender documents for all our 14 lead contracts, except O&M base construction Currently in the tender process and still in negotiations Expect to award first contracts in early 2015 to enable first elements of onshore construction to commence as early as May 2015 8

9 Lead contracts 9 PackageComment 1- WTG WTG supply installation and commissioning 2- MPI vessel Vessel charter for foundation/WTG installation 3- Foundation design Design of WTG foundations 4- Foundations Supply of WTG foundations 5- Vessel No. 2 Vessel charter for foundation/WTG installation 6- Array cable supply Inter-turbine cable supply 7- Array install Inter-turbine cable installation 8- Offshore substation platform Design and supply of offshore substation foundation and topside. 9- Export cable supply Offshore export cable supply 10- Export cable install Offshore export cable installation 11- Onshore cable EPC Onshore export cable supply and installation from landfall to onshore substation 12- Onshore HDDs Horizontal direction drills at traversing landfall and major obstacles along the onshore cable route. 13- Electrical substations Onshore substation and electrical equipment installed on the offshore substation 14- Grid unlicensed works Connection works within existing Bolney 400kV substation

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