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1 A Path breaking Technology for Network Maintenance and Optimization Yousef Al-Jaidah Manager, Electricity Network Planning KAHRAMAA LATEST TRENDS IN GEOSPATIAL TECHNOLOGY FOR ELECTRICITY SECTOR

2 Introduction – KAHRAMAA Electricity Network Affairs Electricity Network Planning Electricity Sector, Some Challenges Raising to the Challenges The Solution GIS System Evolution An Integrated Approach Delivery Channels

3 KAHRAMAA is the sole distributer of Electricity and Water in the State of Qatar. In the Electricity sector KAHRAMAA operates with 230 Primary High Voltage Substations connected by a total of 1,880 km of Primary Overhead Transmission Lines and 2,530 km of underground HV cable network. The network is coupled with 12,150 Medium voltage substations (11 kV) and more than 11,600 kilometres of underground and overhead cable lines. KAHRAMAA maintains a water infrastructure consisting of 6789 Km of Water pipeline networks with 28 Storage Reservoirs having total capacity of Million Gallons.

4 1. Customer Satisfaction Understand and meet customers needs and expectations 2. Supply Efficiency High Quality Power supply Dispatch IPP through a secure and reliable network 3. Quality Meet the overall Electricity quality needs through least number of Power Interruptions & Eliminate Outages Mission Objectives To provide Safe, Secure, Reliable & Adequate electricity supply to all type of customers in the state of Qatar, in conformance to international and regional standards and in a timely manner with the least possible cost.

5 Committed to Plan and Design Qatars Electrical Network development using efficient technologies, data and materials and strive to satisfy our customers. Coordinate with other utility agencies to have a harmonious expansion of States assets and infrastructure. Review and update Material Specifications. Ascertain the international standard materials are used in KMs Network.

6 How to Improve Power System Reliability Maintain Power Quality Optimally Utilize the Power Delivery Assets Reduce the equipment failures Reduce the planned / unplanned outages in the system Increase the awareness for energy Conservation - Tarsheed Integrate Diesel Generator based micro grids into main network

7 Equipment Failure Reduces System Reliability Reduces Power Quality Under utilization of Assets Increases Network Cost Un utilized Installed Capacity Over utilization of Assets Increase in Equipment Failures Decrease in Power Quality Outages Reduces System Reliability Reduction in utility income Fishbone Diagram is helpful in identifying potential factors causing an overall effect

8 Qatars Electrical Network has Primary Substations – 230 Secondary Substations – 12,159 Consumers – 295,000 and increasing Bigger challenges provide bigger opportunities Meeting these challenges gives raise to better rewards Rewards are in terms to Reliability, Quality, efficiency and economic benefits to consumers and to the utility

9 Comprehensive and accurate inventory of Electrical Assets Interconnectivity between the assets with Under ground and Overhead lines A Comprehensive Service Information that is integrated to the GIS System and that can be retrieved from within the GIS software Traceable network from the Electrical feeder to the connected customers along with all the electrical assets in between A system that can be integrated with any database with ease. A GIS System that can handle

10 Electricity Network Cables OHL Transformer Switch Bus Bar Circuit Breaker Land Base Topography Parcels GIS Databases An Electrical aware GIS system can Make it easy to locate the Electrical Assets Help create a comprehensive maintenance schedule for a given area / zone Identify the customers effected for switching programs Effectively managing high priority areas while preventive maintenance scheduling Identifying the electrical feeders in an outage Integrating customer messaging system for any electrical activity

11 ArcFM is a powerful extension of ESRI's ArcGIS® platform that provides a complete, enterprise utility solution specially for energy sector. The ArcFM Solution allows utility businesses to make use of a single integrated environment to manage and map multiple assets, leveraging all the power of ArcGISs object-oriented system. KAHRAMAA has awarded a contract to implement an Enterprise GIS solution using ArcFM technology

12 Functionalities Procedures Infrastructure Applications Databases Users Enterprise GIS Mapping Decentralized databases Some data still in paper No Workflow automation Moderate Quality Data Enterprise GIS Centralized & Comprehensive Database Some workflow automation High Quality Data Productivity Improvements Integrated Enterprise GIS Engineering Design using GIS Integrating Scada System with GIS Integrating Load flow system with GIS Interface with other enterprise systems

13 Environmental Impact Assessment Engineering Design Asset Management Finance and Accounting Customer Information IntegratedEnterpriseGIS Construction Outage Management SCADA Systems Road Opening and Building Permits Network Planning


15 For any further queries please contact Electricity GIS Electricity Network Planning Phone – Thank you

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