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NER300 Offshore Wind Project Nordsee One (formerly Innogy Nordsee 1)

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1 NER300 Offshore Wind Project Nordsee One (formerly Innogy Nordsee 1)
Tobias Griesshaber Package Manager Foundations & NER300 SET-Plan conference Rome, 11. December 2014

2 Agenda General project overview Scope and technology Summary

3 General overview of Nordsee One offshore wind farm A compelling offshore wind opportunity in one of the most favourable locations Distance to shore 45 km Water depth (LAT) 26 m – 29 m Capacity 332 MW (54 x 6.15 MW) Wind speed 9.8 m/s at hub height (90 m) Yearly output 1.2 TWh Unconditional grid connection Confirmed for Q1 2015 TenneT Dolwin platform to be in service in Q1 2015 Permit BSH licence Q1 2012 Lifetime 25 years Commissioning 2017 (2016 option) Nordsee One Installation route: 42 nm (77 km) CTV 2.5 hrs Install vessel 3-4 hrs O&M route: 26 nm (48 km) CTV 1.5 hrs Installation base Operation base

4 TenneT (grid connection) Foundation (Installation)
General overview of organisational and regulatory framework Project stakeholders of Nordsee One GmbH Financing Northland Power Inc. RWE Innogy Lenders (& advisers) 85% 15% Sponsors Lenders BSH BNetzA TenneT (Feed-in) Nordsee One GmbH Public stakeholders Feed-in (Market Premium) Revenue PPA (Market Value) TenneT (grid connection) Offtaker (PPA) EU-Com / BMWi (KfW) Turbine (EPCI) Foundation (Supply) Foundation (Installation) Substation (EPCI) Infield cables (EPCI) 5 main contracts

5 Brief history of ownership and NER300 context A strong investor group
RWE: European utility with significant experience in offshore wind development since 2003 with North Hoyle Gwynt y Mor Nordsee Ost C-Power RWE Innogy, the renewables branch of the utility RWE, has filed the NER300 application for the German Innogy Nordsee 1 offshore wind project (332 MW) in 2011 100% 4. September 2014 NPI: Experienced publicly traded IPP with thermal, solar and wind capacity (also involved in 600 MW Gemini offshore wind in Dutch waters) 85% 15% N1: Experienced management team leads Nordsee One, where RWE joined up with NPI in 2014 to execute the project on a non-recourse project financed basis

6 4/11/ :08 AM Project scope Area of responsibility covers all offshore works except the onshore transmission The project boundary is at the high voltage switchgear of its offshore substation: the transmission system operator (“TSO”), TenneT, is responsible for the cable to shore N1 responsibility TSO responsibility Turbines OSP (Topside & foundation) Offshore converter station (AC/DC) Onshore substation (DC/AC) Project scope is limited to generation assets and internal distribution, export cable additional offshore converter station delivered by TenneT Export cables (AC) Export cables (DC) Turbine foundations Array cables Transport from Dubai to Norway in August 2014

7 Wind turbine of 2nd generation 6MW category Senvion 6M126 (6
Wind turbine of 2nd generation 6MW category Senvion 6M126 (6.15 MW) turbine A strong track record Largest 5 MW+ fleet in the world (154 turbines installed as of end-2014) Based on well proven technology Very pro-active in creating innovation and providing technical solutions A strong contractual package Full EPCI contract 10-year (+ 2 times 5-year option) full service O&M contract with 95% availability guarantee Specific comfort package to facilitate project financing and bankability Solid ring-fencing structure viz. Suzlon Commitments backed by bonds (advance payment, performance and warranty bonds)

8 WTG foundations are fit-for-purpose Monopiles Simple structure developed to fit 6MW wind turbines
N1 Monopile concept extending the current industry state-of-the-art 54 Monopiles support the Senvion MW wind turbine, which has never been done before in the industry Taking the simple and effective Monopile concept to deeper waters and higher MW wind turbines with tailor-made solutions such as: Installation technique develop- ment by pilot project VIBRO to validate vibratory pile installation compared to impact-driving piles Bolted connection MP/TP as evolution of the grout filling New materials for boat landing and corrosion protection

9 Summary The offshore wind farm Nordsee One is about to reach FID and feed-in electricity in 2016/2017 to provide power to more than households, in accordance with the NER300 milestones EU public co-funding supports technology development and deployment: it places an incentivice for commercial deployment & scale solutions from laboratory, to pilot stage and then, if validated, to full-scale Financing and regulatory / certification constraints pose hurdles to innovation but make sure that technology is being deployed that is economic as well as safe to lower costs of energy in an uncompromised way

10 Thank you for your attention

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