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Arklow - GEWE 3.6 MW Offshore Project Lessons Learned John Stephens Global Development Manager GE Energy.

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1 Arklow - GEWE 3.6 MW Offshore Project Lessons Learned John Stephens Global Development Manager GE Energy

2 Global Offshore Update  A $ Multi-B industry over the next 10 years.  Remarkable growth 15 – 20 % CAGR  Can be sited closer to urban populations  Proximity of local grid connection to urban centers.  Less turbulence and WTG Fatigue  Higher capacity factors – 50%  Cost of electricity approaching 6¢/kWh  Favourable regulatory support. Global Growth  US 2003  Installed <100 MW  Planned >8 GW  Europe 2003  Installed base 260 MW  Planned >11 GW. Installed MW Offshore Europe Americas Onshore Installed base for Wind Power

3 GE Wind Energy – Arklow Project Site Specifics 8.5 m/s wind speed at 73,5 m 10 km from shore 3.5 – 6.4 m water depth Breaking waves & high currents Dense sand & gravel Co-Development project of Airtricity & GE Wind Energy

4 Arklow Background  25.2 MW Demonstration project of GE Wind Energy’s 3.6 MW Offshore Wind Turbine Generator  Project located 10 kms off the coast of Arklow, Ireland in the Irish Sea  7 x 3.6 MW WTGs constructed by GEWE in 2003  GEWE co-developed project with Irish Green energy company, Airtricity  GEWE has built and will own and operate turbines for approximately 2 years, then transfer (BOOT)  During Ownership period GEWE will ensure acceptance of:  Basic reliability of design  Necessary operating hours to prove new technology  Warranty provisions and weather exclusions adequate for financing  Optimization of O&M – Cost effective and safe 45 miles south of Dublin

5 Arklow Update  Asset Management team in place  Develop World class O&M  Document lessons learned and implement solutions  Completing evaluation of how to optimize access  Completing comprehensive maintenance plan with major EHS focus  Validating plan to jump to 4 MW Wind Turbine  All 7 Wind turbines Pre-Commissioned  3 Wind turbines commissioned & under final testing - expect to generate electricity by 8 th March 2004  Remaining turbines 50% commissioned  All undersea cabling connected & tested  Land-based switch house commissioned  Meteorological mast foundation and tower fully installed, monitoring & measurement equipment being installed

6 Arklow Lessons Learned Construction  Complete detailed logistics planning early in execution phase  Complete geo-technical analysis early  Develop design sufficiently to minimize changes  Coordinate order placement w/ legal, accounting & tax constraints  Acknowledge EHS risk & convert to competitive advantage  Access…access…access Contractual  Partner with offshore contractors having skills to take installation risk  Engineering & Supply Chain must be completed ahead of construction window  Manage undersea cable like a separate project  New major components should be managed in a similar fashion to product NPI

7 Arklow EHS Grid Connection  GEWE personnel closely liased with ESB to ensure Arklow Safety Management system interfaced with local Electricity Grid safety boundary documents.  Leverage GE Safe Systems of Work from other GE Energy businesses to suite local legislative requirements Environment & Safety Management Systems  GE’s global EHS systems recognized as world leaders.  Risk management approach from Corporate level through to a Site’s business plan.  Developing access systems to maximise availability and to suite local conditions.  All offshore personnel are required to attend the BOSIET course(Basic Offshore Survival).

8 Arklow – Objectives and Plans Environment, Health & Safety  GEWE will be a leader in the Offshore Wind Industry for EHS programs  Active involvement and assessment of all activities from construction to access to O&M  Established environmental monitoring and reporting program Operations & Maintenance (O&M)  Using 2 year ownership period to develop expertise  Asset Management, Services & Engineering organizations working closely to optimize

9 Arklow – Objectives and Plans Availability Tiger Team  Multi-discipline team formed to drive reliability  Manage Arklow turbines with high availability objective  Establishing remote monitoring of Arklow turbines through monitoring center in Germany  Assess design and develop redundancy to allow long maintenance intervals. Long term goal is once per year Access  Evaluating options to optimize access methods considering EHS, availability impact and cost  Recognize EHS risks and looking to set standards  Looking to leverage best practices from other offshore industries

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